March, Sunday.

2012, 11:10pm

The day the world will end.

M O O D: Amused.

M U S I C: Amused. M O O D: Switchfoot + Learning To Breathe

M U S I C: Switchfoot + Learning To Breathe

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April, Sunday.

2009, 1:46pm

Just dropping by to say..

M O O D: Hungry.

M U S I C: Hungry.

Happy Easter, mhmm. Hope everyone has a good one today. I'm in it for the food XD.
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March, Saturday.

2009, 4:56pm

Excitements in a box.

M O O D: Excited.

M U S I C: Excited.

I decided to go along with the errands of sorts my mother planned to do today. I wasn't expecting much; I was just along for the joyride. I take rides as opportunities to relax, think, and zone out listening to music. Because of this I can be extremely quiet on car rides, therefore if you want to go on one to think I'm the ideal driving partner. I can also talk your ear off if you're feeling chatty.

That's beside the point and I'm getting off track. So we were at Target and we hit the games section. I was aiming to avoid getting into this section because I want a Wii and the Wii Fit for my birthday which is coming up in a matter of weeks. Mom randomly starts walking towards the section saying, "You know, just for shits and giggles let's see if they have one." because we all know Wii's are currently playing hide and seek with the general society.We went to the Wii section and they actually had one left. So, mom was looking at the price and when a guy asked if we needed help she asked what it came with and all that. I was ready to say alright and walk away, and the guy was getting ready to put it back and she just up and goes "Well, let's get that." I was like O____O!? asdfjkl; ::die::

I'm like stoked, and the first thing I did getting out of the store is called up the boyfriend to spaz and squee and jump around like a moron in the parking lot. One down, now all I have to do is get the Wii fit. John (boyfriend) was upset because he wanted to help get the Wii or get it himself so I told him he could get the Wii fit (less expensive). He seemed chipper at that deal, so I guess it's good. She also let me get a game to play with it.

So I guess today is a good day and it's not even my birthday yet lol. Micki seems to be still having relationship troubles, though. It's saddening since she's so happy with him, I just wish he'd act his age. It makes me feel lucky that I have a really good relationship compared to that. Sure we have our disagreements and our times where we're upset with each other, but nothing horrible and nothing we don't work out. We act.... maturely about it. But Micki might come over and play the Wii with me. Hopefully that'll make her feel a little better.

Speaking of boyfriends, I have a six month anniversary coming up the 23rd, and I get to get my hair done on the 20th which I'm looking forward to because I haven't done anything with it in a while. I think I'll buy John those Tapout converse he wants off that website.

I must depart and fiddle with that tiny little bundle of joy system now. Good day. ::flail::
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March, Saturday.

2009, 1:39am

Anonymously speaking.

M O O D: Tired.

M U S I C: Tired. M O O D: Miyavi + Jibun Kakumei

M U S I C: Miyavi + Jibun Kakumei

Talk to me anonymously here if you want. Tell me what you like about me. Tell me something you don't like about me. Tell me a random fact or secret. Ask me for advice. You don't have to post anonymous, but this will be the only entry I allow anonymous comments. Whatever the case, I'll answer.

However, I do ask that you keep things mature. Running around trying to start drama or calling names is just teenage angst. Get over it.
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March, Saturday.

2009, 1:35am

Spam much?

M O O D: Bored.

M U S I C: Bored. M O O D: The Exies + Ugly

M U S I C: The Exies + Ugly

In this entry and only this entry you can comment with spam and such. Tell me communities I should look at, join, even music to listen to, whatever, etc..
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