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One of those Worst Days of my life [10 Mar 2009|02:34pm]
I'm sorry I haven't been on in a while, I've been doing a bunch of things that at this point I don't care to recall. More importantly, I wanted to let everyone know that if they want to give me a call I would really, really appreciate it. I need someone to talk to and my sister's great but that's just one person. Anyone who can endure me bawling my eyes out over the phone would be great.

Sorry again, that's a bit of sour humor. I wanted you two, my two best friends, to know this before anyone else I tend to talk to online. My cat is currently at the vets. He's very sick and will have to probably stay there for three days. We almost didn't take him in, worried over the hundred or so bucks that it would've cost just in case it was nothing, but after an hour of me hearing him cry in pain I couldn't handle it anymore and we went. Thank goodness we did... if we hadn't then he would've died. For that I can suffer through these next few Canth-less days.

To add to it, though that by far is the worse, the surgery he has to go under will cost us $800-1100 on a best case scenario. I'm willing to help pay, even if this means I go to Sakuracon completely empty handed and costumeless. My cat is more important (and I really only mention this to warn Roxanne who's weapon fate is sorta in our hands).

Also, Kaera vomitted on my laptop, so I am using the main computer. No one, except James, is on. I've got a pounding headache and I won't be able to update my story. All in all, a horrible, horrible Tuesday. I'd love to hear from either of you, though, if you have the time.

And please keep Canth in your prayers.
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Not sure what to say [23 Feb 2009|03:22pm]
[ mood | Not sure what to feel ]
[ music | Unbeatable ]

I feel like I'm a girl of "forgiving nature" which sometimes makes me angry. Actually, I'm just weak-willed. I called my boss and apparently it's just a "partial check," whatever that means. I should be getting my "real check" before the end of this week (really tomorrow or the day after but if I haven't gotten it by Saturday I call her again) *dramatic sigh* This business is messed up. I need a different job.

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Why am I even working here? [23 Feb 2009|12:18am]
[ mood | angry ]

Okay, I know I've been hard on my job. I've been tempted to quit because they hadn't paid me IN TWO MONTHS, but I stuck to it because I knew I would eventually get paid if I bothered them enough. So my mom comes upstairs today with a pay check for Dec 21- Jan 23. Before I can even get excited she tells me the bad news. APPARENTLY, they think I only worked one day that month. ONE DAY. DEC 31! I GOT $11.40 FOR THAT ONE DAY! I've worked since Dec. 16 and between then adn Jan 23, they think I've only worked one day! If there's something wrong because of the book deal, then I want to complain to Julia because that was NOT something she explained to me in the beginning, Brenda told me of it later. So, no, I won't accept this $11 and if they give me a bad response tomorrow when I call them about it then I'm quitting.

Edit: I forgot to mention that, while Insaniquarium cured it, I also had a very weird dream involving a blind zombie attacking me and a group of friends/people-I-don't-know in a repeat cycle. I actually only came in at the tail end of one cycle and the beginning of the next one before I woke up. It's confusing um... Okay (to keep calm, imagine this like a video game or something >.>), basically I went to Ashley Jackson's house in my dream to drop off/pick up something (I don't quite remember what) and they were watching this movie with the blind-zombie-lady thing and then as I was leaving I saw it attack them and what do you know, they already know a bit about how to defeat it. Like don't look at it's eyes. While it's blind, if you make eye contact it can sense you or something. They didn't figure out it was blind until then though and that making noise also attracts it. I wound up curled up on a chair as Ashley and some guy with blonde hair in that typical idol spikey style (know what I mean? I don't either)were the only survivors. I start walking home and as I do the others who I had seen, plus some I didn't, were walking out of their homes along the street as if nothing happened. One guy I knew (Jordan? I don't know where I knew him from, but I knew his name in my dream) wound up bringing me in and Ashley was missing this time around. We wound up walking and I tried to go, but they forced me to follow. (Jordan: "Hey Heather, where are you going?" Me: "Uh, I was going to go to WalMart..." Jordan: "It's this way!")

So we eventually traveled to this island (don't ask, I don't know) full of short people (for a reference Roxy can get, they were like Umbalans). And there we had to run from them and hide behind a cabinet. Said cabinet had a bunch of items in random slots. We looked through them and (they already knew but I didn't) found that each slot has an item that required a clue from another one and they changed each time. I ended up picking a chess board and never found the second part to my puzzle-item-thing. I did, however, help some random girl find hers. She chose a crossword puzzle that had "fifty two" as the only one filled out. I found two cards that were a 5 and a 2 of clubs. Before I could figure out what mine was (we started to try, though) the leader of the Umbalans came out and order us "intruders" to go around the campfire. The others were calm, so I was too. Oh the leader was some tall, pale girl a little on the heavy side with short, curly red hair. And sometime during the conversation with her I woke up.

So in the end I wasn't really attack, but to me it was still scary...

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Picture Time! [18 Feb 2009|10:52pm]
Due to boredom I chose to illustrate my day instead with a series of poorly done Paint images.






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Long week [12 Feb 2009|10:42pm]
I've learned that this week is going by slowly. I started counting down the days, planning ahead and started to figure out what I want to do for Monday rather than any other day and I SHOULD be looking for another job. Oh well, it'll happen.

Nevertheless my mind keeps going like this: "Is today Friday? No, it's Thursday. I didn't do anything today, what am I doing tomorrow? Nothing planned. Saturday? Nothing planned except making brownies. Sunday? Gotta get to work at 7, pack, and I probably should get a nap during the day. Doubtless I'll be up all night. And Monday...... well I know what's going on. Cannn'tt wait *gets nervous*"

Even typing this makes my heart go crazy *laughs* I amuse myself and unfortunately have no Bone Crossed to distract me anymore (Finishing a book in 2 days does that... But Stefan!)
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[30 Jan 2009|12:07am]
[ mood | happy ]
[ music | See post ]

Sorry, I HAD to post this. During work I stopped listening to music because it clashes with what we play in the back and they sometimes play good music (like today they played Basket Case and a DDR song. It made me laugh) However the result has been that I've had songs go through my head and they make no sense. I haven't even listened to either in forever. (Forever bieng a few days but I know all the words to one of them)

The first is Summer in Ohio from Last Five Years

The version's quiet, but it's funny.

And the one I don't know the words to that I have at least heard recently:

I love the song but... Yeah they make me crazy. Other than that I can't report too much. I'm definitely happy these days, but I think it's because I'm rarely alone. Today was the first time in a while. But I feel more socialable than I have been for a while, which is good. I need people D: But I'm not complaining (outside of my joking rant to my mom about how she should ship my friends back here). Still, I wish my company could be more than the three boys (Kirk, Dietz, and Kyle). Mike's there, and Shannon comes over too but they aren't as easy to get ahold of as the three.

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My days CAN be eventful [18 Jan 2009|12:31am]
[ mood | hysterical ]
[ music | Aozora no Namida from Blood Plus ]

Today started off ordinary, I will admit. I knew I was going out to the movies with Matt (a friend of my brother's), but I assumed my brother was coming too. I had a short conversation with him via texting, which lead to me texting more that day than all the other days I've texted combined. (And text is not a verb >.> Thank you editor, I know this.) In the end, apparently my brother couldn't go today so he wanted to go tomorrow, but I had DnD tomorrow so it ended up that we planned for just the two of us to go as it was originally planned (BEFORE something else happened...) Then Joel and I went walking for like an hour and came back with DQ fries. Yummy.

The movie was planned to happen at 5:30 so we'd meet up at 5:15 and then watch it. (Shannon and Mike came over at 3 and we played a game called Talisman, but that'll be later). So we met up, went in to watch Valkyrie and then 15 minutes in the projector broke. We got free movie passes and I mentally laughed and was thankful all the way home where Matt did hang out a little while but left long before I even had to go to work.

The reason I was thankful was because I heard from my brother that Matt liked me. He sent a text message to my brother saying "go ahead and tell Heather that I like her." I feel sorry for him because I'm not interested at all. In fact, I don't even know how he came to like me. We rarely talked, and he's one of the few friends I think of as "Joel's friend" rather than "our" or "my friend." And he's shy. Shy is not appealing to me, even if I am to some extent. Like how I'm not able to ask the guy I like out (which is another reason I'm not interested. And I also have the reasoning that I don't want to ask someone out over the internet. I do plan on asking the guy I like out, or at least telling him that I like him... in person)

Right as he was about to leave he couldn't even face me or ask me himself, he handed me his phone which displayed a message asking me if I'd go out on a date with him. Due to my sister's reasoning, she thinks I should just go on one but tell him that I don't know if I want to be boyfriend/girlfriend, so I said I'd contact him. Fortunately, my mom told me on the drive to work that I should just tell him now. And now Lisa, Roxanne, Erin, and my mother all know who I like *laughs*

Okay, enough picking on Matt. The thing I played with Shannon, Michael, and Joel which was only supposed to take 2 hours but I think took us 5. TALISMAN! It's basically a DnD oriented game, but one that's done right! You get a choice of a lot of characters (we do draw three randomly, select which one you like best, but you can do just 1 drawn randomly): Prophetess, Sorceress, Dark Cultist (<< all three girls), Ghoul, Druid, Knight, Warrior, Priest, Wizard, Merchant, Assassin, Dwarf, Elf, Minstrel, or Monk. Joel ended up as the Druid, Mike as the Merchant, Shannon as the Dark Cultist, and myself as the Prophetess. I'm not going to go into too much detail about any of them but mine. Basically all except Shannon was a spellcaster and Shannon was something that just wasn't made for fighting. And most monsters are made for the fighting type. It was hilarious at first as we tried to beat enemies with 6 or 7 strength with our puny 2.

Prophetess: She gets 4 abilities. The first is that she starts off with a spell. Self explanatory.
Second: If she runs out of spells, she immediately gets another one, so the least she can have is 1.
Third: She may look at everyone's spells (the only card that's hidden)
Fourth: If she draws an Adventure card she may choose one to discard and draw another one, she must use that Adventure card. Adventure cards are basically the "encounter" or "event" cards that will give you followers, magical items, shopkeepers, new terrain, or monsters. All of which can be both good and bad.

The goal of the game is to get a Talisman (through many means including stealing it from others), get to the center and then kill everyone with the Crown of Command. Crown of Command is a magical item that gives you a 50% chance of taking 1 hp from all players (you don't get it). It's awesome. You also get more strength and craft (which is basically magic) as you go along to make enemies easier.

Shannon got 15 or so Strength after losing a LOT of life and then moved on so that she could get said crown. She fought Death in a chance game and lost twice. She only had 2 life left too, so she unfortunately lost. It was sad because she would've definitely won otherwise. I was the next closest person to the crown (there's three rings and I was in the second with a talisman, but I had 7 strength and 8 craft at this time.)

So then in a mad rush involving many warps to and from the middle, inner, and outer rings we all eventually ended up in the middle with talismans and on our way to victory. Both Michael and I warped out, but due to some "terrain" cards we'd laid on where we were warped we instantly got warped back in (yay magical portals in Cities!) I immobilized my brother with my lucky spell draws, irritating him to no end with just THAT and then he got to the crown first. I hit it next turn though and we began to battle. I had little advantage over him, in fact I had none. I had 5 strength and 7 craft while he had 11 strength and craft (I lost a lot by being turned into a toad at one point). Sooo in the end I basically was trying to evade battle with my brother by using spells. I summoned twice, evaded once, put him to sleep, and even did a few spells to destroy some of his items, such as his ring that gave him 2 craft. I still lost but I helped Mike who came in two turns later to kill Joel and won. My brother felt like killing me but I was laughing so hard at what had happened. It. Was. Epic. Never underestimate a Prophetess just because she has no decent stats.

I apologize if that's hard to understand, I did my best to explain it. (Oh, I failed to note that you roll a die and add whatever stat it is for the battle. there are two battles: Strength and Craft.)

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Welcome to Vault 101 [15 Jan 2009|07:58pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Played Fallout 3 today. I only intended to play for an hour and get off at three but I didn't notice the time going by and ended up playing a little extra (I got on at 4 though, so hey). We actually have a good event starting to form on FuzzRO, but I still don't get on much. Remmy's cool and all but since she's my only really close friend that I can *only* see on RO, I tend to not want to get on. Well, Zach should get back tomorrow so there will be two, but I still think I'll prefer to talk to both of them via MSN. I'll still get on to accomplish Guild Leader stuff, but...

Anyway, Mom and I have the funniest conversations these days. Today I had a potato and like always I was supposed to give her my potato skin, because I don't like it and Mom loves it. But I wasn't thinking and threw it away so I could put my dish in the dishwasher. I came walking up to my mother with my head hung down. "I'm so sorry Mom. I threw away the skin... I'm scum."
"It's okay, I don't really need it *dramatic sigh*."
"Okay. Well, you need to go ahead and start playing spore so I don't feel bad when I steal it."
"Whaaat? Roxanne's playing it and since she quit RO I wanna play something with her!"
"Dream on."

^Randomness right before work

(Sorry I had to cut it off due to work)

Another conversation:

After an argument over something that we really can't remember now:
Mom: "I'm right, and your wrong so there :P"
Me: "No, I'm younger and therefore remember more!"
Mom: "True... what were we talking about again?"
Me: "I dunno, what were we talking about? But I forgot after you!"
(Just to let you know the "what were we talking about" is a joke between mom and I about our ADHD)

One with a coworker rather than my mom last Saturday:

Chuck: "I threw out my back and caught a cold..." (To another worker so I missed part of the conversation)
Me: "Oh, is that why you were gone for a few days?"
Chuck: "I was gone for a week."
Me: "Hey, I don't keep track of days. I'm lucky to remember it's a Friday." >.> "I mean Saturday... see?"

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Sorry for being away [24 Dec 2008|01:37pm]
Been a while since I updated, but it's not like I haven't had things to say, I just got caught up in somethings.

Ah.. uh.. well to start off I did officially get hired (but you both know that) and found out the first day that none of the three people before me did their job right. To this day I'm still being told new items I need to pick up. I wouldn't need to be told though if they hadn't taken away my list D: Oh well, I've made a few acquaintances such as one of my bosses, Brenda, and the nice man who's helped me out a bit, Chuck. Actually meeting Chuck was kind of funny. I was standing back a bit so I wasn't in the way when I needed to pick up a few items and Chuck turned to me with a smile. "Need something, Heather?"
O.o "Uh... I'm scared. How do you know my name?"
"We know all the vendor's names?" (BUT THIS IS DAY TWO? WOW)
His buddy laughed and nodded at me. "Yeah, he scares me too."
I found out his name the next day, and now we greet each other. YAY FOR COMPANIONS AT WORK. Of course, I'm still kind of clinging to Brenda when I need help. I've only worked there a week though D: (And emptied so many boxes that I'm definitely looking forward to my first paycheck).

A note on Christmas: My parents tossed me a letter two days ago and told me to open it as an early Christmas gift. It was a card from my grandparents on my father's side. Inside was twenty dollars. My eyes lit up. At the sight of this my parents quickly added "And it has to be spent on yourself, not anyone else." Darn psychic parents >.>

Oh, I did manage to get every gift except my sister's candle and my cat's present. I'm heading off to Walmart to do that. Love you all, and Merry Christmas Eve.
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This Entry has been approved by the Nagism Country (for more details see...) [08 Dec 2008|04:46pm]
Okay, first entry in a little while and what does it wind up being about? My first Dungeons and Dragons meeting. First of all, the people we have is four others (not including myself) and Michael wants to join in every once in a while too. Now, I know DnD may not be the most interesting thing to you guys but at least hear me out about what happened in one of the WORSE parties to ever be set up.

The four people we have, three are friends: Dietz, Kyle, Kirk. The other is Hebi (and surprisingly he may be my one hope of keeping the party together after Rose leaves). What I'm curious about is how those three friends could possibly be worse matches in a group @_@ Hebi couldn't make it so for now here is what we have as the four.

Dietz is playing what seems like an interesting character at first glance. Chaotic Neutral (because that's "in" with the group I think. Law doesn't appeal to them? Ugh.) Ranger who's been living in the forest for many years after a bad incident with a king and dryad or whatever. He rejoins society due to some girl he's been taking care of who went to school for magic training, or something like that. So he has no sense of what money is (copper=silver=gold?) Basically more coins means you're richer (He got hired for a job for 100 silver coins over 10 gold pieces *laughs). So he seems like an interesting character, only one with no range (ironically). Oh and he's human (only one).

Next we have Kyle, probably the reason for our strife but still a nice take. He's an Elven Fighter, which is an interesting mix. Chaotic Neutral as well and due to some past events of being sold as a slave to humans (probably in Thay for those with DnD know-how) he hates humans. Half-humans get a little bit of respect, but he generally dislikes them. Oh, and he likes to kill things. But when push truly comes to shove, and he's done something wrong to an ally he does help them out. It just sucks that our party is him, a human, and two half-elves.

Now, Kirk is probably THE MOST IRRITATING CHARACTER EVER! He's a Lawful Neutral (meaning his path is the way he goes) half-elf fighter who was raised in an elven community, has never known his parents and at a young age his home got burned down by humans. Awesome past, very traumatic, something I could use for future events, right? WELL HE DOESN'T EVEN CARE. He doesn't want revenge and he's not even curious about who his real parents are! He has no motivation whatsoever outside of "I like to travel." Even 500 gold pieces wasn't enough to stir him into a mission. Talk about a DM's worse nightmare. And he complained that he had to give away his motivation... yeah I'm really irritated at that... (Enter Scenario: Cute, young half-elf comes up and asks if you can fight and requests that strong swordsman helps her with something that's been stolen from her. Mission: Failed)

Now, my temporary character is Rozario Lightschwaltz. He's only going to stay in if they figure out his secret. Issue is it's not likely. He's their Half elf Rouge, Chaotic Good, and a decent crossbow user. If used right, he can escape anything, bluff really well, and gather information from anyone. Hiding, moving silently, and gathering information, in fact, are his specialties. This is something they'll need considering their party is filled with non-skill characters. However, as I stated Rozario has a secret. Since it's known where he's from that the "Master" (Lightschwaltz's family leader) had a son with a human prophet, Rozario has disguised as a female for most of his life to keep close to his father as a servant. He goes by Rose as a girl and Rio when he's found as a boy (sometimes he prefers to revert back since it's more comfortable.) For this he has the Hat Of Disguise. He's also the one to recruit people because only he knows where the item has been stolen, so as a girl he tries to use the pity factor to get them to work. Being good, he's really the only reason everyone hasn't killed each other. Because Mr. No-Motivation, while hating violence, really doesn't like stopping the human-hating elf and the human from fighting.

So... after a bit of push and shove (and the human stalking the little girl. Man it'll be funny when(if) they find out) I DID manage to get them to hunt after the artifact and got them across the seas @_@ Too bad they didn't hire the Dwarven Barbarian who talked to them.

Funny incident that did happen: the elven fighter had some fire alchemist potions on him and they were fighting assassin vines. So he tossed one at them but it didn't go far enough and landed in front of Rose, who's skirt promptly caught on fire. After two turns of being unable to put it out, Dietz (the human ranger) went to pull the skirt off and prevent further burns so I had him roll to make sure he, too, wouldn't get burned. He rolled a perfect 20. (Me: "Dietz, does your character have experience stripping young girls?) Ah, good laughs for the rest of the night. (This was AFTER they tried to kill each other)
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Happy times? [30 Nov 2008|09:34pm]
New addition to the family: Toby the little kitty. I'm hoping we keep him. He's a great cat, wonderful nuzzler and loves James for some reason. He curls up with anyone and is very curious. Even for his age I think he's active. He's also friendly. He has no sense of danger... After all, he's supposed to be friend to Maya eventually but Maya wants nothing to do with him. Fortunately, she doesn't go after him yet, but she hisses and growls. Considering it's day three, who knows. We're hoping...

We got our tree but Mom cried. First year not having my brother there to help pick it out. But we still all managed to agree on a tree and had an overall happy time.

Obviously, James and Roxanne came over during the break and I enjoyed the company. However, I'm worried about once against being alone (or rather having only Hebi as company)

Uh nothing else to say...
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whee active [22 Nov 2008|10:03pm]
[ mood | everywhere ]

Sister's baby shower is tomorrow (held here) so I've been actively cleaning the house (yay vacuuming furniture). Still have stuff to do but it's going to wait until tomorrow morning T_T (i.e. Sweeping leaves away from out house. At least it's not trash). But because of this I didn't get to do much else today, such as be on RO for WoE, be on the computer to say hi to Lisa or post D: I had so many expectations but I want that money Mom's going to pay me for working here for now (yay pseudo jobs :D). And suddenly I am getting paid to babysit (though I told Mom not to worry about it)...

why not you?

No idea for a title... [21 Nov 2008|12:56pm]
[ mood | undefined ]
[ music | Dream Star from Skip Beat ]

Got a name for the guy at ITT :D It's actually kind of funny because he introduced himself the SECOND time he called. This time he was just asking if I wanted directions so I said "Yeah, that'd be appreciated." I'm nervous though O.o I hope to find other people at this tour who like games and anime and computers and math, or even just one of those! Which... the third option is probably the most likely. Followed by the fourth or first... Anyway, if I make any friends I'll be sure to tell you two!

I'm excited for Thanksgiving, though, which is simply the day after, and for my sister's Baby Shower (this Sunday, it got bumped back that much). I found out last night it was going to be on Sunday, so I have to reschedule my first campaign meeting. I mean, even if I didn't want to be there, I have to now. I have been dubbed babysitter of the day because some people can't come without their children. Little Sister has background experience in this matter and is adored by Dave's daughter. So... there's that.

Hopefully Arrays won't kill me tonight while working on the C++ Homework. (I also need to make sure that I don't do something stupid like switch the variable order. The teacher laughed at that mistake last week. I SERIOUSLY didn't notice. To me AnswerKey ALWAYS came before StudentTest. Curse you numcorrect!!)

(Next 2 paragraphs don't actually matter you don't have to read it if game talk makes you frustrated atm:)

I also spent a few hours on Disgaea last night. I had only intended to play 2 or 3, get a few levels, get a few new characters (or rather reincarnate them but that's something I have to explain and don't want to), go up a chapter. INSTEAD, I leveled the main character 8 times (from 86-94), my highest level character 7 times (92-99), reincarnated EVERYONE except the main chars who CAN'T and two others, and the only reason why they didn't is because I use them to train the level ones faster (which means 8 chars got reincarnated, 1 got reincarnated 3 times, 2 were twice put back at lvl 1, and the rest only once restarted) AND I progressed through 4 chapters. (Okay, I said I didn't want to explain this but I have to >.< Reincarnate on Disgaea 2: Basically put the character back at level 1 except up a job level. That's the short version). I just kinda lost track of what I was doing... But I almost have a level 100 character?

Oh, and I can't beat stupid Kariya and Uzuki on The World Ends with You on Joshua Day 5 on hard mode. Beat... officially annoys me because he takes 1000 damage from a move that even if you block once, comes back and hits you AGAIN. Playing with 1500 life means you die FAST (on the up side, I now have 500 bravery). OH HOW I WISH I COULD USE JOSHUA ON THAT STAGE! *waves Pi Face's hat angrily* And I have 100% with every store keeper except 3, and they are the Shibuya Department Trio. One of them is at 80% :D

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The Future Awaits!! [20 Nov 2008|01:59pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]
[ music | Ragnarap D: ]

I'm very very very very very excited right now. Yesterday, my mother called to ask for my email address in hopes of sending me a free brochure from ITT. We were talking during that time and she hit send DURING the conversation and soon after we said our good-byes. I barely had enough to time come back and say "back" and a short message to Waffle when the phone rang again. This time, it was ITT! They were calling to ask me if I wanted to tour the school! Totally worth being late to WoE.

Of course, on the topic of WoE, I WARNED the people in my campaign that I wouldn't be available from 3-5, which was why they were supposed to come over at 1 (it was one person at first and then the rest somehow accumulated for the day). Of course, they came over at 3:45 and Dietz TRIED to lead them through but he had no idea what he was doing. And they were talking to me. So I was having a hard time focusing on WoE and let two enemies sneak by me. I was so close to strangling them that it's making me wonder if this campaign is going to be a good idea. Surprisingly, my hopes lie on Hebi. Ever since he came back from Georgia, he seems a lot more calm. The only issue he has is that he still talks continuously about something that people have expressed that they don't want to listen to right then.

^That's the only bad thing that happened though. And Waffle getting my Harpy Card (which, for Lisa's sake, is the last card in a set I was gathering. AKA, it's epic-ness in a card on RO) more than made up for it AND the lack of coffee (and I have coffee now anyway, so all is good *sip*)

Also, my mother and I stopped beating ourselves up over the Financial Aid thing (FAFSCAA? I'm unsure of the acronym). We can't submit it until January 1 anyway.

I might have a temp job at the Commissary and I'm going to apply for cashier at the Navy Exchange. I actually thing Cashier should be my big focus for now because I'm good at math and really good at finding patterns in numbers (In fact I search for them even if I don't need them)

(I need new mood things....)

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Life on the Oak Harbor end [10 Nov 2008|08:50pm]
[ music | Over You by Daughtry ]

A few days ago my brother called with a message and a gift. He told me about a site that plays music according to your interests. You enter the site, sign up (it's free), and then create a station by entering the name of a band or a song you like. For example, I have stations from the following bands: Nickelback, Linkin Park, Kenny Chesney, Fall Out boy, Relient K, Abba, Nobuo Uematsu, and Sugarland. I plan on adding New Found Glory and All-American Rejects, but I'm not sure if it's necessary since they play through the other lists >.> Of course, I had Dead on Arrival by Fall Out Boy at first, but then I just decided to put in the band. It's useful if you only like the way a band sounds in one song though, like you may prefer the old Linkin Park to the new one.

Anyway the reason I bring this up is because I discovered a new band through this method. They're called Daughtry and I REALLY recommend listening to their song Over You... *purrs*

The site is by the way...

Other news: Uh... I'm drawing the 7th page of Fuzzy Situation? Really I just wanted to post something so you guys know I'm alive. I still have to reinstall teh stupid tablet in order to finish 4-6 but it will get done *dramatic sigh*

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Emotional Heather [07 Nov 2008|02:08pm]
[ music | Pokemon Frontier's Intro? ]

I have discovered that I am getting "teary-eyed" over the silliest things and even cry over them at times (no idea why, it just happens). For example, 3 out of the 4 pokemon episodes I watched (mostly on random because they came after Tom and Jerry which my kitten was watching with me) I have nearly cried, and usually over stupid things. Like when May got a ribbon and did a dance with it or when Team Rocket's latest gadget crashed into the lake. Or... (and this one's understandable) when James cried over the fact he'd have to leave Chimecho behind and it played a very sad memory song. I cried when I thought Roxanne wasn't going to be able to come up to Washington or when I looked at a phone, hoping it was Jack in the Box and it wound up being my Grandpa. All silly (or sometimes not so silly but not major enough to be a big deal) things and I'M TEARING UP! Next thing you know, when it comes to the scene where Regal admits to Cally about something certain (no spoilers~! It's for my story which I need to post the words up on for Nanowrimo) I'M GOING TO CRY! And then you have to wonder, why didn't I cry while Stephen and his mom were saying good-bye. THEY were crying (well Stephen's mother was, Stephen's voice just cracked which I thought was sweet), but I didn't. I did tear up though...

I'm not sad per se, but I seem to be moving wildly about when it comes to my emotions. At least I'm not getting angry...

Anyway, miss you both! If you need me I'm on MSN whenever I'm typing up my story ^_^

Edit: I forgot to say this... Somehow, despite the fact I've made the character average looking and a little disagreeable (i.e. he has a short temper) Regal Miller, my main character in my story, is by far one of my favorite characters I've ever made for a story. Because he's not limited by being "embarrassed" or caring about what other people think of him, I can do so much with him. I think this is why I've liked Tristan. Apparently, weird characters are my favorite to write about. Why do I like Leon so much then? (sometimes my love of WaS and it's cast makes no sense)

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Lotsa Random Shtuff [17 Sep 2008|12:05pm]
[ mood | Random ]
[ music | My cat purring... >. ]

I've learned that I think I made Sage's popular. I don't know why, besides the fact if I saw a mage I told him to go sage. However, apparently there used to be no sages and a lot of wizards and now the roles are reversed. To be honest, I'm lonely as the only scholar. Well... sages are a pain to level... so I understand why no one's caught up. Nagi is still only level 84/49.

Speaking of RO, (Roxanne knows this but I need to tell Lisa) someone joined recently named Lise. I thought it might've been Lisa and became confused. Especially when the person went Acolyte. However, they are not new to RO (just Fuzz) and they are going Monk not Priest so we is good. She also isn't very active... she was on for thirty minutes and afk for the next hour or so. Weird...

Went to apply to a place again online (K-mart since my last application was sure ot have expired) but outside of the sears store in Cascade Mall, no K-Mart/Sears is hiring via online applications anymore. I'll swing by the store later, though. I want a job. Actually, now more than anything I want real life human interaction. Which is why I like it when people (besides Stephen who is still locked away in the computer room. Though we did have a nice conversation recently.) come over and talk with me. And that's why I like people calling me. And that's why I almost turned around and chose to talk to teh guy who tried to pick me up. And... that's why I want to be in a class that's NOT online but rather scheduled to meet, so I can make new friends.

Oh, and Lisa asked me to say something about that guy (though I wound up getting caught in tanking and failed to alt+tab and check MSN. I apologize!!). And by "that guy" I mean the person who tried to pick me up... though I'm still hesitant on saying that >.< I have self esteem, just not in my appearance. Maybe it was the Mononoke bag that attracted him *laughs* ANYWAY, I was walking home from the college and being friendly by saying "hi" to people I saw. Once made idle chatter as someone was jogging by. As in "Hi!" "Hello... Nice day out" "That it is, perfect for a walk." "Or a jog." "Yeah, have fun!" "Well, I'll just keep on running!" "Bye!" "Bye!" That was it. And then I walked pass someone who was standing outside his house, smoking, and I said "Hi" again. And he replied "Hello, how are you?" "I'm fine, you?" "Okay." I thought that'd be the end of it, and I kept walking but then he continued talking... "Hey, would you be willing to talk with me a bit?" "Um... I'm a  bit busy, I need to get somewhere." "Oh... okay, maybe I can get your phone number to talk to you later?" "Um... No? Sorry..." Continue walking. It was... awkward... and I kept feeling bad that I may have told him no too rudely >.< BUT I got a laugh when two friends (not MY friends, they were friends) met up and started walking behind me and talking. They were walking faster than me so eventually they were walking ahead of me and as they passed one threw a joking comment: "Don't worry, we're not stalking you." I laughed and told them I wasn't worried.

Anything else? Oh, Nano. I'm not going into details but the main character is decidedly male, had a trauma happen to him in the past (as all good characters must) and is somewhat insane. Nurse is female, too old for a romantic relationship with our main character though... her goal is to get our main character into either therapy or a hospital. Main character's best friend STILL has no gender, is an elementary student and likes to but heads with the nurse. AND the clerk who never has talked to the main character is male. Confusing? Well you'll have to read it come november XD

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Random Adventures? [05 Aug 2008|12:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]
[ music | O2 by Orange Range ]


Last night my foot HURT. It wasn't until everyone left, and even then it took thirty some odd minutes to start being a pain. It wasn't bad enough to make me cry or anything, but it hurt enough that you couldn't ignore it and when I crawled into bed at 12:30, I stood up again two hours later after being unable to sleep. I ventured around the house until I figured downstairs would be best (it hurt less in cold air) and still struggled there. A spilled can of soda later, mom gave me some medicine, told me it was probably internal swelling, and I crawled into the "comfy" chair. 45 minutes later, I was lying on the floor and finally free of the pain. Fall asleep, wake up to darkness we call the downstairs floor XD

My dreams consisted of arranged marriages and never choosing a girl until this boy appears uninvited and asks me to talk with him. He vanishes the next day too. O.o Talk about Cinderella with opposite genders.  And the rest had my cat in it, I think. I can only remember being surprised my cat wasn't there in the morning.

OK, on a temporary RO break. I don't know why, I just can't seem to find anything interesting to do there right now other than sit and chat with Rose and whoever is on, which I am capable of doing outside of RO. So I decided I'll take a break and come back a week later and see what I can do. I didn't really wanna participate in WoE this time around anyway. I will have no luck getting a castle, though I pity Comrades Inc. that'll be practically by itself vs. Sexy Time. Oh well, I don't think I was much use anyway.

By the way, I'll be getting Cry Wolf either Thursday or Friday, so I shall be in my room for that day, reading.... *is impatient* CAN'T IT BE AT LEAST WEDNESDAY TODAY???? (No, that's tomorrow >.<)

Last night's party was fun! We watched 21, and played Life and all posed with RO emotes above our heads XD I'll post picture up here after Maria sends it back.

And... the current background is of all the creatures you fight in Kiel Hyre, where my beloved Aliot resides. Aliot is not a demon or anything of the sort, he's just a robot. An awesome looking robot.

Final comment: Tinker is a popcorn thief! DX

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'Ello, long time no see? [28 Jul 2008|11:08pm]
[ mood | determined ]
[ music | Gunslinger's Opening (pretty) ]

Sorry, I was too busy raising my cat/kids who are still locked in the basement (loonnggg story. Fret not, it's not important. They don't exist)

Well, what can I say? I'm currently absorbed into Ragnarok Online, as my friends know very well. Nagi, my scholar, and Zarame, my assassin, are often found online. However, that doesn't mean that I just wanna play RO people. T_T I've been bugged to get a job by my parents lately, and to be honest I want a job too.

Hn... what else can I say. Many know this already, but my sister's pregnant! It's a good thing, too! She's not far in, but she's excited. I'm kind of nervous (will I make a good aunt? Well, my to-be-niece-in-law likes me. I hope so), but my sister acts like her usual confident self. I'm sure she's nervous too, but dang she's strong. Helps to be 3, almost 4, years older than me.

My brother STILL hasn't gotten his orders. I'm tempted to fly down to Texas and yell at them to figure out why. And what makes it worse is HE'S SMOKING CIGARS. Ugh. How does someone with a sister like me start smoking when he knows very well that I'll be angry at him for it? My mother responded "at least it's cigars, they aren't as unhealthy as cigarettes." But it's EXPENSIVE, which makes it as bad. And either way, just 'cause there's a greater wrong doesn't mean it's not wrong anyway. He's promised to quit when mom does, and my father has promised to quit when my mom says off for 6 months, but this doesn't erase the fact that they still do it. And I'm not allowed to say anything because apparently it's annoying and doesn't help (then don't smoke in the first place).

Wait, I'm not here to just rant. Sorry. I wish Fuzz was up. Well maybe now's a good time to a) write in "For the chance to be with you" or b) start my Fuzz Comic

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Uhhh... No [07 Mar 2008|03:52pm]
[ mood | Surprised ]

I know, Roxanne warned me I'd run into a website like this, so I was going to ask her who it was and avoid it, but somehow I ended up at it.

This is the story:
We're supposed to critique everyone's websites, and they can be about you, about a business (real) or about a (fake) business. I don't know if this is a real business, but one girl decided to host her website as one for adult items. That and hosting adult parties. Yes, this is what you are thinking of. I was warned of it, but I was planning on avoiding it. I counted Roxy's descriptions she went through so far and it was supposed to be the fourth. Turns out it was the third. O.O I clicked on it because the person sent me a critique with a question on how to to an enter page. I... wanted to check out who I was telling this to... bad choice *see above*

My book for World of Darkness came in! YAY! Now to start down the road of Storyteller once more! *maniacal laugh* Still, creating a character when you haven't gotten a chance to read through it is kind of interesting. "Passions are... not here.. oh wait yes they are, but they don't say the points. Um... maybe here? No, no oh it's back on the other page" or something to that extent.

I'm totally prepared for my senior presentation! Yay! Just gotta work on that speech and my critiques...

Anyway, my cat's annoying and I want to write more about Tristan. Stephen's ahead of me in Innocent Life

BTW, I know not everyone can read this, but thank you to all who have kept me company since niichan left.

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