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DC Year Zero: Character info [29 Jun 2011|03:26pm]
History (what makes your version of this character different than the regular version?): Cassandra is still the daughter of Dr. Helena Sandsmark and the Greek God Zeus (although she doesn't know about her father). She is 15, nearly 16, when Superman first starts getting press as a hero. She comes down with a hefty case of hero worship and decides that what Superman really needs is a Supergirl to watch his back.

Instead of using artifacts from Hermes and Atlas, she is first gifted superpowers from Ares when he presents her with a magical, golden lasso that fires bolts of Zeus's lightening when used in anger. It also enables her to fly and makes her invulnerable to attack. She still tries to attend school and keep her mother from finding out she's moonlighting as a superhero.

What are your plans/goals for this character? How do you see them fitting in to the setting? I plan to have her following after Superman like a puppy at every possible juncture. She desperately wants to be a hero and he is the current gold standard for heroes, as far as she is concerned. She'll construct a red and blue costume of her own, using a black wig because Superman has black hair, of course. Supergirl will almost never be seen during school hours.

If, at some point, we get a Wonder Woman in game, she might decide that a female super hero idol is even better!

Eventually, I'd like to see her come into her own power rather than relying on Ares's lasso.

Sample Post (a brief sample scene with the character):

Museums sucked. They were dusty, old, boring... if she'd seen one, she'd seen them all. The same old, tired mummies and petrified garbage that was in every other one. If she didn't have to be here, waiting on her mom yet again, she could have been at home watching the news and hoping for another glimpse of her hero...

What she wouldn't give to be like Superman. The guy had it all -- power, flight, courage. He was practically a god. You wouldn't catch Superman hanging around a smelly, old museum late on a Friday night when there were wrongs out there just waiting to be righted.

She huffed a sigh and scuffed her shoes on the marble floor of the hallway. The place had long since closed and Cassie had long since stopped believing her mother's "just a few more minutes, sweetie." That particular ship set sail hours ago. Now, she was left wandering the empty hallways in search of something, anything, to occupy her bored brain. Seriously, the boredom? It was getting ready to leak out her eyeballs.

Almost by default, she found herself wandering in the direction of the Ancient Greece wing. It was one of the parts of the museum that her mother, and Cassie as a result, spent a great deal of time in. For some reason, it was the one part that Cassie never seemed to grow tired of. Something about the old statues and artifacts pleased her. It was as if they broadcast a living frequency that reached her in a way nothing else in the museum did. The space calmed her and energized her all at the same time.

She passed under the fake 'stone' arch that decorated the door to the Greek wing and a smile spilled across her features. She dropped her school bag by the entrance and took her time winding her way around the hall. Each object, statue, and painting pulsed with life and made her fingers itch to reach through the glass to touch them. Years of her mother's warnings not to touch made her hand still, but the want never went away.

In the center of the room was a nine foot, marble statue of the father of the Gods, Zeus himself. Cassie paused outside the red velvet barrier ropes and stared up into the statue's colorless eyes. There were times when she could swear those eyes...

"Bet you'd have made an awesome super hero," she told the powerfully rendered statue. The marble Zeus was all chiseled jaw and broad muscle as he held a lightening bolt aloft just waiting for some mortal with more hubris than brains to wander across his path. Cassie grinned at the image in her mind's eye of a spandex clad Zeus with a stylized Z emblazoned across his chest. How awesome would that be?

"I'm afraid dear old Dad's a bit too busy for such things." The man's voice startled Cassie. She knew every guard in the museum by sight and sound. This was no one she recognized. When he appeared from behind the Zeus statue, she caught her breath. He was tall, muscular, with a military style buzz cut to his blond hair that was, well, hard to miss, really. How had she not seen him before? "Not to mention lazy..."

"Who are you?" She demanded. "Don't touch that!"

He was actually scratching at one of the statue's toes with a fingernail! A priceless antique! Who does that?

"You know me," he answered her with a smirk. He didn't stop prodding the statue, either. "We're cut from similar cloth, you might say." When he looked at her, really looked, she felt a flood of sudden emotion. Churning rage clawed at her insides and for a moment, she wanted nothing more than to launch herself at him, at the artifacts, at the very walls and bring it all down piece by piece.

He glanced away and she caught her breath. "I don't... I don't know you. What do you want?"

"Only to talk with you." His smile suggested more to the story and when he stepped over the guard ropes -- gods, he was tall -- she stepped back hurriedly. "I have a gift for you. Something better than all these dusty, old relics."

"Yeah? What's that?" She asked, still backing away slowly.

He held up a hand, palm to the sky, and a second later a coil of shimmering, golden rope appeared. It dangled for an instant before he tossed it effortlessly to her. Without thinking, Cassie caught the rope as it sailed toward her. The second her fingers closed around it, she felt a surge of energy unlike anything she'd ever known. It was as if she'd suddenly been plugged into the world's greatest electrical socket and she never wanted to disconnect. She knew, in that second, she could do anything.

"What is it?" She asked, breathless. Silence answered her. When she finally pried her gaze away from the rope in her hand, she realized she was once again alone in the room. Okay.... totally weird.

She looked down at the thing in her hand again and gave an experimental flick of her wrist. The rope uncoiled and sprang froth from her hand like a striking snake. The looped, lasso end narrowly missed knocking over a stand of Greek spear replicas in its path. Awesome! What was even cooler was that the lasso never touched the floor. Once extended, it hovered about a foot off the floor, thrumming with power. Waiting. Another flick of the wrist brought it effortlessly back to her hand in a perfect coil.

"Thisisthemostawesomethingever..." She squealed, unable to restrain a tiny bounce of glee.

... the next thing she knew, she was nine feet in the air, hanging awkwardly from the neck of the Zeus statue. As she blinked into the lifeless eyes, she felt her face going red. "Um. Sorry? I'll, uh, I'll just get down now. Yeah..."

Cassie released her hold on the statue and flung herself back a bit to make for an easier landing. It was a landing that didn't come. When she looked down, she found herself floating a few feet off the floor.

She. Was. Flying.

A slow, delighted smile inched its way across her face. She'd just been handed an object of pretty much unimaginable power and she knew just what she was going to do with it...
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