That small flapped pocket above the right hip pocket on a jacket is usually called a change pocket or a ticket pocket. I call it a drug pocket or a receipt pocket. It’s hardly a fad, being a remnant from the bespoke past, harking back to the days when we traveled by rail and smoked Churchills in the club car. It’s a very British look, and it’s back because the hot style these days is the close-fitting Savile Row silhouette. You can use this pocket for many things—MetroCards, Klonopin, golf pencils, tea bags, etc. And it’s a lot better than walking around in lumpy cargo pants. As for the double collar buttons (and I hear rumors of triple collar buttons!), I think there are two explanations. In some cases, I suspect it’s just a more-is-more philosophy. The extra button may help when a guy is trying to figure out why he just spent $300 on a shirt. But in other cases, some engineering is involved. There is a fashion today for high-stance big collars, the kind that can support the big knot sported by Mr. Combs and other fashion point men. I have one double-buttoned collar in my extensive shirt collection, an old tab-collar from Hermès. The lower collar button is in line with the rest of the buttons; the higher button is a quarter of an inch to stage left. I just put it on, and do you know what? Although the collar is normal size, it does ride a little higher, and it conforms quite nicely to my neck. In this case, more seems to be better. I wonder how many buttons Karl Lagerfeld has on those weird back-to-the-future collars of his. fmgxj110617