A name you'll never forget. I'm 19 years old. My birthday is August 18th which makes me a leo. I'm half mexican and half american indian. I have a babygirl that was born on August 01 2008. I work part time. I recently finished a semester at a local community college, and I plan to go back after I have my baby. I want to be a web-graphic designer. I love watching movies. My favorite movies are Blood in Blood Out, American Me, Scarface, and Havoc. I love listening to music. I listen to all sorts of genres from rap to country. My favorite artists are Tupac, Alicia Keys, Neyo, and Rascall Flats. I'm hoping to have my own place soon. I love to sleep, especially now that I'm pregnant. I smoke cigarettes. I also like watching TV shows like CSI, Law and Order, and The First 48. I feel I'm very responsible, and respectful. I love to speak my mind, but that's also probably my downfall. I've made a lot of mistakes in my past, but who hasn't. I've learned from a lot of things I've done in my past, and I've grown as a person in so many ways, hate me or love me for it, I really don't care ;].


His name is Jonathan Jeremiah. His nickname is JT. He's my babydaddy. We've been together since July 11th, 2007. He's 26 years old. His birthday is June 3rd, which makes him a gemini. He's handsome to me in so many ways. A lot of people don't understand him, because he's so loud and outspoken. I know he has a lot of heart, and that is what makes me so in love with him. He's changed his life around for me, and I love him even more for it. He has a lot of faith, which helps me through a lot more than he knows. Sometimes we fight, but that's every relationship. I can only see them as building our relationship for the better. He's a great daddy. Even though sometimes he annoys me, he makes up for it by just being there for me ;].

Yeah, This goes out to that dude, Yeah, You know who you are, I love you baby, Where do I start? 'Cause words can't explain the love I feel for you, Nobody can't change it, When I was falling you ain't let me hit the pavement, You bright up my life baby, You my Las Vegas, My sunshine on my rainy days, A little love from you take the pain away, When I'm feeling stressed out, Depressed, Without a doubt, On my worst days, You bring the best out, Even when we break up, That's for the make up, Sex be the best, For days we be laid up, He even cook me breakfast on a wake up, I swear it's like a fairytale made-up, Bonnie & Clyde, No one can separate us, And we gon' ride out til' the feds come take us, My king, I'm his queen, First Lady, Us against the world, Just me and my baby, You & me together, Through the days and nights, I don't worry ‘cause everythings gonna be alright.


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