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mildly_absurd ([info]mildly_absurd) wrote,
@ 2008-05-10 00:54:00

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Current mood: cranky

To be out there
Its calling. That sweet melody in the distance, I can hear it and it is calling me. It taunts me with its promises unspoken. It sings to me of things to come, things so fulfilling that I feel an appetite I never have felt before. I want nothing more then to fallow it off this beaten path and tread on the soft soils of the unimaginable and plunge into the pits of unreality. To give up everything to be something other then right here or right now. To lose grip on the forces that seemed bent on pushing me to the edge and making me question all that I am and all that I probably can’t be.

Why is reality so unforgiving, why does it seem so dark compared to the lushness of just forgetting it all.

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