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Friends only! [19 Jan 2008|11:08pm]
[ mood | creative ]

"Something quite like a prick of needle to flesh jerked her mind back to reality, a mind that seemed to drift in the clouded sea of what was once her dream land. The memory of his absence had gradually deteriorated any souvenir of his existance, a cognizance she was forced to relive with every wake. Her hands attempted to shut out a blood-curling cry that seemed to emerge from nowhere, but as she stumbled towards the crooked mirror, grasping any surface to keep her knees from snapping beneath the weight of her head, as she stared down a pair of eyes glazed in white, she began to laugh...

And she was beautiful again."-written by a friend

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Backdated from GJ [19 Jan 2008|11:18pm]
  DECEMBER 11 Since I have a few new poeple to my journal. I am just re-posting this off my lj account.

My name is Susan, but most people call me Susie or Bella(long story)
I was born on April 7th of 1990, making me an aries. 
I have 6 piercings; 3 in each .
 I also have 1 tattoo; For now it is just music notes with some stars on a staff. In April, I will be adding a trebble clef sign and "Music is the way to a soul."
As far as obsessions, penguins, music,pink, green.
. Halloween is my favorite holiday! You can dress up and not look stupid!
don't care what people think of me and I change for nobody.
I am Christian, but live my life with an open heart and mind.
 I'm very opinionated and I have no problem saying what's on my mind. 
I'm a hopeless romantic, so I adore love stories and Fairytales
I can't stand liars, fakes, and people who are lazy. 
Bisexuality, makes me different, but I love life.
I talk a lot about friends and boys.
One in particular at the moment, his name is Sam.
I think I may have fallen for this one.
Life has been filled with insecurities, both good and bad times, but I would not trade it for anything;
it has made me so much stronger!
I live in Wisconsin, but have lived in: Kansas City,KS, Metairie, LA, and was born in Portsmouth,VA.
Traveling is SO much fun and I am rarely home. 
I sing all the time and sometimes it is off key. 
Photography is a hobby of mine. 
Hair is my passion. 
I love to just be me. If that is imperfect so be it. I am not living to please anyone but myself.
I think that is all for now. If you want to know anything else, just ask. I am an open book.


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