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past weekend.. [03 Mar 2008|08:14pm]
so this last weeked it was fun up until sat. around 3 am.... friday i went to the club with tony :) that was fun. sat night hung out at Kellies...which was fun up until i got sick. i always know my limit and i didn't think i had that much. but i was thinking it was b.c i didnt have that much to eat, which really screws me over. so im going to stick to being the DD this next weekend.. luckily kellie was there for me.. and thank god that she was.. i hate that feeling.. so sunday sucked ass.. i had to hide from throwing up.. but i thats wasnt too bad cuz i only did lke once i got home. but that day wasn't soo good. but i guess thats what i get. so o well..  haha i told my mom we were up playing rock band until like 5 thats why i was soo tired.. ended up sleeping the whole day so it was okay. anyways.. im excited for fridayy! Gopher Hockey game with kellie,alex and tony. thats what im looking forward too.. and thursday is our last day for the week. so hopefully this weekend is fun. finals are going to suck...
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[26 Feb 2008|09:07pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]
[ music | SAy it again-marie digby ]

so this week has been good. :) all started sunday. i get a call from this guy tony... (the one from the club) and its acutally Kervy the guy that introduced me kellie and shopia to  the two guys.. and i talked to him for a bit he was in the car with tony and carter and another kid so that was fun.. haha and he convinced me that i should meet him at the club on friday and i could hang out with them in the dj booth. haha he even said that i could get in free... ha VIP lol. but yah so i've been talked to tony :) there might be something there... he;s funny i think i have a lil crush.. so anyways enouigh abut that.. yuck i have to present a project for my mentor class tomoorow and i HATE speaking in front of people... its suppose to be 10 mins but mine is only going to be like 6 haha. so im not looking forward to tomoorow at all. but if friday goes as planned it should be fun and then hopefull if kellie feels up to it we are going to partty after shes done working... we'll see well im going to go practice again,.... yuck.

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[18 Feb 2008|08:53pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

so this weekend was good. finally went clubbing :) that was fun except for all the asians that were there... akward. o well hopefully next weekend will be better or next time we go to the club again. i ordered a cute clubbing shirt online on sunday so im excited it should be here by thursday or something.  im so mad i went out looking for cute heels or boots today and i couldnt like find any i found some but of course they didn't have my size.. that what i hate about having small feet it seems like there is alot of sizes like 7 and 8. i dont like it. ill just keep looking. but i can tell this week is going to suck... i have my big mentor project due on thursday and im getting so stressed out about it... so im thinking of staying home on wed or something and finishing it. aww i hate when i get stressed out..

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[10 Feb 2008|09:10pm]
[ mood | calm ]
[ music | none ]

yah so im bad about writing in this i've just been doing homework all day... nothing too exciteing in my life right now. Friday night was fun.. went to an old friends house and partyyed. although at the end of the night i smelled like ciggs smoke... yuck like 4 people were smoking in the same room as me.. i dont mind when people do it i just hate how it stinks up my clothes. ha we played hide and go seek when we were are drunk.. it was fun. omg i got the new Cosmopolitan today at walgreens along with some chocolate ha im a nerd.  but i love that mag. so i did end up working out in the morning before school. it wasn't that bad maybe its because i went to bed early. i like working out.. to me i feel so much better and my day is good. i'm only going to do the morning work out in once a week cuz there is no way im going to do that 2 times.. ha i need my sleepp. im going to go read my cosmo. now.

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