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April 1st, 2008

05:34 pm - My first entry.
I've been wanting to shift from Livejournal many, many times, but all of my attempts have ended in failure. I didn't like any other system except the Livejournal system.

So far, I am very comfortable with Scribbld. The introductory layout page is very clean and pleasing to the eye. I might be alone again, as usual, but this could work out. I have the friends' list, and the community pages. The rest, I can dig up slowly, just as I did with LJ.

Maybe. We'll see how this works.

Hello Scribbld.

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11:11 pm
Here are some of the things I've observed about my blogging habits:

1. I've outgrown the soapbox desire. I don't blog to tell the world how I feel anymore. I blog to capture a particular train of thought that I've had. Those are the more important ones, anyway. Secondly, I blog because I want to meet new friends.

2. I don't like professional blogging. A lot of blogging services cater to the idea that corporate bodies want to blog. There are textbook reasons for why those companies do so, but the real stuff of blogging comes from personal blogging. This changes nothing except a sense of aesthete. I hate clean, professional layouts. I don't mind having to pay for something, but I hate stuff that reminds me that I ought to act forty. Or twenty six. I am twenty six, but that is another story. 

3. It's a bit difficult now for me to keep a blog, though. Old bloggers grow up, new bloggers don't catch on that fast. Blogging has hit its peak, and that's why so many places are charging. Doesn't matter. This is a public diary, after all -- an attempt to keep some form of permanence in cyberspace, well known for its impermanence. I had an audience on Livejournal. I can pretend that people cared for what I wrote about. It's a bit harder to pretend when I am fully aware that I am speaking to blank space. 

A few things about my experiments:

1. Tabulas was functional, but ugly and hard to design with. 
2. Never start a feed or announce where you've moved to until you've started to use one service regularly for the next three months.
3. Wordpress was pretty, but the spontaneity of receiving comments is gone. Too many trolls. 
4. Squarespace is the most amazingly costly thing I have seen to tattle about my life. It does have (albeit limited) photo space, though. 
5. Everyone leaves to Insanejournal, but no one talks about anything there, except to talk trash about Livejournal.
6. And the good fanfic writers are still on Livejournal.
7. When Livejournal starts a permanent account sale, I might get one. 
8. But I will -- in all probability -- not use their regular paid account anymore. 

And oh, yes. Give me plenty of space to type in plenty of text.


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