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Rock Drill Bits,DTH Drill Bits ([info]gabrielbro) wrote,
@ 2021-04-19 16:12:00

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Sanmeul Atlas Copco Rock Drilling Tools-Down The Hole´╝ĆDTH Jack Hammer Bits CIR130

 Sanmeul Low Air Pressure CIR110 150mm DTH Hammer Drill Bits for Water Well Drilling

DTH Bit:
Available size: 50mm ~ 1500mm
Available Hammer: 1.5” ~ 32” CIR, BR, COP, COP, DHD, SD, MISSION, NUMA…
Our Customers Fields:
Northern EuropeFoundation, Piling
Western EuropeWater Well, Geothermal Drilling
RussiaOil, Infrastructure and Mining.
South East AsiaMining, Geothermal
South AfricaMining, Water Well Drilling
Middle EastWater Well Drilling
OceaniaMining, Exploration, Water Well Drilling
South AmericaWater Well Drilling, Mining

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