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[10 Nov 2012|06:25pm]
“It’s your turn,” Miles insisted in their bedroom, which had exploded for the nineteenth time with screams from the nursery. Never mind that Felicity had gotten up a total of sixteen times and Miles just twice – he needed his rest. After all, he ran a business. It was Felicity’s job to calm the baby, since that was her job while he was away. Perhaps night time made him a little crankier than usual, and perhaps he would have been more concerned for Felicity if he had been more awake, but his rest was of the utmost importance, and this child was ruining it all for him.

Felicity groaned into her pillow, quickly regretting their decision to have a baby. Why had they? It was Miles’s idea, and she thought that it was his responsibility to take care of his ideas. Perhaps, though, if she’d had more sleep, she would have felt much differently.

Still, Felicity crawled out of bed and into the spare den-turned-nursery, cooing soft hushes to her princess. She pulled Georgie out of her crib, holding her to her breast and whispering calming tones into her ear.

Miles, on the other hand, had grown impatient in his bed waiting for his wife to get back, unable to fall asleep without her with him. He sprang up and came to her, taking Georgie from her and gently rocking her. Felicity stared on, admiring the scene before her.

Never once had Felicity imagined that Miles and she would have a child like this and be so happy like this with one. Although it had been a loud addition to the penthouse, an unrestful addition to the penthouse, she never regretted it. Not even when she woke both of them up constantly and ruined all prospects of sleep. Not when she looked so calm or so lovely like this.

Miles put her back in Felicity’s hands, explaining that he thought she may need a feeding, and Felicity pulled Georgie back to her breast, pulling herself from her nightie and letting her daughter feed. She looked back up at Miles, who was looking with such admiration at his daughter, something that Felicity had never thought Miles was capable with the exception of his own wife.

Miles caught Felicity’s eye, matching her calm expression, carefully pulling her in as not to disturb Georgie, his hands slipping to her rear. “I love you,” she whispered, and he automatically replied, leaving a kiss on her lips once his words had flowed from his.

After a few moments of silence, regarding Georgie, her brown curls and her green-blue eyes, Miles murmured, “Kitten.” Felicity looked up, catching his eyes that matched their daughter’s. “She’s asleep.” Felicity nodded, carefully placing Georgie back in her crib before kissing her forehead, admiring her a few moments with Miles before creeping out of the room, back into their warm bed.

“Next time, it’s your turn,” Felicity teased, though there was no such thing. Georgie slept through the rest of the night, never stirring, leaving Miles and Felicity to fall asleep in relief in each other’s arms.
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[03 Nov 2012|12:58am]
“Sweet girl,” Augustine whispered into her daughter’s ear, who had turned sixteen just a few days ago. It was time for her to find someone; it was time for her to marry. Augustine swore it to be so. Her daughter was the most glamorous girl in all of the United Kingdom, and if she could not find a proper suitor, then Augustine would have been very cross. It was impossible. Her sweet girl, her clever girl was so perfect, in every single way. She made sure of it.

She made absolutely sure, even as she stripped her daughter of her clothing, making sure that every mark on her skin was absolutely flawless. Felicity stood in front of her mother, naked as the day she was born, her arms covering her breasts shyly. Augustine tore Felicity’s fingers from her skin, leaving her entirely exposed to her mother, who stared at her so very eagerly, taking in every detail of her sweet girl.

Don’t hide from me, my girl. We must make sure you look perfect for Mr. Greengrass tomorrow night. He may not see you this way tomorrow, but there could be wedding bells in your future, sweet girl.” Augustine stared at Felicity, impressed with her looks, trying to show Felicity that it was good to be excited. She would be a wonderful housewife, if Augustine had anything to do with it.

Augustine’s eyes suddenly snapped down to Felicity’s foot, unexpectedly. “What’s that?” she asked, her tone laced with poisonous anger.

“Mother, it’s – it’s nothing, Mother,” Felicity fussed, trying to cover up her exposed ankle, which bore some sort of lizard that Augustine did not care to think of.

“When did you get this?” she asked, her calm expression truly frightening Felicity.

“It was just a fun thing, Mother – just a few girls at school –“ she tried to explain, though Augustine quickly cut her off, taking her foot in her hands as she bent down to examine it. She shook her head with disgust and pulled out her wand, ripping the ink from her perfect daughter’s skin. Felicity cried in anguish, the ink inside of her skin slowly seeping from her foot. It felt as if she was bleeding, without any actual blood. Within ten seconds, the tattoo vanished, the only trace was ink on the floor.

“It’s all better, my sweet girl,” Augustine whispered, kissing her daughter’s ankle before standing up again and examining her. “You’re just as perfect now as you were before that awful mark. Now, you are marked by nothing.”

Felicity felt her eyes welling up with tears, but she could not cry when her mother was so adamant. Not when she was sure that not having this tattoo would make her the perfect housewife. Not when she was so sure that avoiding the Dark Arts would make her more appealing to men, make her look less intelligent and more of a pawn. Felicity knew that this was her duty in life, and she was to carry it out, but she simply wanted to be a child for just a little longer.

“Sweet girl,” Augustine whispered, fawning over her dear girl as the ink oozed onto the floor.
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[09 Apr 2012|11:00pm]
Alecto slowly wiped the blood off her mouth with the back of her hand, reveling in the warm, silky feeling of the pureblood traitor’s blood in her mouth, on her hands, soaking into her taste buds. Perhaps she hadn’t given him a fair trial, but she was thirsty for blood, and she couldn’t go back now. There was no turning back after she’d caught him: it was already far, far too late to change her mind about this disgraceful man.

After it was over, Alecto turned unhurriedly around, though her eyes met Rabastan's almost instantly. Eyes wide and innocent-looking, this was a stark contrast to the beast that had been freed from a cage, which Rabastan had just witnessed. With heavy feet, Alecto walked towards Rabastan, only stopping when she was inches away from his face. Slowly, she touched the cheek with the back of her hand, exploring the smooth skin, occasionally marred by stubble.

The pace seemed almost unbearable to Rabastan, and in one quick move, he caught Alecto's lips with his. Rabastan beckoned her to him, wrapping his arms possessively around her waist, dipping his hand just below the small of her back. It had been far too long that he'd wanted this to happen, and he wasn't about to let her get away as quickly as it had started. Her lips tasted like rose and salt and blood, and he simply couldn't get enough of it. What was supposed to scare Rabastan away made him want to keep her there forever, under his possessive grasp.

Alecto fought to get to the top, as Rabastan expected she would, but he simply shoved her into the alley wall, a rotting corpse at their feet. That kiss made Rabastan crave even more of her - even more of her skin, more of that exquisite taste, more blood. Rabastan decided, at that moment, that there would have to be so much more fucking blood.
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[12 May 2011|11:03pm]
You were just what? Mucking about in the Potions classroom? )
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[12 Jan 2011|09:44pm]
go fish. )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:25pm]
you make me feel like a natural woman. )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:25pm]
It was nothing serious. )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:25pm]
They are forced to starve until the next meal, complaining loudly about the complexities that are Sundays. )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:24pm]
a fanmix. )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:23pm]
It was time to grow up. )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:22pm]
Darling, it's almost three in the morning! )
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[21 Nov 2010|12:21pm]
She was supposed to forget. She wouldn't. )
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[09 Aug 2008|01:14am]
I looked at a portrait of my family today and noticed my mother's nose for the very first time. I always raked over her features before, but when I saw her nose and ears, it all fell into place. I am my mother's daughter when I see my ears and nose and sometimes even my eyebrows.

My sentiments are that the most important parts of you are your nose, ears, eyebrows and eyes. Nothing else matters, not even the nargles that could be festering above.
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