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  If anyone gets bored and looks at random users' journals like I have more than once, I thought I'd post something about myself here, just in case anyone happens across mine.
...of course, you'll know already if you've seen my on ElJay, but...*shrug*

Well, hullo.

I'm Brandy, 23. I'm currently employed at an after school program in my community, and work 3 of 5 days in the infant daycare in the morning. Which is funny, as I have an Associate's Degree in Applied Science for Graphic Design, which has nothing to do with childcare.
Also fun is working at a Girl Scouts camp as a counselor in the summer - it's great fun. :)

I've also recently started in a bellydance class, and want to take more of them. It's my anti-depressant.
I don't drive. I don't know that I will. I know I can, but feel I'm doing humanity a large favor by staying off of the roads.

I live at home with my parents, brother, and dog.
I've been with my wonderful boyfriend Matt for nearly 8 years - that'll be in July.

I'm an anime person. I started on anime at an early age. There were the Japanese animations on Nickelodeon back in the mid-/late 80's that I'd watch as a kid, and in the early 90's, there was Dragon Warrior. That drew my dad in, and he started buying anime, and I started watching more of it. Lately, series shown on Cartoon Network just seem too mainstream, and I can't get into them...though I still ADORE Cowboy Bebop and Witch Hunter Robin. I'd love to get into some new stuff, but...yeah.
I'm also a manga person, and my current buy/read is the Yotsuba&! series by Kiyohiko Azuma.

I also love art. I've been drawing for as long as I can remember. Mostly anime-styled. I learned about furry from my boyfriend's best friend, and I can't say I'd ever wear a fursuit...but I do have anthro characters (mainly cat/big kitty based), too.
I mentioned my degree already - I love to illustrate, paint, create...lately, though, I've been stuck in a nasty rut, and I wish I could climb out again. My inspiration as of late has been my boyfriend, certain songs, and LocoRoco.

Music is another love - I was a percussionist back in the day, and I freaking love my radio and Zen. I enjoy a broad spectrum of music (some country is tolerable), and it is a great muse to me. My favorite band was Evanescence, when it *was* Evanescence. I'm liking My Chemical Romance more and more. I've had the Sweeney Todd soundtrack stuck in my head for months, and I kind of like it there.
Reading is awesome - aside from my manga, I enjoy Alice Sebold's <u>The Lovely Bones</u>, amongst other titles. And, evidently, <u>The Little Prince</u> is on my faves list.
I'm not a Dizney fan. I love The Incredibles, and wish that Pixar would have struck it out on their own and became successful.
I don't know what I want to be when I grow up. I do know that I want to be like Helen Parr (Elastigirl/Mrs. Incredible), because she's freaking awesome.
I love humor and comedy.

I also freaking love tea. Straight-up tea. No sweeteners.
Iced tea is great.
I especially love strawberry Ceylon tea that I can sometimes find at dollar stores.

Dollar stores are love, by the way.
Sometimes I might get a little emotional...I tend to wear my heart on my sleeve. I get frustrated and complain, but then, who doesn't?
I guess anything else could be gathered from my interests, or else you could checkout my ElJay, where I still currently write. If things go from bad to worse over there, I plan on archiving my entries and posting over here fully. I like Scribbld - it feels like LJ, but before it got complicated.


And that...is me...
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