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seven. [Jan. 21st, 2008|12:48 pm]
[Current Mood | awake]

I got back from Portland yesterday.
We left Saturday afternoon, and got back last night around 9:30, I think.

We picked up Oliver, and drove to Portland. Once we got there, we went to the Maine Mall. We went to a few stores, such as Hot Topic, Spencer's, and FYE. I met this dude in Hot Topic named Harley, and he was pretty cool. We got to talking about music and other things. Turns out he's the store manager. He's pretty neat. I think he was kind of old, but Oliver said he looked maybe in his mid-20's. He had a bihawk, but I think he was oldish and was balding in the middle so made a bihawk out of what he had left, haha. idk. Anyway. We walked around, then decided we were gonna get food. We went to the food court, and Oliver got Taco Bell, and I went to the sushi bar kiosk thing. I had a 12-piece sushi thing, with 6 grilled chicken rolls and 6 California rolls. I got to watch them make it, and everything. And luckily, they had Arizona Green Tea. It reminded me of Cassie a lot and how much I wished she were with me because I knew it'd make her happy to eat there. After we ate and stuff, my mom and Skylar found us and we went to Chuck E. Cheese's. We played a few games, and Oliver and I thought it was funny that Chuck E. Cheese's had beer on tap. Oliver and I were looking at girls' butts in the mall and Chuck E. Cheese's, haha. We saw a hearse in the parking lot by Chuck E. Cheese's and its license plate said "Morbid1." Oliver thought it might've been Damien Zygote's, but it wasn't. I took a few picture things, because Cassie did one for me so I thought I'd do one for her, too. After we left there, we went to check in at a hotel, 'cause it was pretty late. Oh, but we went to Blockbuster first. Oliver and I got the Aquateen Hunger Force movie. We got a separate room, and started watching the movie, but I fell asleep around 12:15.

I woke up around 9:30. We finished the ATHF movie, so we could take it back. Then we got all our shit together, checked out, and my sister went to their pool for 30 minutes or so, and we waited. We went to this restaurant called Friendly's after that, and had breakfast. I had the Lumberjack breakfast, which had 3 pieces of French toast, bacon, and 3 eggs. I had coffee to drink, and it was good! Then I had a milkshake sundae thing that had too many things in it. Too many almonds. Gross. After that, we drove to the Bull Moose Music Warehouse, and looked around for like an hour while my mom and sister went to get haircuts. I found lots of CDs I wanted, but ended up getting 4. Well, 3, and a vinyl. I showed my mom like 5 that I wanted, and she said she'd buy me 3 of them, if I would babysit for her tonight, and it would be like an allowance. Two of the CDs were used, anyway, so it wasn't too expensive. She told me to put back the Magrudergrind/Shitstorm split, but I got Oliver to buy it and I gave him money, haha. It was used and cheap, too. My mom bought me a Jenny Piccolo vinyl, Khanate CD, and a used Grief CD. I also got some Sex on the Beach incense. Reminds me of Cassie ^_^ After that, we went to... idk. Shit, what did we do after that?
Ohhhh yeah. We went to this bowling place called Vacationland. We played a game of bowling, which was different, because it was using small balls and candlepins. It took some getting used to. After the round of bowling was over, we played 2 games of pool, then left for home. Oliver and I watched Planet Terror and Half Baked in the car on the way back. We stopped at Subway for food, and at the grocery store for dog food. Dropped Oliver off at home, and got back around 9:30.

I have no school today because it's Martin Luther King Jr. day or something.
I woke up at like 12:30.
And now I'm done.
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blah [Jan. 12th, 2008|12:15 am]
Just doing this to log in.
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