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I'll try anything once, twice if I like it, three times to make sure.
- Mae West

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001 // oh to be in england, etc [07/21/09]
I don't know about you kittens, but I'm having a marvellous summer. The brats haven't bothered me once because they're too busy doing Circe knows (or cares!) what, I have a dozen gorgeous new dresses and plenty of places to wear them, and I even fell in the river the other day while out punting and it was still a delicious day. Not to mention that this being of-age thing means none of the old ducks are flapping their wings at me any more for pinching their gin - I should have turned seventeen years ago.

In any case, I do hope I'll see all of you who are worth seeing at our garden party this Sunday. Well, I say garden party, Mother says "twilight fantasie", whatever that means. She's been very shrill about the dress code and white being essential, so cross Mama at your peril. Mind you, she's also been saying something about fireworks to cap off the evening, which sounds like an absolute scream to me. I was thinking of watching them from the roof, so don't wear anything you don't mind getting dirty.

Then again, isn't that what I always say?


000 // sugar, spice, all things nice [07/20/09]

xx Dru R )

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