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[Oct. 17th, 2010|10:28 pm]
[Tags|, ]

The predawn sky was gradually turning a fiery amber, as light spread above the Metropolis skyline from the East. Atop the the Daily Planet building, a lone figure stood. A crimson cape billowed around his royal blue uniform. A great triangular crest sat on his chest- a symbol of a long-dead world, carried forward by its Last Son. His name was Kal El. Clark Kent. Superman.

As the sun's rays finally crested over the city, he closed his eyes and inhaled slowly. I missed this... he thought quietly to himself. 3 months in deep space had given him a new appreciation for his adopted home. He had thought the disbanding of the Justice League had been a fitting time to take a pilgrimage to his parent's grave. A protective suit from Batman had ensured the red sun and Kryptonite asteroids would not harm him. It had been a long, sad process- partly personal, partly archeological, and partly practical. Superman had managed to locate and save thousands of artifacts from Kryptonian society- enough to fill an extra three floors of the Fortress. He had years of analysis to look forward to. After clearing the useful debris and technology, he had set about breaking up the larger Kyrptonite asteroids.  There were far too many to ever truly eradicate, but he had managed to make the process of harvesting the lethal rock that much more difficult.

Finally, when the work was done, Clark thought of his parents. And he had wept, for the first time in years. It had been cathartic, but finally the time had come for him to return. And so he had reluctantly taken up his great burden once more. Seven hours of rescues and humanitarian work across the world had firmly reestablished his presence. It felt good to be back.

As the dawn's light finally broke across the skyline, Clark waited for the woman to appear. Her heart's rhythm was familiar- strong and intense, each beat like striking some great drum.

"Hello Diana" Clark said as she approached behind him, and he continued to gaze out over the city.

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