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kikonista ([info]kikonista) wrote,
@ 2009-08-09 18:13:00

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Once Douchebag #1 relieved himself from my life (finally, thanks for getting a hint), Douchebag #2 has made himself known, and outted himself at the same time. This dude? Is OUTRAGEOUS.

After a few weeks of really being sick and hoping to see him, he passive-aggressively dodged me at every turn. I looked really bad in front of a friend who we'd had plans to introduce to him and some of his, but the second to last day she was around, he made himself pretty clear. My family offended him, though he'd never come right out and said anything to them, so this was sort of like "bwah? Okaaay". Oh, in so many words, he had no intention of setting foot near my place or near them-- ever-- even at the expense of our friendship. (Reliable, right?)

But he loved flirting with me, and still wanted to sleep with me.

There is NOTHING you can politely say in response to that. Really. It all ends in "go fuck yourself".

So, it's done, after some drama filled txt-whining from the hypocritical ass, wishing me to, I dunno, absolve him of any guilt he may have? I never asked for a fucking apology, and even further, I wouldn't WANT it. What do five letters mean to me in the face of such selfish, callous behavior?

I'm struck by the knowledge now that, of the friends we made last year at school, Kristal was dead-on about who was worth hanging with, and who wasn't. Carla, Jason A, Brandi and Sadiyyah, despite the things that have frustrated me, have been good associates. Sarah and her ilk are flaky people that aren't honest to each other, but yet insist they have some higher answer than others, though they are intimidated but anyone challenging such ideas. College intellects.

I hope I always have people keeping me more balanced than that.

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