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February 8th, 2011

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04:04 am - Return to Your Ring

Time to return to your ring? You have two options. Maybe.

You should see the title of your ring, below. If not, what that probably means is that Webring has, once again, merged a ring and you'll have to go to the copy of the ring return page for my blog and its homepage at, Webring Webspace or, any of which will get you back to your ring, and at least one of which is probably up and running at the moment. That's option one. Option two is that you click on the name of your ring and go to the appropriate navbar, looking kind of stripped down, but all of the links are there, and this may get you on your way more quickly if either one of the hosts for the blog homepage or Webring itself is running slowly today. No javascript is involved, and you're still here, so I'm guessing that Scribbld has been doing fine.

....... The Cyberculture Webring
....... Reviews Online
....... Reviews
....... Online Journals
....... Random Ring
....... Randomizer - Random WebSites
....... Joseph Dunphy

If you entered my sites from somewhere other than my blog or the introductory page for this blog over on the services mentioned above, you'll need to go to the global ring return page for my sites, where you will find a menu that should help you find your way back to where you were.


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