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Tesla Home Charging Stations [10 Jun 2021|03:54pm]

There's a shift taking place in the way Australians get energy from and in how we use it. The proportion of sustainable energy in our electrical grid is on a raise and energy like solar and wind is used the most. The number is rising fast. Alongside the shift towards renewable energy, there is also a shift taking place in how we consume energy. One of the significant changes is the use of electric vehicles.

Popular car manufacturers like Tesla are accelerating in the world’s transition to sustainable energy with electric cars. So many electric cars are on the Australia roads now, and the number is projected to increase year after year.

With this shift in vehicle energy usage, also comes changes in the infrastructure required to keep these cars on the road. Mainly there is a great need for homes equipped with Tesla charging stations to safely and quickly charge up our batteries.

Tesla home charger:

Tesla supercharger networks are continually expanding, offering Tesla drivers unparalleled comfort and convenience. However, for most of us making a shift from conventional fuel-powered vehicles to electric cars might seem like a big jump. You will be having so many basic questions about installing a charging station and how it will match your lifestyle. Let us now take a look at some common questions about installing Tesla charger.

How to charge an electric car at home?

To charge an EV at home, you must have a home charging point installed by professionals where you park your vehicle. The home charger is a compact weatherproof unit which can be mounted to a wall connected with a charging cable or a socket for plugging in a portable charging cable. The ability to quickly charge your car at home offers more utility to your purchase and lets you quickly top up the batteries every day when you are at home. Charging the electric car is like charging your mobile phone. Plug-in overnight and top up during the day.

How far can I drive an electric vehicle once it is charged?

The answer to this question varies depending on the vehicle model you use. However, the electric vehicle range is improving with each new generation. An average car needs to be recharged every 100 to 150 miles while some have ranges exceeding 300 miles or more. If this concerns you, talk to professionals who specialise in installing tesla charger, they will help you pick the right practical solution for your need.

How long does it take to charge my EV?

The charging time of electronic vehicles depends on the size of the vehicle's battery, the current level of battery charge and the speed of the charging point. There are three basic kinds of charges level 1, level 2, and, level 3. The first two are used in home applications while rapid charges that require a more robust electric infrastructure are found in commercial and public locations.

Generally, most homeowners don't need their vehicle fully charged every day, so topping up using a basic charging station may be all you need. However, if your usage is heavy, you should take advantage of faster charging in options.

The author is Australia’s leading Supplier and Installer of Universal Electric Vehicle Chargers. Powered by durable components and intelligent software, his equipment is recommended and approved by all major EV manufacturers. For Tesla charging stations visit

More About the Author

At EVE Tungsten Carbide Rods Australia we believe that the drive toward a better future starts today.
Our mission is to help power the future of Australian Mobility through clean, affordable and convenient Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. We aim to achieve this through the provision of comprehensive Electric Vehicle charging solutions which bring together the leaders in EV charging technology with electric car owners all across Australia & New Zealand.
EVE Australia have partnered with the world’s leading brands to bring the latest technology to your home, business and car park in an affordable and convienent way.

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Brief introduction of the heavy spiral cutter head [30 Apr 2021|12:52pm]
The spiral cutter head is a very important tool in wood processing. In the process of wood planing, spiral cutterhead has the advantages of low resistance, low noise, and small cutting.

According to the different materials and dry humidity, different hard alloy blades can be replaced. If a cutting edge of the blade is blunt or missing, just loosen the screw to turn to the other cutting edge, and lock the knives without grinding. Only when the four cutting edges of a knife cannot be used, a new blade is needed.

The service life of spiral cutter shaft blade is 5 to 12 times longer than that of ordinary blade, which saves the time of sharpening and proofreading, improves the planing efficiency, reduces the use cost, reduces the power consumption, and overcomes the problems of the traditional blade, such as the cracking of the wood board scab, the unsmoothness of the reverse grain, the surface warping and concave caused by the traditional blade. Especially in hardwood, bamboo sheet, bamboo board,tungsten carbide rods, plastic board, insulation board and other materials that are not easy to process, it has more advantages and production capacity.

Structure composition of heavy spiral cutter head

As shown in the figure is the finished product drawing of re cutting spiral cutter head, which consists of five parts: spiral cutter body, spiral groove, pressing block, double head stud and discarded blade.

Compared with light cutting spiral cutter head, the heavy cutting spiral cutter head uses the pressing block and double head screw to lock the abandoned blade, which makes the clamping of the blade more stable and the tool can carry thicker cutting amount.

Material of heavy cutting spiral woodworking tools

The cutting performance of the cutting tool is improved by using the tool body of 45 steel and the cutting life of the tool is improved.

Carbide woodworking indexable knives are made of Ultra fine-grained cemented Hard Rock Drill Bits carbide material with strict quality testing. small cutting edge alloy specification is 14 - 14- 2.0, large cutting edge alloy specification is 12 -30 - 1.5, without high temperature welding, the hardness of each blade is above HRA 92.5, good wear resistance, impact resistance, high heat resistance, sharp edge, can adapt to various wood and furniture plane processing, processing surface smooth, large The service life and machining quality of the cutting tools are greatly improved.
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Sanmeul Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools-Down The Hole/DTH Jack Hammer Bits CIR130 [19 Apr 2021|04:12pm]

 Sanmeul Low Air Pressure CIR110 150mm DTH Hammer Drill Bits for Water Well Drilling

DTH Bit:
Available size: 50mm ~ 1500mm
Available Hammer: 1.5” ~ 32” CIR, BR, COP, COP, DHD, SD, MISSION, NUMA…
Our Customers Fields:
Northern EuropeFoundation, Piling
Western EuropeWater Well, Geothermal Drilling
RussiaOil, Infrastructure and Mining.
South East AsiaMining, Geothermal
South AfricaMining, Water Well Drilling
Middle EastWater Well Drilling
OceaniaMining, Exploration, Water Well Drilling
South AmericaWater Well Drilling, Mining
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Low wind pressure type 90 down-the-hole drill bit [07 Apr 2021|10:27am]
We will do a good job of every drill bit, solve every problem with our heart, and serve every customer brand-new, and strive for perfection!

If you are not satisfied with the quality of the drill bit, choose more meters

Drill bit material:
Adopt high wear-resistant hard alloy button teeth and high toughness alloy steel trouser body.
Advantages of drill bits:
1.The drill bit has high-speed rock impact, the rock drilling speed is fast, and the rock breaking efficiency is high.
2.The drill bit has high wear resistance and can hit more Meters.
3.The high-efficiency drill bit can be optimized and customized according to the rock structure.

Drill characteristics:
1. The hard alloy tooth material adopts high wear-resistant formula, and the tooth breaking rate is less than 2%.

2. The body of trousers is made of high-strength high-quality alloy steel. After advanced heat treatment, the rate of broken trousers is less than 1%.

3. Using advanced CNC machining and advanced alloy tooth assembly technology, the tooth loss rate is less than 1%.
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Down-the-hole drill bit [31 Mar 2021|03:23pm]
1. Introduction of down-the-hole drill bits. The products are divided into two series of down-the-hole drilling tools, high air pressure and low air pressure..Use high-quality raw materials and advanced production technology to produce high-quality series of down-the-hole drills.Widely used in earth and stone engineering, mining, water well drilling, construction engineering, etc..

Nowadays, high-pressure down-the-hole drills currently adopt four main end face design forms: convex end face, flat end face, concave end face and deep concave center end face..Cemented carbides mostly use button teeth, spring teeth or the method of tooth distribution shared by both buttons and spring teeth..

1. Convex end face type: This type of drill has two types, single boss and double boss end face. The latter is mainly used for DTH drills with larger diameters..Convex-faced DTH drill bits can maintain a high drilling rate when drilling medium-hard and hard abrasive rocks, but the flatness of the hole is poor, and it is not suitable for drilling rocks with high blast hole flatness requirements. engineering. 2. End face plane type: The drill bit of this shape is more sturdy and durable, suitable for drilling hard and extremely hard rocks, and also suitable for drilling medium hard and soft rocks where the straightness of the blasthole is not required.. 3. End face plane type: There is a conical recessed part on the end face of the drill bit of this shape, which forms a slight nucleation effect during the rock drilling process to maintain the centering performance of the drill bit, and the drilled blasthole has a better straight line. This kind of drill bit has good powder discharge effect and fast drilling speed. It is the most used down-the-hole drill bit on the market.. 4. Deep concave center type on the end face: the drill bit of this shape is evolved from the same type of button bit, and the center of the end face of the drill bit has a deep concave center part.Used for nucleation in the process of rock drilling, to ensure the straightness of the blast hole when drilling deep holes, only suitable for drilling soft rock and medium-hard rock.

Second, use theory Ming 1. Choose the down-the-hole drill bit according to the rock condition (hardness, abrasiveness) and drilling rig type (high wind pressure, low wind pressure).Different forms of alloy teeth and tooth arrangement methods are suitable for drilling different rocks.Choosing the right down-the-hole drill bit is the prerequisite for obtaining the best use effect; 2. When installing the down-the-hole drill bit, place the bit gently into the drill sleeve of the down-the-hole impactor, and don't hit it hard to avoid damaging the shank of the drill bit. Or the drill sleeve; 3. During the rock drilling process, ensure that the air pressure of the down-the-hole drilling rig is sufficient.If the impactor works intermittently, or the powder discharge from the blast hole is not smooth, check the compressed air system of the down-the-hole drill to ensure that there is no slag in the hole during the drilling process; 4. If metal objects are found to fall into the hole, it should be timely Use a magnet to pull out or take it out by other methods to avoid damaging the drill bit; 5. When replacing the drill bit, pay attention to the size of the drilled blast hole.If the drill diameter is excessively worn, but When the blast hole is not well drilled, do not replace the new drill bit, so as not to stick the drill.Used old drill bits with roughly the same wear diameter can be used to complete the job.
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Flat drill bit, pneumatic drill bit, rock drill bit [08 Mar 2021|10:29am]
Slotted bits, pneumatic drills, rock drilling bits, slotted bit specifications, slotted bit material, slotted bit price,
The flat bit is also known as the wind bit, the rock drill bit, which is used for rock drilling and crushing.Mainly used in coal mines, tunnels, etc..It is used with B22 rock drill pipe.
Some products produced by our company:
1. Rock drilling products: ZM12 dry coal electric drill, ZMS12 wet coal electric drill, ZM15 coal electric drill, rock electric drill, etc.
2. Pneumatic tools: G10 pneumatic pick, G20 pneumatic pick, B87C crusher, tamping machine, C2 pneumatic shovel, C6 pneumatic shovel, pneumatic pick drill, air grinder, rock drilling tools, etc.
3. Pneumatic products: YT28 rock drill, YN27 internal combustion type rock drill, 7665 air leg rock drill, bolt drill, MQT-120 pneumatic bolt drill, ZQS handheld anchor bolt drill, MQS50 handheld pneumatic drill, bolt installer, wind Coal drills, track drills, anchor rod tension meters, anchor cable tensioning tools, anchor cable cutters, tension jacks, air vibrators, air driven submersible pumps, etc.
4. dth hammer Accessories products: cable anchor drill rod, anchor rod drill rod, anchor rod bit, anchor cable drill bit, diamond drill bit, rock drill bit, coal drill pipe, twist drill pipe, dust-proof nozzle, pneumatic drill pipe, diamond drill bit, one Drill bit, pneumatic drill, rock drill, cross drill, flat drill, diamond drill, cemented carbide drill, PDC drill, alloy drill, twist drill, impact drill, core drill, pneumatic drill, rock drill, drill Head, drill bit connection sleeve, drill tail, down-the-hole drill bit, anchor, anchor cable stirrer, drill bit, drill pipe, mining machinery, coupling sleeve, shank, coal pick, gear sleeve, gear seat, coal drill bit, anchor Rod drills, down-the-hole drills, rock drilling machinery, button drills, column-tooth drills, slotted drills, cross drills and other products
Professional manufacturer, high-quality product quality three guarantees reputation
Xinlong Industrial and Mining Machinery welcomes new and old customers to inquire and negotiate

The scope of application of slotted drills, the price of slotted drills, drill manufacturers, drills, anchor drills, diamond drills, twist drills
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After Mars Rock Drill, Curiosity Ready to Roll [05 Mar 2021|09:27am]
The robotic arm-mounted drill and drill hole can both be seen in this MastCam image shortly after the drilling operation.

Ten months after touching down on Mars, NASAs Curiosity rover is finally heading toward the primary target of its two-year mission -- Mount Sharp, a three-mile-high mound of layered rock rising from the floor of the Gale Crater landing site.

Tantalizing mineral maps compiled by orbiting satellites provide strong hints that Mars changing environment is recorded in Mount Sharps rocks.

Getting there will take months, even by the most direct route and with minimal stops for other scientific studies along the way.

The base of the mountain is about five miles from Curiositys present position in Yellowknife Bay, a low-lying area scientists wanted to study first to determine if it had the chemical ingredients for life.

The answer -- a resounding yes -- was in Curiositys first drill sample. Last month, the rover bore into a second ancient mudstone located about nine feet away from its first target. Results of that analysis are rock drill bits pending.

Theyre still working on those results, but what they did try to do ... was to get a feel for the variability of the mineralogy and chemistry by drilling into a spot nearby that looked a little bit different, deputy project scientist Joy Crisp, with NASAs Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., told Discovery News.

With Curiositys chemistry lab still working, ground control teams radioed commands on Monday for the rover to turn around and begin the long, slow drive to Mount Sharp.

Even driving straight through, the journey will take 10 months to a year, project manager Jim Erickson, with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, told reporters on a conference call Wednesday.

Scientists already have picked out three areas for what are expected to be brief studies -- with no drilling -- along the way.

The sites are a piece of bedrock that sits between areas of mudstones and sandstones, a layered outcrop named Shaler and a pitted rock named Point Lake.

Scientists want to understand how they formed and how they compare with the rocks studied at Yellowknife Bay.

Were going to keep our eyes open ... as we drive and if we in fact drive past something thats amazing, we might actually turn around and go back and check it out, but theres nothing that we see from orbit thats like some super-compelling clue to life or something like that, Crisp said.
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Drill bits for rock drilling [02 Mar 2021|08:43am]
Welcome to inquire us!Shangke Machinery has branch offices in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hefei, Wuhan, Changsha, and Zhengzhou, which are wholly responsible for the sales of air compressors, mining machinery and other products, and achieve the maximum factory direct sales price. At the same time, it promises air compressor products. Yearly warranty, we always follow the company philosophy of "product sales is only the beginning of our service", and seek the best interests for customers,If you need to buy products, please contact us, will Serve you with great enthusiasm!All of us are customer-centric, and our purpose is to meet customer needs. Our sales are only the beginning of our service. High-quality products and high-quality after-sales service have been our company for several years. We have been engaged in air compressor sales, as well as repair and maintenance. , Ours will provide you with the lowest price and the best quality service to solve the problems in the compression equipment.We will welcome every customer's arrival with sincere service. We hope that our national brand can break through one difficulty after another and enter the big stage of the world. We witness together that our company will flourish and our air compressor products must be Your first choice!!

Related to drill bits for rock drilling:
Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the "Twelfth Five-Year Development Plan for the Iron and Steel Industry" (hereinafter referred to as the "Plan") to guide the development of the steel industry in the next five years..In the plan, statistics on energy conservation and emission reduction in the iron and steel industry in 2010 are carried out. The statistics indicate that various energy conservation and emission reduction indicators of iron and steel enterprises have been comprehensively improved, and the comprehensive energy consumption per ton of steel has been reduced to 605 kg of standard coal and new water consumption4.1 cubic meter, sulfur dioxide emissions 1.63 kg, a decrease of 12 respectively compared with 2005.8%, 52.3% and 42.4%.The comprehensive utilization rate of solid waste increased from 90% to 94%.The "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" is proposed in the plan

On July 20, a special inspection and investigation team of coal mine mobile air compressor production enterprises composed of the State Administration of Work Safety, the Science and Technology Equipment Department of the Coal Supervision Bureau and the Safety Standards Center came to our group to conduct inspections and investigations..The focus of this inspection and investigation is the production and use of mine safety standard products such as mobile air compressors in coal mines, and to listen to the opinions and suggestions of enterprises on the status of safety supervision of air compressors and the management of safety standard products for mines.. The investigation team listened to the introduction of our company, visited the production workshop, and consulted the relevant technical information, and checked the advanced production technology and strict inspection of our group.
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Diamond drill bit wall hole drilling machine rock drill bit Shandong Anhui [01 Mar 2021|02:06pm]
 There are many types of diamond drill bits: diamond composite drill bit, diamond PDC drill bit, diamond anchor drill bit 
PDC composite drill bit, three-wing diamond drill bit, two-wing diamond composite drill bit
A drill with a cutting edge is called a diamond drill.The drill bit is an integrated drill bit, the whole drill bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, and it has high strength, high wear resistance and impact resistance. It is one of the three new drilling technologies in the world in the 1980s..Field use has proved that when drilling in soft-medium-hard formations, the diamond bit has the advantages of high speed, large footage, long life, stable operation, fewer downhole accidents, and good well quality..The diamond drill bit is not only used for a long time, but also can be reused. The use effect of the returned diamond drill bit is similar to that of the factory diamond bit, which can save a lot of drilling costs..
Advantage: taper drill bits 
1 The force balance design enables the drill bit to have good steering, which is suitable for the application of downhole motors in directional drilling, and has a small radial vibration;
2 The reasonable arrangement of the patented PDC composite sheets of different structures at different positions of the drill bit makes the drill bit more aggressive and resistant to abrasion;
3 Strong aggressive design enables the drill bit to obtain a high ROP;
4 The dynamic flow field simulation technology is applied to hydraulic design to optimize the flow field at the bottom of the well, which is beneficial to increase the chip removal speed and prevent mud pack.
Because the material of the PDC bit is mainly cast tungsten carbide and diamond composite sheet, it has a long life and high value.
The diamond composite PDC anchor bit has good stability, long service life, high drilling efficiency, low-pressure and medium-speed drilling, good gauge effect, wide range of use and superior cost performance. It has the characteristics of drilling life in the same rock formation. It is 10-30 times that of ordinary alloy drills, and the efficiency is at least increased by more than 50%, without grinding, effectively reducing labor intensity and saving man-hours.It is used for the drilling of anchor net support holes in mining, hydropower, transportation and other departments.Ithe companyAccording to customer needs and geology drill shank adapter Conditions for custom-made various diamond composite drill bits.
Applicable rock formation: 6f12
Specifications: 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, 32, 36, 42
Diamond composite half piece/disc anchor bit:
Purpose: Mainly used for the drilling of bolt-net support holes in coal mines, providing a strong guarantee for fast and efficient roadway excavation.
Significantly improve the drilling speed and drilling efficiency of the medium-hard rock layer (sandstone)
The blade has good wear resistance, strong resistance, no need to repeat grinding, long drill life.
 Diameter reduction is not easy, and the rate of porosity is high, which greatly reduces the waste of medicine coils and anchor rods, improves the construction efficiency, reduces the labor intensity of the workers, and has a wide range of lithology.
The drill bit adopts a new type of superhard material diamond composite sheet, and the bit has a long life
Adapt to rock formations: complete and broken formations from soft to medium hard
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Tri-cone bits, Lilin steel-tooth tri-cone bits, PDC bits [26 Feb 2021|05:13pm]
FJ series oil tri-cone bits Product description: FJ series oil tricone drill bits combine the advantages of HJ and FA series drill bits, suitable for.
TAG: Chuanshi Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bit HJ Series Tri-cone Steel Tooth Bit

GA series oil roller bit Product description: GA series oil roller cone bit Product optimization: GA series bit is O-shaped rubber seal roller.
TAG: GJ Series Oil Cone Bits FA Series Oil Tricone Bits

GJ series oil roller bit Product description: GJ series oil roller cone drill bits are metal sealed rolling bearing drill bits, which use mesh.
TAG:HJ series oil roller bit HF hard formation bit

HA series oil roller bit Product description: HA series oil roller cone bits are O-shaped rubber sealed sliding bearing bits.

HF Hard Formation Rock Drill Bit Product description: Fully automatic surface surfacing alloy welding technology used for the palm axis of the HF hard formation drill bit.
TAG:YC single cone bit FW series steel tooth tricone bit

HJ series oil roller bit Product description: The bearing adopts radial sliding, two-way thrust bearing with high roughness matching; tooth palm shaft.
TAG: Lilin Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bit Jianghan Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bit

Jianghan Oil Drill Bit Product description: Drill bit series code: For tri-cone drill bits, according to their bearing and sealing structure.
TAG: Six-wing PDC drill bit polycrystalline diamond bit

Metal sealed tri-cone bit Product description: The structural characteristics of the metal sealed tri-cone bit adopts a floating bearing structure and a floating element.
TAG: Five-wing PDC drill bit Seven-wing diamond drill bit

Rubber sealed tri-cone bit Product description: The rubber-sealed tri-cone bit adopts high-strength and high-toughness cemented carbide teeth to improve.
TAG:Jianghan Oil Drill HJ Series Oil Cone Bits

FA series oil tri-cone bits Product description: FA series oil tri-cone bits. Structural features: adopt floating bearing structure, floating.
TAG: Four-wing scraper bit, Three-wing scraper bit

FA Series Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bits Product description: FA series steel teeth tri-cone drill bits are O-shaped rubber sealed floating bearing bits, suitable for.
TAG: YC single cone bit YA single cone bit

FW Series Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bits Product description: Bearing structure of FW series steel-tooth tri-cone bits: large and small shafts with two gentle radials.
TAG: FA Series Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bits HA Series Steel Tooth Tri-cone Bits
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What kind of drill bit is good for iron drilling?Types and uses of drill bits [23 Feb 2021|06:20pm]
In fact, there are many types of drill bits, which are mainly distinguished according to their different uses, that is, what kind of drill bit is used for drilling.In order to let everyone better understand the relevant knowledge of drill bits, the following editor will give you a brief introduction to the uses of various commonly used drill bits..

Types of drill iron

The material of the drill bit is generally high-speed tool steel or cemented carbide, while high-speed steel is often used in the factory.rock drill bitsDepending on the material, it will use different speeds and add coolant.

1. Black drill bits are generally used for metal drilling, and the material of the drill bit is generally high-speed steel. Drill holes in general metal materials (alloy steel, non-alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metals), and use metalworking drill bits together.But pay attention to drilling holes in metal materials, the speed should not be too high, it is easy to burn the edge of the drill.

Now there are some gold that is coated with rare hard metal film. It is made of tool steel and other materials, which is hardened by heat treatment..The tip is ground at equal angles on both sides and tilted back a bit to form an acute cutting edge.Drill steel, iron, and aluminum that are not hardened by heat treatment. Aluminum is easy to stick to the drill bit, so it needs to be lubricated with soapy water when drilling..

2. Drill holes in concrete materials and stone materials, use percussion drills, and match masonry bits. The material of the cutter head is generally cemented carbide.Ordinary household, instead of drilling holes on the cement wall, use an ordinary 10mm hand drill.

3. Drilling wood.Drill holes in wooden materials and use woodworking drills together. Woodworking drills have a large sales volume and do not require high tool hardness. The tool materials are generally high-speed steel.There is a small point in the center of the tip of the drill bit, and the angles on both sides are relatively large, even without angle.Used in a good fixed position.Its practical rock drill bit for metal drilling can also drill wood.Because wood is easy to heat up and crumbs are not easy to come out, so you must slow down the speed, and often exit to remove crumbs.

4. Use tile drills to drill holes on ceramic tiles and glass with higher hardness. The tool material is tungsten carbon alloy. Because the tool has higher hardness and poor toughness, you need to pay attention to low speed and no impact..

How to choose a drill

Drilling operation is essentially a kind of cutting process. The prerequisite to complete the cutting process is that the hardness of the tool material must be higher than the hardness of the material being processed.

Precautions for using drills

The material of the drill bit is related to the hardness and rigidity of the heat treatment, and is also related to the angle of its grinding. Different sizes and different materials to be drilled must be ground into different angles and inclination angles..The harder the tool, the worse the toughness, the thinner the bit, the worse the rigidity.The drilling speed should not be too fast, especially the bigger the hole, the slower.It is best to add proper cooling oil or water.

Generally, when drilling a hole, it is necessary to make a sample and punch the hole first to prevent the bit from running off at the beginning.In household decoration, the general power of about 400W electric drill or percussion drill can meet the requirements.

So black drill bit drill iron is better, because we often need to make a hole or something, you might as well prepare a household drilling equipment at home, in case you need it..
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Method for preparing hard alloy bar for PCB micro drill [19 Feb 2021|11:56am]
Method for preparing hard alloy bar for PCB micro drill

[Patent Description] A method for preparing hard alloy rods for PCB micro-drills
Technical Field
[0001] The present invention relates to the production of PCB micro-drill rods [Technical Field], and specifically to a method for preparing hard alloy rods for PCB micro-drills.
[Background Art] [0002] As modern electrical appliances are becoming smarter and smaller in size, and demand for thinner wires and narrower pitches, printed circuit board manufacturing technology is developing rapidly, and the corresponding requirements for processing printed circuit board PCB holes The performance of PCB micro-drill material is developing towards higher strength, hardness and wear resistance.
[0003] At present, PCB micro-drills are mainly made of ultra-fine cemented carbide rods. Ultra-fine cemented carbide is a material with relatively good hardness, strength and wear resistance, and has been more widely used in modern industry..As the material of the PCB board is upgraded faster and faster, the material becomes more and more rigid. Due to the existence of many solid materials in the material, the low thermal conductivity of the material, and the higher and higher processing speed, the processing process will More and more heat is generated, which accelerates the wear of PCB micro-drills. Correspondingly, ultra-fine cemented carbide rods are required to have higher hardness, higher strength and higher wear resistance..
[0004] The PCB micro-drill rods currently on the market are mainly made of ordinary cemented carbide materials through the traditional ultrafine cemented carbide manufacturing process. There are many structural defects in the rods, which seriously affect the performance, hardness, and hardness of the drill bit. Poor strength and wear resistance, resulting in easy breakage of the drill bit, large hole diameter change, and hole wall finish that does not meet the requirements.

[Content of the invention]

[0005] The purpose of the present invention is to provide a method for preparing PCB micro-drills with cemented carbide rods. The PCB micro-drills processed from the rods made by the materials and methods are particularly suitable for processing diameters less than 0.3mm PCB panel through hole or blind hole tool to solve the defects of many bar defects, easy to break, and fast wear under the existing technology.
[0006] In order to achieve the above purpose, the present invention adopts the following technical solutions:
A preparation method of hard alloy rods for PCB micro-drills, the process steps of the preparation method are:
(1) Based on the total weight percentage, select the Fisher particle size as 0.6~1.0um Co powder 4~8%, VC powder 0.1~
0.5%, Cr3C2 powder 0.1 ~1.2%, TiN powder 0.005 ~0.01%, Y203 powder 0.01 ~0.06%, the rest is Fibonacci particle size 0.3~0.Add 8um WC powder to the stirring ball mill, and then add oleic acid.01~0.03%, polyethylene glycol 1~3%, fully stir and mix;
(2) Add alcohol according to the ratio of 400ml/kg as the grinding medium, add the grinding ball according to the ball ratio of 5:1, stir and grind, the diameter of the grinding ball is D4, the stirring speed of the ball mill is 500~850rpm, and the filling factor is 0.65. Grind for 6-10 hours to form slurry;
(3) Material: filter and dry, the mesh size of the filter sieve is 20~200, and the drying temperature is 50~250C, to make cemented carbide mixture pellets;
(4) The cemented carbide mixture pellets are molded by compression or extrusion or injection molding to make ultrafine cemented tungsten carbide plates for PCB micro-drills, and sintered; the sintering temperature during molding is 1360~1450C, Ar pressure 8~lOMpa, holding time 30~150min;
(5) Baking inspection, packaging and warehousing.[0007] As an improvement to the above technical solution, the added amount of the VC powder is 0.3%.
[0008] As an improvement to the above technical solution, the addition amount of the Cr3C2 powder is 0.8%.
[0009] As an improvement to the above technical solution, the amount of TiN powder added is 0.008%.
[0010] As an improvement to the above technical solution, the added amount of the Y203 powder is 0.04%.
[0011] Compared with the prior art, the beneficial effects of the present invention are: the present invention adds VC and Cr3C2 as crystal material inhibitors to the raw materials to ensure the refinement of the crystal material of the alloy structure. TiN and Y203 are added simultaneously during mixing, Effectively enhance the wear resistance of the bar made.PCB micro-drills made by using the bar made by this preparation method are especially suitable for processing diameters smaller than
0.3mm PCB panel through hole or blind hole cutter, less structure defect, high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance.

Detailed ways

[0012] The present invention will be further described in detail below in conjunction with specific examples and implementations thereof.
[0013] Example one:
(1) Based on the total weight percentage, select the Fisher particle size as 0.6um Co powder 4%, VC powder 0.5%, Cr3C2 powder 1.2%, adding TiN powder simultaneously 0.006%, nano Y203 powder 0.02%, the rest is Fischer particle size 0.4um WC powder balance, add to the stirring ball mill, then add oleic acid 0.01%, polyethylene glycol 1% for thorough mixing;
(2) Choose a 1400ml stirring ball mill, add alcohol to the mixture at the ratio of 400ml/kg to the mixture as the grinding medium, add the grinding balls according to the ball ratio of 5:1, stir and grind, the diameter of the grinding ball is D4, the ball mill Stirring speed 500rpm, filling factor is 0.65. Grind for 8 hours to form a mass; (3) Filter and dry the mass. The mesh size of the filter sieve for filtration is 20 meshes, and the drying temperature is 50C. Finally, cemented carbide mixture particles are made;
(4) The cemented carbide mixture pellets obtained in the previous step are molded, extruded, or injection molded to form a diameter
1.3_, length 40_ of the bar, which is the superfine cemented carbide blank for PCB micro-drilling, enters the sintering furnace for sintering molding; the sintering temperature during sintering molding is 1450C, the Ar pressure is 8Mpa, and the holding time is 60min ;
(5) Out-of-fire inspection, packaging and storage;
(6) After processing, the diameter is 0.3mm PCB micro-drills, the PCB micro-drills have a service life of 3000 holes in a single trimming, and the hole walls are smooth and qualified. In the same period, the commercial micro-drills can process an average of 2500 holes in a single trim, and the service life reaches 1.2 times.
[0014] The second embodiment:
(1) Based on the total weight percentage, select the Fisher particle size as 1.0um Co powder 8%, VC powder 0.l%, Cr3C2 powder 0.2%, adding TiN powder simultaneously 0.01%, nano Y203 powder 0.06%, the rest is Fischer particle size 0.8um WC powder balance, add it to the stirring ball mill, then add oleic acid 0.03% and 3% polyethylene glycol are fully stirred and mixed;
(2) Choose a 1400ml stirring ball mill, add alcohol to the mixture at a ratio of 400ml/kg to the mixture as the grinding medium, add the grinding balls according to the ball ratio of 5:1, stir and grind, the diameter of the grinding ball is D4, and the ball mill stirs Speed 850rpm, filling factor is 0.65. Grind for 10 hours to form a mass;
(3) The material is filtered and dried. The mesh size of the filter sieve used for filtering is 200 meshes, and the drying temperature is 50~250C to make cemented carbide mixture pellets;
(4) The cemented carbide mixture pellets obtained in the previous step are molded, extruded, or injection molded to form a diameter
1.3mm, 40mm length of the bar, which is the ultrafine cemented carbide blank for PCB micro-drilling, enters the sintering furnace for sintering; the sintering temperature during forming is 1360C, the Ar pressure is 10Mpa, and the holding time is 150min;
(5) Out of the furnace inspection, packaging and storage; (6) After processing, the diameter is 0.3mm PCB micro-drills, the PCB micro-drills have a service life of 3100 holes processed by a single trimming, and the hole wall is smooth and qualified. In the same period, the commercial micro-drills processed an average of 2500 holes in a single trimming, and the service life reached 1.2 times.
[0015] The foregoing descriptions are only preferred embodiments of the present invention and are not intended to limit the present invention. Any modification, equivalent replacement, improvement, etc. made within the spirit and principle of the present invention shall be included in Within the protection scope of the present invention.

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1.A method for preparing hard alloy rods for PCB micro-drills, characterized in that: the process steps of the preparation method are: Cl) In terms of total weight percentage, the Fischer particle size is selected as 0.6~1.0um Co powder 4~8%, VC powder 0.1~0.5%, Cr3C2 powder 0.1 ~1.2%, TiN powder 0.005 ~0.01%, Y2O3 powder 0.01 ~0.06%, the rest is Fibonacci particle size 0.3~0.Add 8um WC powder to the stirring ball mill, and then add oleic acid.01~0.03%, polyethylene glycol 1~3%, fully agitate and mix; (2) Add alcohol at the ratio of 400ml/kg as the grinding medium, add the grinding ball according to the ball material ratio of 5:1, and stir and grind. The diameter of the grinding ball is D4 , The stirring speed of the ball mill is 500~850rpm, and the filling factor is 0.65. Grind for 6~10 hours to form a slurry; (3) Material: filter and dry, the mesh size of the filter screen is 20~200, the drying temperature is 50~250C, and it is made into cemented carbide mixture granules (4) The cemented carbide mixture pellets are molded by compression or extrusion or injection molding to produce ultra-fine PCB micro-drillsTungsten Carbide Burr BlankCemented carbide blanks, sintered and formed; the sintering temperature during forming is 1360~1450C, the Ar pressure is 8~10Mpa, and the holding time is 30~150min; (5) Out of furnace inspection, packaging and warehousing.
2.The preparation method according to claim 1, characterized in that: the added amount of the VC powder is 0.3%.
3.The preparation method according to claim 1, characterized in that: the added amount of the Cr3C2 powder is 0.8%.
4.The preparation method according to claim 1 or 2 or 3, characterized in that: the added amount of TiN powder is 0.008%.
5.The preparation method according to claim 4, characterized in that: the added amount of the Y2O3 powder is 0.04%.
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Why is there a color distinction for drill bits and what is the difference between them? [07 Feb 2021|10:17am]
Drilling is a very extensive processing method in the manufacturing industry. I believe that the little partners who are often in the front line of drilling will not be unfamiliar with the understanding of drills. When purchasing drills, the drills will have drills of different materials and colors, so different colors. How can you help the drill bit? Is the color related to the quality of the bit? Which color bit is better??

First of all: It is impossible to distinguish the quality of drills from the color alone. There is no direct and inevitable relationship between color and quality. Drills of different colors are mainly processed by different processes. Of course, you can make a rough judgment from the color, but the current quality of the drills is also poor. Will process their own colors to achieve the appearance of high-quality drills.

There are 3 processes for producing drill bits, Black is rolled, the worst.The white ones are trimmed and polished.Because it does not produce high-temperature oxidation, unlike rolling, the grain structure of the steel is not damaged. It is used to drill workpieces with slightly higher hardness..tanThe drill bit is called cobalt-containing drill in the industry. This is the unspoken rule of the drill bit industry.Cobalt-containing diamonds are originally white and are produced by grinding. When they are atomized in the later period, they become yellowish brown (generally called amber), which is currently the best in circulation..M35 (Co 5%) and another isGoldenYes, this kind of drill is called titanium-plated drill, divided into decorative plating and industrial plating.The decorative plating has no effect at all, it's just beautiful and golden.Industrial plating is very good, the hardness can reach HRC78, which is higher than the hardness of cobalt-containing diamonds.

Judging from experience, in general, the white ones are generally all-ground high-speed steel drill bits, and the quality should be the best.The golden ones are titanium nitride-plated, and are generally either the best or the worst to fool people.The quality of black is also uneven. Some are made of very poor carbon tool steel, which is easy to anneal and rust at the same time, so it needs to be blackened..

Generally, when buying a drill bit, you can see the trademark on the drill bit shank and the mark of the diameter tolerance. The mark is clear, and the quality of laser or electric corrosion is not too bad..If it is a typeface embossed, if the edge of the word bulges, the quality of the drill is poor, because the bulged outline of the word will cause the drill bit to be less accurate, and the edge of the word is clear, which is very good with the cylindrical surface of the drill shank The bordered ones are of good quality.In addition, it depends on the cutting edge of the tip of the drill. The cutting edge of the fully ground drill is well opened, the spiral surface meets the requirements, and the quality is poor at the rear corner surface..

Everyone is welcome to add in the comment section that you think there are incorrect or missing parts in the article, so that the next person who reads will learn more, and what you know is what everyone needs...
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What brand of impact drill bit is good [03 Feb 2021|04:50pm]

Harbin No. 1 Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Harbin Yigong, China Ten Hemp Flower Diamond Brand, China's Key Equipment Industry Large-scale Key Enterprise, China's Machine Tool Industry Famous Brand Product, Heilongjiang Province Famous Brand Product, Heilongjiang Province Key Equipment Enterprise, Harbin City Famous Brand Product, Provincial High-tech Enterprise, National Quality Management Award. Harbin No. 1 Tool Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a large-scale backbone enterprise in China's key equipment industry, one of the sixteen key equipment industry enterprises in Heilongjiang Province, and the country's largest production and Research base.Hayi Jobs is the earliest company to build a factory in China's tool industry. During the 60-year development process, it has always mastered the core technology of China's sophisticated and complex tools. It has been leading the development direction of China's cutting tool manufacturing industry and represents my country's tool manufacturing industry. Highest level. The company is mainly engaged in the development, manufacturing, sales and service of various tools required by industries such as automobiles, aerospace, energy, machine tools and major equipment manufacturing, and military industries..The leading products are gear tools, broaching tools, indexable milling tools, threading tools, milling tools, drilling tools, Turning tools, sawing tools, woodworking tools, 9 categories, more than 200 varieties, more than 20,000 specifications, and an annual output of more than 15 million pieces.Among them, the production capacity of precision and complex tools is in the forefront of the industry, and the technical level is in the leading position in the same industry in China.The company has a marketing network and a sound after-sales service system covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions across the country.Products are exported to many countries and regions in Europe, America and Southeast Asia. The company's technology center is the only national enterprise technology center in the tool industry recognized by the country in 1995. It has 298 professional engineers and technicians, 12 of whom have won the title of national government special allowance experts and young and middle-aged experts. The company has domestic leading technology and product research and development capabilities. A number of scientific and technological achievements have been awarded the titles of excellent new products at national, provincial, and municipal levels, as well as provincial and municipal scientific and technological progress awards. The scientific and technological achievements have obtained 31 patents..At the same time, passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification. For a long time, the company has always adhered to market-oriented, and constantly promoted the rapid development of enterprise science and technology, and developed high-speed and high-efficiency gear hobs and heavy-duty spline broaches for the automotive industry for key national industries; used to manufacture aircraft engines and steam turbines. Slot broaches; indexable gear milling cutters used in the wind power industry, and many high-end tools urgently needed by the manufacturing industry, achieving the goal of replacing imports. As the first tool manufacturing enterprise in the tool industry in New China, in the process of continuous development and progress, it has accumulated rich experience in tool manufacturing and research and development, and has created "YiGong", a first-class brand in China's tool industry..Successively won the "National Quality Management Award", "Top Ten Famous Brand Products in China's Machine Tool Industry", "Heilongjiang Famous Brand Products", "Harbin Famous Brand Products", "Provincial High-tech Enterprise" and other honors. In recent years, the company has made full use of the country's opportunity to revitalize the northeast old industrial base. With the attention and support of the state, province, and city, the company has successively obtained the "CNC Tool and Broaching Tool Technology Reform Project" with a total investment of more than 400 million yuan. High Speed and Efficient CNC Tool Expansion Project "Two Projects.Through the implementation of two projects, the company's overall strength has been greatly improved.Accelerate the expansion of the production and sales scale of three types of superior products led by gear tools, broaching tools, and indexable milling tools, and strive to improve the technical level, grade and taste of products to achieve the industry-leading and world-class goals.Adjust the product structure of standard cutting tools, promote industrial upgrading, and make standard rock drill bits Quasi-tools win the market by relying on economies of scale and superb product quality. At the same time, the company completed the historic relocation and transformation, creating a brand new development platform for the development of the enterprise.The new company covers an area of 11.60,000 square meters, 1,900 employees, total assets 4.800 million yuan, with 1,852 production equipment and instruments (sets).Production facilities, production equipment, production scale and production capacity have been fully upgraded. Today, hard-working and intelligent workers are shouldering the lofty mission of people-oriented, innovative development, and building a harmonious Harbin Industrial Group on a new development platform. They are bound to write on the road of adhering to the development of concept innovation, system innovation, and technological innovation. A glorious new chapter of Harbin Yigong, achieving the long-term goal of "leading the development direction of the domestic tool manufacturing industry and becoming a brand enterprise with international influence".

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