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[03 Jan 2010|07:59pm]
Hello all,

Recently two of my pets from my world appeared. I've got my horse, Epona, stabled out in the Crossroads Field. Please don't try riding her if I am not around. She might get spooked and throw you and I can assure you from personal experience that will hurt a great deal. You are welcome to give her carrots and to stroke her mane if I am not about.

If you see a wolf that looks like this:

whining to be let through a doorway, please let open it for him even if it is inside a building. He's is very tame and nice (and housebroken). He'll listen to commands, and if he feels like it, might even play fetch with you. I won't make any promises about that.

Thank you.
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Computer Log #1 [18 Nov 2009|07:28pm]
I've decided to try keeping logs on the computer. What a strange thing it is.

I just finished exploring the new worlds today. Most of them have monsters. One involves a 'train' to get to. Not something I plan to get on in the near future.

I've also finished mapping them. Ungh. Hand hurts now.
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[07 Sep 2009|11:37am]
(ooc: Link has figured out how to properly use the computer)

Hello good lords and ladies,

I am a mapmaker that is offering maps of Traverse Town to any who wishes to have one. Please contact me if you are interested.

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Log Entry #4 [13 Aug 2009|05:31pm]
[I can't believe it! I'm being offered language lessons! This is wonderful!]
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[02 Aug 2009|08:46pm]
[I've almost finished mapping the town. It's taken me three days and most of the rooms involved keys and timing to get inside and look around. I've also figured out where the 'heartless' generally appear. This is a good thing for me to know because I am in need of money if I wish to keep staying at the Inn.]

[During my adventures I have met a few more people:]

[Teito- A young boy with combat training of some kind. He's a bit lost and naive about the edges, but means well and is nice.]
[Haruhi- A young girl who dresses as a boy for reasons I do not understand at this time. She's not too able but is very kind and intelligent. I watched her appear here. And it was just that, one moment she wasn't there and the next she was. I makes me wonder why she is here. Why I am here for that matter.]
[Mello- A young, scarred man who is easily angered it seems. He likes chocolate, it seems to make him more kind.]
[Mamori- A friend of Haruhi's. She's also fairly intelligent. The two of them work at the cafe now I believe.]

[I went shopping today, I learned all of the basic foods. Apples, pears, bread, and the like. I also learned 'more' and 'less'. One of the kinder shop keeps taught me 'please give me' which is a phrase you say when you are trying to ask for something. I have also learned 'thanks/thank you' is something one says to thank another person. I have also learned the word 'eat' which means to eat. The grammar here's a little difflcult, but I am getting better.]

[I have also learned my first bad word, 'condoms'. Not too sure how bad it is, but I'm pretty sure it is a sexual word.]
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[23 Jul 2009|09:56pm]

 /       \
[         ]
 \       /


(for those who haven't guessed, Link has found the computer, somehow turned it on and managed to post this nonsense)
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Travel Log: Entry # 2 [14 Jul 2009|12:23pm]
[ mood | curious ]

(For those who don't know, all Hyrulian is written in [brackets]. So far Link has not learned how to write in a language anyone understands. No worries though, Link will start picking up entries that make sense to others, until then everyone can laugh at his inner thoughts. When Link is writing in Hyrulian and talking about something in 'quotes' that thing is English, written phonetically in the Hyrulian alphabet. Also, this stuff isn't actually written on a computer, it is written on the parchement paper by the computer. With a pen Link discovered the night before, might I add.)

[I have met a new person called 'Zelos Wailder'. He seems to be a bit vain about his looks (but lots of people are) and a bit shady. He is a man that wears the mask of an idiot to disguise how very clever he is. I learned he was clever when we had a battle of the wits earlier around the monring meal.]

[He had the nerve to take advantage of me and steal my money for his food. But, he did show me two things on the menu which was slightly useful as I was hungry.]

['Barley Tea' is an excellent blend. Not too sweet or tart and very warming. Everything a good tea should be.]

['Bonito Onigiri' is strange. Some kind of white grain with these little flakes all mushed together into little balls. The grain is pretty tastless but the flakes are kind of salty and sweet at the same time. I belive they might be spiced with something, I am not sure. The overall texture of the meal is kind of mushy, like an oaty porriage. It is platiable, but very forgein. I am not sure if I ate it because I enjoyed it or because I had no choice but to eat it.]

[I learned some new words today:]


[Holding a conversation is a pretty far shot from where I am, but hopefully I'll find someone helpful enough to tell me basic directions and teach me the phrase "what is that?".]

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Travel Log: Entry #1 [04 Jul 2009|05:36pm]
[ mood | curious ]
[ music | cheesy hotel music ]

After a bit of misfortune, I seem to find myself in a strange town. I do not know what it is called and the only two people I have encountered don't speak Hyrulian....

From what I can see in about the center of this town is a large tower with rope winding up the side. It happens to sit next to the Inn. When I came out of the warp portal I was placed on the tower. I have managed to procure a room.

'Dix' they call it. I don't know what it means at this point. But it does mean the symbol on the door to my room. To help myself remember I carved it onto a bit of wood and tied that onto my key.

I have learned the names of two people since I have arrived.

'Axel' is a tall man, red hair, black cloak, and and a very experienced fighter. He seems to be capable of summoning magic and teleportation magic, of the shadow verity as well. Maybe I am in an obscure part of the Twilight Realm?

'L' is a man with horrible posture. He seemed to be very intelligent and was curious about me. I don't blame him as I am clearly a foreigner in these parts. He didn't seem too troubled by the fact I didn't speak the language and was very helpful. I think he might be the Innkeeper, or at least one of the employees. He seemed fit enough, though the muscle he's got probably came from working an Inn rather than from combat.

I have learned a few words of the local tongue:

'Ten' (though I don't really know what that means)

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