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April 3rd, 2008

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11:36 pm - Notes to myself
After several days -- hmm, about two or three, actually -- of trying out Scribbld, I've come to the conclusion that this is one of the most comfortable (so far) locations outside of Livejournal that I can use for blogging. In fact, the layout choice for the front page makes Scribbld more comfortable to use than Livejournal.

Unfortunately, I don't have an audience here, and I don't like writing without an audience. I just don't feel motivated to write 'meaty' entries when I know that no one is reading. As I mentioned before, my soapbox days are over -- and blogging has changed so much than when I first started out with Fountain of Vomit. When I write now, I want to write for a purpose. The first thing that directs any sense of purpose in writing is an audience.

That doesn't mean that I am going to stop blogging regularly here. It might not be as frequent as Livejournal, but it's definitely going to be actively used. I won't be closing this account, and I might even consider paying for a permanent account should one of the 'infrequent sales' (quoting the FAQ) of it happen. Since this is a place without an audience, I'm going to keep it as notes to myself.

(If it's public, it means I don't mind someone stumbling upon these notes and reading them. If it's not, then it is quite personal)

So I'll be heading back to LJ. And I'll be holding on to this.

(A blog is more than just a little collection of texts and writing. It is a portable personal space)

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