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Constantine App [18 Aug 2010|09:59pm]
Player (nickname/handle)/LJ: De
Email: On File
AIM (if you have one): On File
Character Name: John Constantine
Character LJ (if applicable):  hell_blazer
PB if using one: Michael Vartan/Comic Scans
Character location/Home: England/Various
What are your plans for the character?: Working with the various occultists of the DC Universe and getting into mystical trouble, because it finds him like no other.
How are you planning on working them into the game?: Have him visit Zatanna's show. It's the eighth one he's been to, so it probably looks like he's a stalker.
Is there anything from canon that you plan on changing with that character?: John is heterosexual, not bisexual. Otherwise, I can't think of anything I'd change.
What sort of plots to do you want to do with this character?: Mystic plots, street-level independent stuff that the bigger heroes don't get involved in.

Sample Scene:

High heels and fish nets are an odd combination on most women, but this Zatanna Zatara pulls it off nicely. John watches her work the stage and crowd, listening to her speak backward as he watches the subtle movements of her hands as she casts. If he didn't know what he was looking for, he'd be one of these rubes in the audience wondering "How does she do it?".

John had a guess or two in his mind already, and this being the fifth show of hers he's seen, he's very close to approaching cornering her to see if she's the real thing. The Homo Magi aren't exactly the easiest types to find, but if he can find her, so can they and someone should probably warn her. Besides, his current employer would have a real issue with it if Zatanna up and bites it, and he's paying Constantine a pretty penny to make sure this woman doesn't do that.

If he hadn't waited for the guy to offer the exorbitant sum he'd had, John might have considered watching this woman for half the price. Good thing he knows when to keep his mouth shut, eh?

He stands up from his chair in the center aisle, disrupts everyone as he moves toward the edge, and heads out of the auditorium. As pretty as the woman is, if John doesn't get a cig in his mouth stat, he's knows tonight is going to be a long, long night. And that's before someone tries to kill him. He knows it will happen.

Because it always does.
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