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[23 Jan 2014|01:39pm]

Friends Only

Fuck it, let's make this journal public.

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[26 Jan 2008|05:55pm]
Uwah, so yesterday was a long ass day. I went to Socorro with my mom yesterday to drop off gifts at my Uncle's house, but we ended up visiting two other houses along the way. Can you say boring? I usually don't do well with boredom, but I managed to maintain a good mood and attitude. There really isn't anything interesting to mention about the trip there. Very, very dull. Except when we finally got to my Uncle's, I got to play with his puppies and gerbil. Except the gerbil started liking my sweater too much and started om noming. So that kinda freaked me out XD but it was adorable.

While we were eating a late breakfast today, my parents kept teasing me. Heh. Yesterday, mom and I picked up lunch from Subway and there were two people working, right? First guy was in charge of asking what type of sub you want, bread and stuff like that, and the second guy was in charge of putting the toppings. ANYWAYS, I finished ordering mine, and went to go fill up our sodas. The first guy, who still had one more person to take care of XD, gets the windex and starts cleaning a table next to the soda fountain. I was being completely brain dead and anti-social that afternoon, so I was thinking to myself, "WTF COULD HE NOT WAIT WHY IS HE CLEANING SOMETHING SO CLOSE GODDAMN"... Yeah, i didn't sleep much, so i got bitchy, okay? Anyway, I was getting the sodas and he just starts talking to me asking questions the other dude already asked (he was right there, too, so why ask again?). I'm a hard person to conversate with in person if I have no idea who you are, so I answered everything pretty short and simple. He kept on and onnnn and finally goes, "I swear, you look familar to me. Have we met? blahblhablah diddy blah." That kinda made me laugh. But then I sort of came out of my bitchiness, smiled and told him that I get that a lot. Lame, i know. Social skills suck ass a whole lot, sorry. ANYWAY, he just starts handing me my lids and straws and I almost started smiling like a goof. I am not used to people being friendly with me like that for no reason, so that was a new expierence.
BUT BECAUSE OF THAT!!! everyone seems to think he was flirting with me, so they thought it'd be fun to harp on that during breakfast! DX
Eh, he was probably bored and hated working.

... my mom used a can of air to clean the keyboard and the keys are all screwy now. Way to go, mom!
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