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neun; tuesday, september 23rd, 1997 [01 Jan 2008|04:55am]
I'm appalled that the most excitement I can get when I'm bored is browsing through this journal. Not that kind of excitement, Mikey, get your head out of the gutter. But honestly, could this place get any more... boring? And for Merlin's sake, I wasn't kidding last time. I DON'T. WANT TO READ. ABOUT YOUR IDIOCY. No one cares about your sexual orientation, Samuel; get over yourself. I can see how a second year having a crush on you might be a big deal to you, Weasley, but it isn't as exciting for the rest of us... it's actually quite worrying. Granger, Macmillan... do shut up, please. You're bordering on annoying, now, and no one's paying attention anyway.

Wow, that felt good.
And before you start bickering away, I don't have the slightest interest on reading your opinions, so you might as well keep it to yourselves. Thank you.



When is Quidditch season starting, again? Things tend to liven up by then.
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