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App (for archival purposes) [24 Jan 2020|04:32am]
Elise von Strucker

Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Nix
Email: on file
AIM (if you have one): on file
Character Name: Elise von Strucker
Character LJ (if applicable): einszweidrei
Physical description (face, build, weight): 5'9", 145 pounds, athletic build, long blonde hair and blue eyes. She is fair skinned and does not have any known scars, markings, or tattoos.
Age: 24
Birthday: July 20, 1985
PB: (If using one.) Diane Kruger
Abilities: Flight, projection of bio-electric blasts/disintegrating plasma blasts, and projection of concussive force blasts. She's not bad in a fist fight, either, but it's really nothing special.
Weaknesses and flaws: Elise has all standard human frailties. In regards to her abilities, she can only use a combination of two powers in any twenty-four hour time period. If she uses both types of blast, she can't fly until the next day. If she flies and uses one type of blast, the other can't be used until the next day.
Alignment (villain, hero etc): ambiguous, leaning towards trying to be heroic.
Relatives (living/dead?): Andrea and Andreas von Strucker (parents and other complicated relationships, both presumed dead.)

Backstory: That which was always creepy about the von Strucker twins was in fact true: they were a little too close and Elise was the result. They themselves raised with Baron Strucker's Nazi values, the twins saw their daughter as absolute perfection. They attempted to raise her with their values, which often lead to her witnessing some of her parents more questionable acts. By the time she reached her teens, however, she realized that there was something just -wrong- about her parents relationship and came to realize that they were siblings...and the whole idea of how she came to exit became kind of disgusting to her. Elise dropped out of sight for several years before emerging as an adult, deciding to redeem herself by using her abilities to make a name for herself--hard to do when your parents were creepy incestuous villains.
How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: I would like for Elise to join the Thunderbolts, but I am not sure exactly how that team formation is going to go in character. Ideally, I'll have her show up at that formation and offer herself and her skills. Failing that, I am happy to take brainstorming assistance.
What are you planning to do with this character? Be an active member of Thunderbolts. Interract with other teams and characters as needed.
What do you want to see happen with this character?: Elise is going to have issues with her moral compass from time to time, her familial history weighing heavily on her. She is going to face down the question of what makes a person: who they are or who they choose to be. For Elise, it's going to be about finding herself.

Sample post:

Every now and again Elise liked to tempt fate. That's what she called it at least when she threw herself off the top of her apartment building and allowed herself to race towards the ground. She always lifted up before going splat on the concrete; her flight would kick in and she'd soar up up up and away from the death and destruction she had faced instants before. She called it tempting fate but the truth was she was testing her resolve: could she really kill herself? It wasn't so much that she was suicidal and more that there were moments that her own existence disturbed her. Her parents were...siblings. It wasn't like that was much of a secret even though she'd missed the memo for years. And more than that, her parents were questionable people. Elise often felt like it was on her to redeem them and thus, redeem herself.

But she was a von Strucker.

And so the cycle of thoughts began again.

This day she actually scraped the back of her hand on the pavement as she pulled away. The wound stung and she cursed at herself for letting things go too far. Of course, she could use the pain as a lesson. She packed the thought away for another time and instead turned her focus to the city beneath her. If she was really a redemptress, her own pain didn't matter. The pains of those below did. No matter who they were.
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