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Father-Daughter Time [07 Nov 2010|12:11pm]
Roy Harper never expected to be a father, especially not at this point in his life. He always knew it was a possibility the way he and Jade used to carry on.They lived in the moment because they didn't know where tomorrow would have them, just like every time he he fired an arrow.  Years ago, when it was just him and the Titans, they could afford to play it by ear. They never had to have a real plan because they would always win; they were the partners of the greatest heroes to walk the Earth. How could they lose?

Now, as Roy looks across the room at the eight year-old girl munching on popcorn (and she's going to eat it all if he doesn't get over there), he realizes that his life wasn't complete /until/ Lian arrived.

"All right, Kiddo. We've got popcorn, juice and Skittles. Anything else we need?" he asks. "Star Wars is  a sacred film that cannot be stopped once started. We must follow the path no matter what happens. Do you understand, young Lianakin?" Roy asks solemnly.

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App [05 Nov 2010|07:21pm]
Player (nickname/handle)/LJ: De
Email: On File
AIM (if you have one): On File
Character Name: Roy Harper/Red Arrow/Arsenal
Character LJ (if applicable): i_can_hit_that
PB if using one: Channing Tatum/comic scans

Character location/Home: Star City (for now)

What are your plans for the character?: I'd like to see Roy become more of a wandering hero type. He's been a Titan, but
I'd like to explore him growing up and out of that role. I'd also like to see him begin a new group of Outsiders.
How are you planning on working them into the game?: Roy is coming back from Parts Unknown with his daughter, Lian, and
deciding which way he's going to go from this point forward.

Is there anything from canon that you plan on changing with that character?: I'd like to keep Roy's identity private,
rather than public knowledge. Anything else is after the cutoff and has no bearing on things.
What sort of plots to do you want to do with this character?: I'd like to see Roy team up with other former Titans, the
Arrow Family or even work for the government a bit as he's got ties to many people. Also, anything where he goes
against/looking for Cheshire because of their complicated history and their daughter. Furthermore, anything that brings Roy face-to-face with
Vandal Savage and explains that complicated family relationship would be good to see.

Please be as detailed as you wish:

I'm requesting a Test Scene
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