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Copypasting Entries [21 Feb 2010|10:24am]
Yes, I am finally full of news and thoughts. Most of you know how I can't be patient at all. Well, whatever it is, it paid off.

So, last Tuesday, I was in contact with people from Vocational Rehab. First, I called that morning to talk to my counselor...well, actually her temporary replacement. Now, I discussed my objectives with my substitute counselor. I explained to her that my main priority was to GET A JOB! All of the other stuff (the driver training, doctor and psychiatrist appointments) can come later. She seemed to be on-board with what I was saying. I only wish the same could be said for the head of that office.

Now, when I talked to the Head of VR, I tried to explain my situation to him. This man doesn't seem to realize that while I don't have a definite plan, I do know that a job is more in my immediate future than anything else. So, I returned the call on Wednesday morning to tell this man that I had a family crisis and could not answer at the time.

In more somber news, a family friend could die at any time. A man by the name of John Piechalak, who has been like a grandfather to me and Chris, has been battling cancer for a while now. The doctors can't do anymore for John, so we have to be ready for him to leave us. For 18 years of our lives, John has watched me, my brother and our cousins grow up. I want to close this paragraph by saying "Thanks, John, for all of these years with us!".

As far as my personal beliefs are concerned, I feel you all need to know these things: I do not believe in God, so I can't pray for John. I believe in something, just not a deity. I have never identified as a Christian, despite being born into a Christian family. My parents raised me and Chris to think for ourselves. You can't say our lives are empty because of a lack of belief in "Jesus" or anything like that. Now, if I lose friends because of this paragraph, so be it. I never was looking for acceptance, agreement, or tolerance.

Thanks for reading.
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Hello, All [04 Feb 2010|06:50pm]
[ music | The gentle hum of my computer tower ]

 It's been a few days since my last entry. Just too busy fucking around, I guess. Anyway, I spent much of yesterday afternoon hanging out with my friend Cassie and her brother, Jessie. We spent most of the time sitting on our asses at Borders before going to Publix so Cassie could buy groceries. I walked with Cassie and Jessie back to their mom's apartment. I said hello to the rest of their family, but could only stay for a few minutes. All in all, a good day. At least I got out of my house for a while. Today, hasn't been all that eventful. I went out on an hour long bikeride around the city, then came back home to deal with an upset stomach. I can only hope that tomorrow will be a better day.

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My Debut [31 Jan 2010|06:51pm]
[ music | Manchester Orchestra - Shake It Out ]

 Seeing as how I'm new here, I think I'll be using this journal since nobody reads what I put on Myspace or Facebook. 

What can I really say except I've had some close calls as of late. One notable "close call" was when my friend Ashley decided to come over after a fight with her parents. Next thing I know, she's bleeding from the wrists and the cops are searching for her. I hand her over to the cops and then the paramedics come to bandage her wrists. I thought for sure I'd be taken in for questioning, but I was considered "safe" by the officers. 

All that drama aside, I'm just grateful to be still be among the living. 

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