Draw .01 -- FO [15 May 2020|08:55pm]
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So when I say Friends Only -- You want to know how YOU could apply? Well it's simple really. If you'd like to apply for friendship, make sure you've got something in common with me. If you don't think I don't honestly think it would work out, now would it? You should know straight away that Yu-Gi-Oh, Yu-Gi-Oh GX & Yu-Gi-Oh TAS are exactly my kind of Heroin, and I will probably ramble about them a lot. So you'll have to deal. :3
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[04 Jul 2008|01:20pm]
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Quick, ANOTHER update? [25 Jun 2008|02:36pm]
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Well it looks like the people have spoken!

&&&& The Winner For Main Journal Is --


Yay! Now, I'm looking around for ideas of how I want my layout to look. I'm just horrid at making layouts. xD I really like the set up for Predilection -- so I might make the layout for this journal based off of that set up? Does that make me a copycat? Damn. Oh Well. Then I'm thinking I might I might get one of the paid accounts or whatever, so I could get the more icons and such. Who knows. XD

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Moving [25 Jun 2008|01:29pm]
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I'm moving my journals. I'm seeing about the layout and such now, but it's made and taken care of. I'm deciding between two journals. I got both, and the other will be used for either my rant journal or my icon journal. Probably the later because, I don't really rant.

So take a vote for me?

Comment with the journal name you think should be my main --



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Internet Hiatus [16 Jun 2008|06:04pm]
Internet Hiatus
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About Edo-Chan
Edo is a twenty year old female with an overactive imagination and a fondness for horror movies. She tends to be found lurking about on the internet playing on Gaia or on Livejournal. She loves anime, hairdye and higheels. She's pretty nice, but can be a total bitch if you get on her nerves.

Random Fact About Edo-Chan
Yeah okay, I wasn't going to put this section at first but I figured hell if I'm putting everything else I might as well tell you some-more random shit that you don't really need to know about me. You know that site You Tube? Yeah I know you know it, well I have a thing for getting on their and finding random comic videos and music video's like every other you tube freak out there. It's fun. GOSH, leave me alone about it, I don't bother you about your collection of porn, and we know you've got a bunch.

Layout Credits
"Why yes, even I will leave credits for where they are due. Lets see where to begin, the layout was made by myself, however I owe learning the code to a friend of mine, I thank her forever for learning me some l33t code. As far as the picture, it isn't mine, I found it on Google. Yay Google. The font comes from Da Font and The brushes are...Well I don't remember I made this layout when I was 17 that's two years. Jeeze, cut me some slack! Right Right. If anything else comes up, you can find any and all credits...Right here. ^_^ KTNXBAI!"