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Greg and Aridis- Fluff- Love Confession [22 Jan 2012|01:20pm]
She was feeling pretty good right now. She had gotten Greg to come over and just stay with her for a while. The Asgardian had an arm thrown around his middle as they relaxed after the mead she had insisted they both needed. she had much less than him as she had been feeling a little lazy and had taken her time drinking and now she is just watching him.

That is when she decides that tonight she will make her feelings clear. She never hes from things and should he not feel the same well, at least there is more mead close at hand to act as a balm for her pride.

"Art thou comfortable, Greg," she asks out loud peering at him as she prepared herself.
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The Engagement [11 Feb 2011|10:41pm]
1) Aridis is very fed up with Manawydan trying to marry her at every turn She has begun to plot to get him to stoop trying to wed her without causing a war between the Celts and Asgard.

2) She decides to seek out advice from Manawydan's siblings Branwen and Bendigeit to discover if there is a way to get Manawydan to back off. Brndigeit sees this as an oprotunity to get to know Aridis and offers advice on how to get Manawyden to back off.

3) Aridis devises a plan and seeks the help of Eoghan since she trusts him to be impartial and Balder. She will explain to both that she wishes to be fair but will demand that she be allowed to set the terms for tests.

4) Manawydan is sent a message telling him Aridis wishes to speak with him. When he arrives at the location she has selected. That is when she presents her terms to him. She wishes to end their chase and will agree to marry him if he passes three three tests. If he fails though he must agree to not not kidnap her again and if he DOES loose must agree to be put under a gies to enforce this.

5) The first is a test of his intelligence. He must prove he knows how to plan for a battle to defend his "home". It is going to be a mock battle in which he must show the intelligence to command his men well. He should be able to win this with ease.

6) The second task is to show his humility and his other skills. He must craft for Aridis a wedding gown. He must also craft for her a wedding gift. He should fail this.

7) A test of strength. All this time Aridis will have been implying how much she is looking forward to this fight. She will be over playing just how angry she is and how much she will enjoy hitting him. She will have hoped to convince Manawydan she will be fighting him. But no she will have chosen Halbjorn to fight in her stead. Hal wins the fight.

Aftermath: Manawydan has to agree to stop trying to capture Aridis. Ironically Aridis will have started to notice Bendieget and won't look unfavorably on him at all.

Also I want to use this plot as a way to show Aridis can be sneaky when she wants to. I don't want it to be overly serious, just a little silly and light hearted.
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