My mother named me Jessica after some soap opera actress.
I'm an independent woman who`s employed, I`m serious about making money and providing myself with the most comfortable lifestyle I possibly can. Money is my obsession, I love to spend it, hold it, and collect it by any means. I don't discriminate, I love all bills, new and old, all coins to the last penny. Besides my man, my bank account is my bestfriend and I take care of them both, religiously.

I don`t have any kids, I`m not interesting in becoming a mother right now, I learned early in my life that when kids are involved- you`re life is not your own. I have a hard head, I do things on my own time- you can`t tell me shit.
My mother use to bartend and DJ so music have always been a big deal to me. Old music, 80's- 90's music, music even before my time. I express myself through poetry & words.
I sometimes drift off into lala land, but for the most part I`m very much focused, It`s in my nature to stay on top of my game, making sure I don`t skip a beat.
Currently I reside on the Eastside of Atlanta in an apartment with the best carpet you ever stepped foot on. Jay is my better half, we've been together for 3½ years. Wedding scheduled for early April, you're all invited. I`ve come to realize that maybe, just maybe love& being engaged isn`t all it`s cracked up to be.
My personality varies. I love to intimidate people. I have a very strong presence I've been told, but to me- I'm pretty timid. I love myself and I'm loving my life. I don't hold back, I say what's on my mind and I don't let people take my joy or steal my thunder. I`m my own person, I play by my own rules. I can be difficult to understand, if it doesn`t flow, don`t force it. I`m comfortable in my own skin and I always will be.
Rick Ross is my idol, we`re involved. In closing, I`m a woman. I try to keep myself grounded and stay two steps ahead of most people. Sometimes I think I`m too smart for my own good. Get to know me; put me anywhere, I`m the realest bitch in the room!

This journal is more than an outlet, I express myself, pour out my pain, and share my experiences.
I vent my frustrations, expose my thoughts and dreams. FRIENDS ONLY, meaning this journal is locked!

Friday February 1st, 2008 at 4:53am

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