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[ Mon Oct / 10:12am ]

as of 10.1.08, this journal is closed until further notice.


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* dream dream dream. [ Thu Sep / 2:40am ]
i will post a dream as one (or more) of my characters. you may reply as any of your characters to tease, analyze, bully, joke, or what you will!

a few:

chase. )

gabe. )

marlowe. )

zelda. )

charlie. )
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goodbye ruby tuesday [ Wed Sep / 11:27am ]
i got an email yesterday about someone adding one of my stories to their "favorites" list on  i occasionally forget that i used to write fanfiction, and it's quite nice to be reminded someone likes it.  if i got an email that said "someone thought your story was ass!" i would probably feel a bit differently about it all.

i don't know who of you are familiar with the sadly short-lived series firefly or the fairly successful movie serenity that it birthed, but most of my fanfiction was centered around that-- all of it, in fact, except one of them.  many of them are largely jayne-centric because if my foray into fanfiction taught me anything it was that i write dudes better than girls.  unless aforementioned girl is crazy.  not much has changed, except for the fact that all of these fanfictions are... wait for it... het.

oh that's right.  you heard me.

in this wacky world, boys kissed girls.  wrap your brain around that.

because writing journal=writing, i'm going to put up the link to my silly little fanfics here.  this was pre-rp of any sort, if you can believe it.  oh how far away those days seem. xD

most of the fanfics are one-shots for the attention-impaired, two are longer.  one of those two is unfinished because... i am also attention-impaired.

here is the link, but don't feel obliged to read if you're not interested.
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when i see you, wanna do you right where you're standing. [ Mon Sep / 1:52pm ]
i'm a sucker for film noir and pulp fiction.  i occasionally dream in high contrast black and white with a whisky-voiced narrator.  one of my rp characters, marlowe, was supposed to be more film-noir than he ended up being but that's alright.  i love him anyway.

months ago, i mentioned the title of an unwritten pulp fiction novel offhand.  kiss like a bullet.  my friend flipped out and demanded that i write it immediately.  i didn't.  in fact, i didn't even start writing it until quite recently.  it's a spur of the moment thing, likely to be written in spurts and then completely rewritten and reformed, but what's a writing journal for if not to introduce bits of underdeveloped writing to the air and let their skin thicken a bit?

it's just the beginning, a developmental drabble.  possibly a prologue.  but here is a bit on kiss like a bullet. 

copyrighted, of course.  but you wouldn't steal from me, would you?  WOULD YOU.

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