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First Flight (Years ago) [21 Nov 2010|03:58pm]
The plane explodes, through no fault of Hal's own, and he finds himself hurtling toward the ground at brain-melting speed. He's not afraid, however, because he's still got a parachute and a secret weapon to his name, one given to him only days ago by a dying alien named Abin Sur. He still can't believe that happened.

He pulls the level on his seat to deploy his chute...and it doesn't open. It's jammed. He gives it several more tugs, but no dice. Okay, time to call in the secret weapon. He concentrates on the green ring itself, feeling it several miles away, back at the airfield, but realizes another important thing when he focuses it on it.

He forgot to charge it this morning. Okay...that's going to make things difficult.

Don't panic, Jordan. You're used to not working with a safety net. That ring didn't make you the best; it's not going to do that now, either.

Of course, he's still falling.

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The day Carol found out....(Years ago) [18 Jul 2010|09:40pm]
He was going to tell her today.

The secrecy, the near misses, the ducking out at odd moments, and a million other things were adding up. Hal Jordan has dated a lot of women who weren't terribly intelligent (and a lot who were dumber than a box of rocks), but Carol Ferris doesn't even come close to being one of those women, despite Hal's desire to think so. Eventually, she'll figure it out. Hell, Bruce did, and it hadn't taken him long. Then again, Bruce Wayne was probably the strangest man he'd ever met.

The kiss was the last straw.

So Hal takes a deep breath and walks to the door of Carol's office, knocking before entering. He's wearing his usual brown leather jacket, his hands stuffed in his pockets. He can't show her the ring yet; he needs to prepare her.

"Hey, Boss Lady. You got a minute?" Hal asks, affecting his trademark playboy smile as he leans against the door frame.
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Application for Green Lantern [17 Jul 2010|10:03pm]

Player (nickname/handle)/LJ: De
Email: on file
AIM (if you have one): On file

Character Name:  Hal Jordan (I’d like to have him as Green Lantern, but as of cut-off, he’d still be the Spectre)
Character LJ (if applicable): highballjordan
PB if using one: Josh Duhamel
Character location/Home:  Coast City, CA/ Oa

What are your plans for the character?: I’d like to have him interact with different heroes on Earth and do space plots as well.  I’d really like to have him be the Green Lantern again.

How are you planning on working them into the game?: Hal would be at the tail end of his adventures as the Spectre, and start making his way back to being the Green Lantern.

Is there anything from canon that you plan on changing with that character? No.
What sort of plots to do you want to do with this character? Space plots, aiding the JLA, though he won’t be a full-time member.
Please be as detailed as you wish:

Sample Post: Will be setting up a test scene.

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