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Test scene [24 Jul 2010|09:48am]
Lady Sif, shield maiden of Asgard, sat in a corner of the cell. The feel of the two walls were comforting in the darkness. They were solid, strong, and made her feel like she wasn't lost in the void. They were the only things that were real.

She didn't know how long she had been in here. No light came through the door and the passage of time was hard to discern. She could have been in here for a week, a month or even a year. Sif had no idea exactly how much time had passed since Thor had thrown her in here.

It had all happened so quickly. One moment she was fighting by his side and the next he was ordering her to be thrown in prison. She was still unsure of exactly why she had been imprisoned. She knew she hadn't violated any law or did anything to warrant being imprisoned.

So she sat in here alone in the dark. Occasionally a slot in the bottom of the door opened and bread and water were shoved through. Sometimes a sliced apple was shoved through with the bread and water. Someone wanted her to stay in here for a very long time and not allow her to grow old and die.

Sif sighed and waited in the darkness
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People Sif knows before the start of the game [14 May 2009|05:39am]
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