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Cheers, thanks for everything [18 Jan 2008|11:28pm]
Third time's a charm? I got my permit again. This is the third time I've had it. The other two I didn't use because I only got them to make my parents happy. This time around I realize how much it sucks being 21 and not driving. So, cheers to enclosed spaces and inevitable car crashes...!

Today was okay. My feet weren't hurting me so bad today. Eff you Nike for making me think there might be some magic to your product!

Nothing really happened today. I went to work, got out early because there was nothing to do, and went straight to the DMV. We got to the there at 3:20 and my ticket said an estimated 17 minute wait. So 45 minutes later my number was called and 6 minutes after that I was done with the questions. In conclusion; the DMV is Satan's asshole.

I feel ready to pass out now.
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