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Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits ([info]gabrielbro) wrote,
@ 2021-02-23 18:20:00

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What kind of drill bit is good for iron drilling´╝čTypes and uses of drill bits
In fact, there are many types of drill bits, which are mainly distinguished according to their different uses, that is, what kind of drill bit is used for drilling.In order to let everyone better understand the relevant knowledge of drill bits, the following editor will give you a brief introduction to the uses of various commonly used drill bits..

Types of drill iron

The material of the drill bit is generally high-speed tool steel or cemented carbide, while high-speed steel is often used in the factory.rock drill bitsDepending on the material, it will use different speeds and add coolant.

1. Black drill bits are generally used for metal drilling, and the material of the drill bit is generally high-speed steel. Drill holes in general metal materials (alloy steel, non-alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metals), and use metalworking drill bits together.But pay attention to drilling holes in metal materials, the speed should not be too high, it is easy to burn the edge of the drill.

Now there are some gold that is coated with rare hard metal film. It is made of tool steel and other materials, which is hardened by heat treatment..The tip is ground at equal angles on both sides and tilted back a bit to form an acute cutting edge.Drill steel, iron, and aluminum that are not hardened by heat treatment. Aluminum is easy to stick to the drill bit, so it needs to be lubricated with soapy water when drilling..

2. Drill holes in concrete materials and stone materials, use percussion drills, and match masonry bits. The material of the cutter head is generally cemented carbide.Ordinary household, instead of drilling holes on the cement wall, use an ordinary 10mm hand drill.

3. Drilling wood.Drill holes in wooden materials and use woodworking drills together. Woodworking drills have a large sales volume and do not require high tool hardness. The tool materials are generally high-speed steel.There is a small point in the center of the tip of the drill bit, and the angles on both sides are relatively large, even without angle.Used in a good fixed position.Its practical rock drill bit for metal drilling can also drill wood.Because wood is easy to heat up and crumbs are not easy to come out, so you must slow down the speed, and often exit to remove crumbs.

4. Use tile drills to drill holes on ceramic tiles and glass with higher hardness. The tool material is tungsten carbon alloy. Because the tool has higher hardness and poor toughness, you need to pay attention to low speed and no impact..

How to choose a drill

Drilling operation is essentially a kind of cutting process. The prerequisite to complete the cutting process is that the hardness of the tool material must be higher than the hardness of the material being processed.

Precautions for using drills

The material of the drill bit is related to the hardness and rigidity of the heat treatment, and is also related to the angle of its grinding. Different sizes and different materials to be drilled must be ground into different angles and inclination angles..The harder the tool, the worse the toughness, the thinner the bit, the worse the rigidity.The drilling speed should not be too fast, especially the bigger the hole, the slower.It is best to add proper cooling oil or water.

Generally, when drilling a hole, it is necessary to make a sample and punch the hole first to prevent the bit from running off at the beginning.In household decoration, the general power of about 400W electric drill or percussion drill can meet the requirements.

So black drill bit drill iron is better, because we often need to make a hole or something, you might as well prepare a household drilling equipment at home, in case you need it..

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