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fgshfds [18 Feb 2008|08:13pm]
You know, every time they wake me up, nobody ever says "Hey Drac, how'd you sleep?". It's always "Yaaay Drac's here! Now go steal some women and kill some Belmonts."

I know they're minions, but is a little courtesy too much to ask? I mean, I just woke up after 100 years. Can I stretch for a minute? Can I brush my teeth first? I'd even settle for a "Hey Drac, can I get you some V8 (Blood is nice and all, but can't a guy get some Beta Carotine)?" And for crying out loud, Shaft -- I appreciate you bringing me back and all, but really dude, get a hobby. Build some...you know...model aeroplanes or spend some time making the bottleships. You're starting to weird me out.

At least Death is still cool. We're gonna play Jenga later.

Still don't know where the boy meandered off to. Ah, I'm sure he'll turn up.
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