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Week 1 Results [29 Mar 2008|12:37pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Alright guys, earlier this week I mentioned that I doing this diet thing. Now I have results in excruciating detail thanks to my dad's incredibly fancy scale. As of noon today this is how I stand:

Weight: 229.2 lbs.
Body Fat: 34.7%
Body Water: 47.3%
Bone Mass: 8.8
Muscle Mass: 70.9

I've been cutting down on my junk food and replacing it with whatever fruits may be lying around the house. I normally down myself in soda/pop (whatever the tits you may call it) and I've been replacing it with water. I normally skip breakfast but I've been trying to eat breakfast every morning. Instead of walking at a leisurely pace, I've been forcing myself just to walk a bit faster than normal. I worked out twice this week. I'm still feeling quite sore from it. I worked out yesterday but because it was late, I didn't go out for a walk. Instead, I replaced it with games of DDR in my room at my dad's house. My dad has been nothing but helpful to me. Hopefully I can get better results next week.

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Inquisitive [25 Mar 2008|08:24pm]
[ mood | tired ]

It's been a while. Yeah, I know. So how are all two of you doing? I'm still jobless but I'm closer to finding a job now. Big Y and Cumberland Farms are the closest things to jobs right now. I'm on my second interview for both. It's a relief that I feel I'll be coming into money soon. I can finally pay off my college fees and other bills finally.

Because I plan on cosplaying next year, I'm going to make myself a promise that I hope to uphold for the next 12 months. I promise myself, that I will lose enough weight to make a great looking Bridget (Guilty Gear) cosplayer. For those of you that are asking why I'm doing this, here are my reasons: I'm 5'6" and 230 pounds, I want to feel confident shirtless, I really want to pull off that cosplay for next year's Anime Boston, and my dad promised that if I get down to 180 pounds by Christmas time, he'll take me to Canada to get eye laser surgery, and last but not least, I'm tired of feeling winded running up the stairs. Officially, I started today earlier this morning. I plan on losing weight the honest way: a healthy diet and exercise. I'm not going to starve myself. I will update about this matter further. It's finally something I decided to take seriously. I'm not only doing this for self esteem, I'm also doing this for my health. Wish me luck.


So far so good. Had absolutely no junk food today. I drank water. My dad also let me work out with him and is giving me useful advice. After working out. I took a walk with him. My dad is being wicked supportive of this so I'm glad I have his help. That's just one day down. Now I just have to follow through.

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Bipolar [22 Feb 2008|08:41pm]
[ mood | relieved ]

I just created a Nintendo Wi-Fi friend code sharing community. Why? Because I was bored and have absolutely no friends. Actually I do have friends but if I state I don't, I tend to get more sympathy from other lonelyfags on the Internet than others. Now that I've stated my fraudulent attempt at getting unneeded sympathy, I'm pretty sure most people that have been feeling sympathy for me now officially hate me. If you never felt sympathy for me, I applaud you for seeing through my ploy and only wish you feel sympathy for me when I actually deserve or just give me attention for some awkward reason. That's actually the reason why I have an incredibly long edit just so you people can read completely unnecessary banter. Well anyways, this the community I was talking about before: [info]nintendo_wifi Have friend codes you want to share? Join up. :3

Also, I had fun at Amber's birthday party. It's nice seeing a bunch of my old high school friends that are still in high school again. Also, Apollo Justice is awesome. :D

I got my taxes back! I can finally pay off some stuff I couldn't do previously! :D

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