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[Sat, 09-06-2008] ; [02:12pm]
[ Entry No. 036 ]

MOOD: bouncy
MUSIC: Rasputin's Song - Anastasia

Moving journals. =]
Will you come too?

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[Sun, 02-03-2008] ; [07:14pm]
[ Entry No. 002 ]

MOOD: calm
MUSIC: Revolution 1 -The Beatles

We were aiming for the moon
We were shooting at the stars
But the kids were just shooting at the buses and the cars

Friends Only
Please & thanks

Please fill this out to add:
(it's just so I can know something about you before friending)

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[Sun, 02-03-2008] ; [12:06pm]
[ Entry No. 001 ]

MOOD: cranky
MUSIC: Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite - The Beatles

Promote to Me
on this entry only.

Promotions left anywhere else in my journal will be deleted.
Any duplicate promotions will be deleted, as well.

Thank you!

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