Sun, Jan. 20th, 2008, 09:34 am

So thanks to a little muse of mine (and she knows who she is) I now have a place to rant and chat about things going on.
As if I had any free time. 

But actually yes I do what with the strike and all. least she had some insight there. For my darling, please don't be angry if I can't do this every day but you have my number and can always call me which you do   . :)     

Susie? Tell mum hi for me. I'm sure that the little hurricane has already blackmailed you so....yeah. There it is. And feel better, eh? Sorry I haven't been able to tell you before this but.....well, circumstances prevailed.

Anyway I hope all are well and your horizons are bright.

Oh and Trynity, love? NO. NO MORE TATTOOS. You have the one and it's very nice. And that comes from me not Ryan nor Harry nor anyone else.  And I'll bet you haven't told anyone about it yet. Let alone your big sister. [Knows is going to get his ass whooped now]

Love you both.
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