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Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits ([info]gabrielbro) wrote,
@ 2021-02-07 10:17:00

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Why is there a color distinction for drill bits and what is the difference between them´╝č
Drilling is a very extensive processing method in the manufacturing industry. I believe that the little partners who are often in the front line of drilling will not be unfamiliar with the understanding of drills. When purchasing drills, the drills will have drills of different materials and colors, so different colors. How can you help the drill bit? Is the color related to the quality of the bit? Which color bit is better??

First of all: It is impossible to distinguish the quality of drills from the color alone. There is no direct and inevitable relationship between color and quality. Drills of different colors are mainly processed by different processes. Of course, you can make a rough judgment from the color, but the current quality of the drills is also poor. Will process their own colors to achieve the appearance of high-quality drills.

There are 3 processes for producing drill bits, Black is rolled, the worst.The white ones are trimmed and polished.Because it does not produce high-temperature oxidation, unlike rolling, the grain structure of the steel is not damaged. It is used to drill workpieces with slightly higher hardness..tanThe drill bit is called cobalt-containing drill in the industry. This is the unspoken rule of the drill bit industry.Cobalt-containing diamonds are originally white and are produced by grinding. When they are atomized in the later period, they become yellowish brown (generally called amber), which is currently the best in circulation..M35 (Co 5%) and another isGoldenYes, this kind of drill is called titanium-plated drill, divided into decorative plating and industrial plating.The decorative plating has no effect at all, it's just beautiful and golden.Industrial plating is very good, the hardness can reach HRC78, which is higher than the hardness of cobalt-containing diamonds.

Judging from experience, in general, the white ones are generally all-ground high-speed steel drill bits, and the quality should be the best.The golden ones are titanium nitride-plated, and are generally either the best or the worst to fool people.The quality of black is also uneven. Some are made of very poor carbon tool steel, which is easy to anneal and rust at the same time, so it needs to be blackened..

Generally, when buying a drill bit, you can see the trademark on the drill bit shank and the mark of the diameter tolerance. The mark is clear, and the quality of laser or electric corrosion is not too bad..If it is a typeface embossed, if the edge of the word bulges, the quality of the drill is poor, because the bulged outline of the word will cause the drill bit to be less accurate, and the edge of the word is clear, which is very good with the cylindrical surface of the drill shank The bordered ones are of good quality.In addition, it depends on the cutting edge of the tip of the drill. The cutting edge of the fully ground drill is well opened, the spiral surface meets the requirements, and the quality is poor at the rear corner surface..

Everyone is welcome to add in the comment section that you think there are incorrect or missing parts in the article, so that the next person who reads will learn more, and what you know is what everyone needs...

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