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[17 Jan 2012|10:08pm]
I see the attention seeking gingers are at it again. Only now, it seems, they are dragging decent, respectable people down into the filth with them.

Oh Flint, did one of those sneaky, weasel duplicates Imperio you? If not, I sincerely hope your step-mother no longer has a subscription to Witch Weekly. I could only imagine what your father's reaction might be.

[08 Nov 2011|08:26am]
For those of you unaware, I'm back. But if you were unaware, you don't matter anyway. Traveling was lovely but I am glad to be back on home soil. Although, the attack on the Minister seems troublesome. Any word on who did that?

So, what is it people do for fun around here? I need some entertainment... now!

[26 Oct 2011|10:24pm]

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