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#003 Public [08 Dec 2009|12:01am]
Euphemia, Nunnally, and Kallen. I have job propositions for you to work in a bakery with me. You would all be interested in this venture correct?
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#002 Public [23 Nov 2009|11:35pm]
Today I ran into one of the maids. She apparently lost the keys to everyone's room and wanted me to help her find them. She also accused someone of taking them from her, but was wrong. Personally I think we need a better staff here since she only lost them because she got scared of laundry.

Either way if suspicious people make their way into my room it's going to be her fault.
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#001 Public [24 Aug 2009|11:34pm]
I have a very simple request to ask of you people. Is there someone out there willing to teach me about women? I have attempted to figure them out but the two that I have been able to spend the most time with are so vastly different in personality, preferences, and temperament that I have not been able to really understand anything.

I tried to learn from Lelouch but Suzaku then informed me that he was dumber than I was in the matter. So I attempted to learn from Suzaku and Kallen told me Suzaku was stupid. I am now in need of a new teacher. Preferably one who allows oxygen to reach their brain cells.
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