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[Aug. 1st, 2008|09:17 pm]
Life is normal. Well, as normal as it can be for me. Do I even know what normal is?

Merlin this summer has gone quickly. Although, it's to be expected, really. There have been so many changes. There's been much to do! But I can't say that all of the changes have been good. Then again I can't say they've all been bad. It's actually been well ..just a busy summer. There hasn't been a moment to stop and just breathe. I'm rather used to that lifestyle, though. I suppose some things never change. Do I even mind? What is it that has occupied most of my time?

Most of my summer was spent searching for my parents and restoring their memories. A bit harder than I had expected, but for the best. I can't say that they were all too pleased with what I had done. They were actually quite upset.They couldn't understand. I don't think they quite liked being put under a spell like that. My parents are extremely supportive of me, but they don't necessarily think using magic is the way to solve problems. I obviously had no other choise. I suppose I can understand not being too happy about having ones memories altered. But it was for the own good. We had quite the talk, too. They were, again, not too pleased to hear about what I had been doing with Harry and Ron. Being that I'm their only daughter they felt that I perhaps should have informed them more than I had been. I suppose I just never felt like they needed to know. They never would have truly understood. I have spent the rest of my holiday with them. They've seemed to relax about the whole issue. At least for now.
 I also had to tackle getting them to let me return to Hogwarts. You can imagine how easy that was. I, of course, couldn't back down from this. This is my education we're speaking of! I need to go! I need to finish! I'll never forgive myself or my parents if I don't go! Can you imagine? What sort of job would I have? Oh Merlin. What if I didn't go back and could never find somewhere to work!? No no. I can't let that ever happen. I have to go back. It's not up for negotiation.

School! Hogwarts! I'm returning for my seventh year! Isn't that fantastic!? It's brilliant! There is even better news! I made Head Girl! I thought I might never get the chance. Oh Merlin! I'd always hoped this would happen. I just couldn't believe my eyes when I opened my letter. My badge is so shiny!
The only truly sad thing about me returning is that Harry and Ron won't be joining me. I have to say that I was a bit put out by it. It is school after all. I know that they never really enjoyed it but I always thought ... I suppose I understand. Not that I'm happy they aren't finishing school. Of course I think that they should finish school. Schooling is very important. But, I know that they're doing what they need to. I suppose I won't nag too much.

I had this dream the other night that I wouldn't have been packed and I would have missed my alarm. Then I would have clearly overslept and missed the Train. Missing the train meant they would take my badge because how else was I to get there!? Certainly not a flying car!  Then I'd have to forgo my finals year again ! Oh Merlin. How awful would that have been!?
I ought to owl Harry and Ron.
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