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friends only :] 10 Jun 2020|02:09pm 2 comments|comment

1: i can't know you from real life. if i do, only certain people will be added.
2: don't be an ass, or you won't be added.
3: add me first. :]
4: i'm not as much as an asshole as i come off as.
5: be respectful.
6: if you don't like someone who posts too much don't add me.
7: don't add me if you don't like long long rambling posts.
8: i don't capitalize. if you're a capitalization freak don't add me.

if you can get past that, add away.

29 Jul 2008|08:16pm comment
haha, finally. my wrist feels better. (:


i need a break from journaling for a little bit. i purchased a notebook that i can use for the same function. i just need to have my thoughts off the internet for a little while.

i'll be back.

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