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Flat drill bit, pneumatic drill bit, rock drill bit [08 Mar 2021|10:29am]
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The flat bit is also known as the wind bit, the rock drill bit, which is used for rock drilling and crushing.Mainly used in coal mines, tunnels, etc..It is used with B22 rock drill pipe.
Some products produced by our company:
1. Rock drilling products: ZM12 dry coal electric drill, ZMS12 wet coal electric drill, ZM15 coal electric drill, rock electric drill, etc.
2. Pneumatic tools: G10 pneumatic pick, G20 pneumatic pick, B87C crusher, tamping machine, C2 pneumatic shovel, C6 pneumatic shovel, pneumatic pick drill, air grinder, rock drilling tools, etc.
3. Pneumatic products: YT28 rock drill, YN27 internal combustion type rock drill, 7665 air leg rock drill, bolt drill, MQT-120 pneumatic bolt drill, ZQS handheld anchor bolt drill, MQS50 handheld pneumatic drill, bolt installer, wind Coal drills, track drills, anchor rod tension meters, anchor cable tensioning tools, anchor cable cutters, tension jacks, air vibrators, air driven submersible pumps, etc.
4. dth hammer Accessories products: cable anchor drill rod, anchor rod drill rod, anchor rod bit, anchor cable drill bit, diamond drill bit, rock drill bit, coal drill pipe, twist drill pipe, dust-proof nozzle, pneumatic drill pipe, diamond drill bit, one Drill bit, pneumatic drill, rock drill, cross drill, flat drill, diamond drill, cemented carbide drill, PDC drill, alloy drill, twist drill, impact drill, core drill, pneumatic drill, rock drill, drill Head, drill bit connection sleeve, drill tail, down-the-hole drill bit, anchor, anchor cable stirrer, drill bit, drill pipe, mining machinery, coupling sleeve, shank, coal pick, gear sleeve, gear seat, coal drill bit, anchor Rod drills, down-the-hole drills, rock drilling machinery, button drills, column-tooth drills, slotted drills, cross drills and other products
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