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Book Paris Rental Apartments Instead of Expensive Hotel Accommodations [24 Dec 2012|11:22am]

In her 1954 movie “Sabrina,” Audrey Hepburn said that, “Paris is always a good idea.” Indisputably it is! Taking photos with your significant other with the Eiffel Tower in the background. Feeling mesmerized as you look over the Seine River or at Notre Dame or the Pantheon. However, before those picture-perfect vacation plans become a reality, you need to make the necessary arrangements prior to your stay. Remember Paris is frequently busy with tourists from all over the world, thus, securing accommodations in advance is necessary.

The majority of tourists that visit Paris opt to stay in Paris apartment rentals short term over hotels. The practical reasons to rent apartments include the fact that they are cost-effective and roomier alternatives to hotels. How can renting an apartment guarantee greater advantages than hotels? How can your Paris vacation cost less with apartment rentals?

1.) More comfort, less expenses. What could be better than staying in a beautifully furnished Paris flat? What will make you feel more like an authentic Parisian? Paris rental apartments provide this and much more. Compared with hotel rooms in the United States, Paris hotel rooms are generally much smaller. Flat rentals are perfect if you’re traveling with a large group or with your family. With so many apartments available, you can also select from extremely expensive to very affordable apartments. Basic differences include the building’s architecture, interior designs and other minor features.

2.) More privacy, less hassles. Every tourist wants to enjoy every minute of his trip. Apartment tenants can easily come and go as they wish compared with commonly crowded hotels. Plus, minimal check-in and checkout procedures required at Paris apartment rentals short term suit any traveler’s itinerary. Moreover, forget the disturbing room services of hotels (which often oblige you to tip). Instead, you can delight in intimate dates with your significant other or bonding time with your children or friends.

3.) Less guilt. The romantic and luxurious Parisian experience is no more a guilty-pleasure in choosing rental apartment. Every apartment has several irresistible features. Some flats even come with a private pool, an outdoor garden or veranda and rooftops that offer panoramic views of the city.

If you want to learn more about Paris rentals, check out Paris Address’s website at They have plenty of Paris rental apartments available. View complete details about each available property online and setup your reservations with ease.

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Find a Paris Apartment Rental in the Heart of the City [24 Dec 2012|11:22am]

Surely anyone’s bucket list includes the ultimate vacation destination: Paris. The City of Lights is the one place an individual can relish the chic, romantic, and up-scale ambiance while sightseeing at some of the most famous landmarks in the world. However, every great Paris adventure requires intricate plans and budget considerations. Whether you are planning to visit with your special someone or with the entire family, considering your budget is a major factor in enjoying this world-famous city.

Hesitating? No need! You no longer have to wait to afford your dream Paris vacation. Start off with proper accommodations. Rent apartment in Paris to ensure you experience the ultimate comfort and amenities while saving money. There are even more benefits to apartment rentals you won’t be able to resist.

Value for your money

Apartment rentals are cost-effective and spacious alternatives to hotels. A Paris apartment typically comes with a complete kitchen, private bathroom and the necessary amenities for guests. Some rentals have unique features, such as a private pool or hot tub, outdoor garden, patio and roof top terrace offering a 180 unobstructed degree view of Paris. You can get the same or even better amenities in apartments than you would at five-star hotels for the same price. Moreover, it is important to note that Paris hotel rooms are not as spacious as those in the United States. If you are traveling with children or a group of friends, it is best to rent apartments.

Private and personal accommodations

If you rent apartment in Paris, you are afforded more privacy, as you will be away from the crowds and housekeeping services. A rented apartment also provides more space, which enables children to play in spacious rooms while adults enjoy their own privacy in the City of Love. Plus, its self-catering properties let you customize basic needs from your dinner to your toiletries.

Lives the Parisian life

Staying in a fabulous Paris flat allows you to experience the typical daily routine of a Paris local. With budget-friendly rates, you can maximize your stay in the city and experience the authentic Parisian life, indulging in luxury, comfort and style.

Check out Paris Address’ website at and discover why it is a great idea to rent apartment in Paris. Find out how affordable Paris apartment rentals can make your dream vacation a reality!

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Save by Staying in Paris Apartment Rentals Short Term [24 Dec 2012|11:21am]

Paris, a renowned city with sophisticated grandeur, diversely rich culture, and an expansive history, will surely enthrall anyone who visits. Unfortunately, visiting the City of Lights with the whole family on a tight budget may seem impossible, but not anymore! With various ways to cut down on costs without sacrificing the makings of a great trip, your much-anticipated family vacation in Paris is waiting. To get even more for less, book Paris apartment rentals short term.

As a more preferred choice, Paris rental apartments are perfect for any individual’s vacation plans. Whether it’s your first family vacation in the city, or not, you’ll get the most out of this more intimate Parisian experience in comfort, privacy and style. Additionally, lodging in short term apartment rentals with the whole family leads to substantial savings. Would you like to learn how to save more? There are several tips to consider.

There are plenty of apartment rentals that are comfortable and wonderful, that are far less expensive than hotels. Compared to hotels, which will charge their guests based on the number of people in their parties, Paris apartment rentals will charge the entire accommodation regardless of the number of people in a group. Beside, hotel rooms are generally smaller in Paris, thus staying in apartment rentals a more spacious place for your family to bond and relax.

Speaking of bonding, you can truly feel at home in apartment rentals. Enjoy cooking or watching your favorite TV programs together. Since most Paris apartment rentals short term comes with fully functional kitchens, cable or satellite TVs, and private bathrooms, you can save more compared to staying in hotels. In fact, most rentals provide coffee machines and toasters, which enable guests to enjoy dining in instead of spending money at restaurants.

More importantly, vacationing with children requires lodging in close proximity to Paris attractions included in your itinerary. Just imagine the expenses saved from traveling from one landmark to another. Luckily, you can stay in short term apartment rentals that are within walking distance. These Paris apartment rentals can help you save money and spend more time with your family.

If you want to learn more about Paris rentals, check out This website offers several types of apartments in popular areas of the city. You can make your family vacation more affordable with their short term Paris apartment rentals.

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Stay in Comfortable Paris Apartments for Rent, During Your Next Trip [24 Dec 2012|11:21am]

Whether you are a newlywed couple or a family who would like to stay in Paris for a vacation, you will definitely enjoy your trip if you choose to stay in Paris apartment rentals. If you are planning to stay at Ile Saint-Louis, below is a list of apartments that are currently available.

One-bedroom apartment (Bethune)

One of the most beautiful places in Paris is somewhere where you can see the river near Notre Dame and the Ile de la Cite. Luckily, this apartment has these views and more! This is perfect for couples because of its romantic riverbanks and 18th century architecture. This apartment has been refurbished with contemporary designs to meet your standards. This one bedroom apartment has two bathrooms with a bathtub, a fully equipped dining room, a kitchen, and a small balcony to take in all the views.

Two-bedroom apartment (Bell 5)

This apartment will make you feel as if you are back in the 17th century. At the same time it has modern furnishings and superb views. Many of the tourist attractions in Paris are also within walking distance; such as the Tuileries Garden, Champs Elysées, Pompidou Centre, the Louvre Museum, Sainte Chapelle, and many other sites of interest. This two-bedroom apartment is found on the first floor of a typical 17th century building and it is newly renovated to make your stay extremely comfortable.

Studio apartment (LEGR 23)

This apartment is highly recommended for its magnificent design and views. Cité, St. Michel Notre Dame, Pont Marie, and Sully-Morland RERB are some of the closest metro stops to this apartment, which can conveniently transport you to the CDG and ORLY airports. This apartment has an outstanding armoire-style double bed, a sofa bed, a bathroom, and a fully equipped kitchen.

Three-bedroom apartment (PONT18)

Appreciate the beauty of Paris and fall in love with the wonderful views in the city from this amazing apartment. It was recently renovated to meet the standards of guests. This apartment features a lounge, a large flat screen TV, two couches, a double bed, two single beds, and a bathroom with bathtub and shower. There is also a fully equipped kitchen. This is perfect for a large family or group because it is very spacious.

These are just some of great Paris apartments for rent. Visit for more Paris apartment rentals.

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You Finally Afford That Paris Vacation! [24 Dec 2012|11:20am]

If you have been wondering how your neighbor can afford to have a Paris vacation and you can’t, the answer is apartment rental. There are just so many advantages when you rent in Paris and all of these can make your vacation really affordable. More than just saving you thousands of dollars on your vacation, choosing an apartment rental can really make your vacation truly private and memorable. Here are some advantages when you rent in Paris.

First, when you rent apartment in Paris, you can save as much as fifty percent compared with staying in a hotel. And that is getting the more expensive apartments. There are plenty of Paris apartment rentals you can choose from, ranging from the extremely expensive to very affordable ones. The cheaper ones have the basic amenities and features that are comparable with the expensive ones. The basic differences are the architecture of the building, the décor, and other minor things. In any case, you can choose the average priced apartments and still save a lot of money than staying in a hotel.

Second, renting an apartment can make your stay private and more memorable because for a short period of time you have your own home in Paris. You can hang out at night or have early breakfast on the breakfast nook or in your very own kitchen. Looking back you will remember that vacation as very personal compared with staying in a hotel where everything is so cold and impersonal.

Third, if you are having family vacation, you can cook your own dinner and prepare your own breakfast and lunch, just like you are at home. This can actually save you a lot on meal expenses. Lastly, you can also cut down on your travel expenses. You can find many apartments that are near the famous places and tourist attractions in Paris. You can choose the ones that are within walking distance to many of them. Again if the whole family is with you, this can mean a big savings. And if you have younger children, having your place just nearby can really make your vacation hassle free.

Check out Paris Address’ web site and see for yourself the affordable Paris apartment rentals that are available whole year round. You can see that when you rent apartment in Paris, that Paris vacation is a dream that can finally come true.

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Have a Wonderful and Affordable Vacation with Paris Apartment Rentals [22 Nov 2012|10:37am]

When you think about having a family vacation to Paris the first thing that will come to your mind is how expensive that can be. The truth of the matter is that except for the air fare, having a vacation in Paris costs just the same as having a vacation somewhere else, whether that is in another country, another state or even just another city. This is because it all boils down to the basic and controllable expenses that come along with a vacation. Here are some tips on how you can have the most wonderful and yet affordable Paris vacation.

The bulk of the expense when having a vacation is the accommodations. Hotel accommodations can be really expensive. And when you think about it, there are better alternatives than staying on a hotel. Why pay for something that you will hardly use? During the day, you and the whole family will more likely be out. And at night, you will most likely be just sleeping. Wouldn’t it be better to rent an apartment instead? There are plenty of apartment rentals you can choose from. You can in fact find affordable short term rentals so whether you will be staying for a few days or even for just a week, you will not have any problem finding one.

Another major expense in having a vacation in Paris is the cost of food. Sure you would want to sample the famous Parisian delicacies but having your lunch and dinner on restaurants everyday is not a smart way to have a vacation. Now, if you rent an apartment, you can cook dinner at your home and prepare and pack lunch. All the Paris rentals have fully functional kitchens. In fact most of the Paris rentals even have coffee machines and toasters so that tenants can enjoy a cup of coffee at the comfort of their temporary home.

Traveling from one place to landmarks and attractions can also be quite expensive. Here, you can actually find apartment rentals that are within walking distance from Paris’ famous landmarks and attractions. These Paris apartment rentals short terms can save you time and money since they are in close proximity to the many attractions and landmarks.

If you want to learn more about Paris rentals, check out Paris Address’s website They have Paris apartment rentals short term> and long term.

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Find a Good Paris Rental in Ile St Louis, Paris [22 Nov 2012|10:36am]

Ile St Louis is truly a very gorgeously unique place in Paris. It is one of the few places in Paris where time seemed to have stood still. If you visit the small island you will be immediately transported to 17th century France. Everything around it looks and feels 17th century France. And yet it is just a few minutes away from the metropolis. It remains to be a residential district and yet there are many shops to keep the residents and visitors enjoying this lovely small island. So, if you are looking for Paris apartment rentals, you might want to check out Paris Address and see their beautiful Ile St Louis Paris apartments for rent.

If you are looking for Paris rentals, one of the best places to look is at Ile St Louis or near it. Whether you are planning on staying for a short period of time or indefinitely, you will be treated to one of the most magnificent towns in Paris. The view is spectacular and quite unique. It is a good respite from the busy and noisy metropolis. Walking to the small island is enough to make you feel relaxed and refreshed. Its many shops and cafes will make you feel that having a cup of coffee is indeed a luxury.

Now when it comes to Ile St Louis apartment rentals, you will find wide range of options. You can find short term or long term St Louis rentals. You can find Paris apartment rentals for singles, couples and families. These rentals have the best amenities and features. Wifi, for example, is something you can easily find available in many of these apartments. Needless to say, even in a place that seems to have come out of the 17th century gas, electricity and water is included. In fact in most of these apartments, include large and small appliances; such as refrigerators, hair dryers, and coffee makers. Thus, despite being surrounded by 17th century architecture, inside your apartment is what any modern apartment should be and should have. You will definitely have a wonderful stay in Paris. Now all you have to do is to find some time to enjoy the many things that Ile St Louis and Paris has to offer.

For more information on the best Paris apartments for rent, visit Paris Address’ web site

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Paris Apartment Rentals Vs Hotels [22 Nov 2012|10:36am]

Choosing a rental apartment over hotels is always a good choice. Whether you are traveling alone or vacationing with your loved ones or family you can find good short term rentals. They are affordable, completely furnished for your comfort and give you the privacy that no hotel can. It is like having your own place in the heart of Paris.

If you are traveling with your family, you can save a lot compared to staying in a hotel. And compared with staying in a two-star or three-star hotel, you can find a more beautiful and comfortable rental apartment for the same price. In fact, if you plan ahead, you can even find cheaper short term rentals that are more luxurious than the typical three or two-star hotels. And if you are travelling with the whole family or a group, you can definitely save more.

Aside from the savings, Paris rental apartments can really make your vacation more enjoyable. For example, after a day of exploring the city, you can retire in the comfort of your apartment and hang out with the rest of the family. You can bring home some French pastries and delicacies and have a midnight snack. Or if you are with your partner, you can have a very romantic nightcap. Doing these in a hotel room just doesn’t seem the same. There is something about having a place you can call your own even for just a few days or a week.

When looking for Paris apartment rentals short term, you can find exactly what you want for an apartment. For example, you can choose to find an apartment that is near the famous Paris museums and attractions. You can also find an apartment that has all the modern amenities, such as wifi, security features and other modern services. And if you want to live in a traditional period French home, there are also plenty of apartments you can choose from. Moreover, you can choose the size of the apartment that suits your preferences. If you are traveling alone or as couple, there are one bedroom apartments. If you are travelling with a group or with the whole family, you can rent a bigger one with several rooms and bathrooms.

For more information about Paris rental apartments, visit Paris Address’ website They have wide range of Paris apartment rentals short term and long term.

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Navigating Paris Rental Apartments [22 Nov 2012|10:36am]

The beauty of Paris is unmatched, its splendor is legendary and there is no controversy about its supreme elegance. These are some of the charming features and attributes that attract countless visitors to the city. They come in streams of tourists, vacationers, and fun seekers from every part of the globe. One of the consequences of the influx of guests and tourists is the proliferation of magnificent hotels and posh suites all over the city. However, not everyone can afford the mind-bending charges of many of these centers of hospitality. So coming to the rescue of those who want affordable but very comfortable accommodation are rentals.

Just as the name implies, these Paris apartment rentals cater to the needs of those who may need to rent cozy housing for a while. Today, these Paris apartment rentals are some of the most popular alternatives for many with entities like Paris Address( being leaders in the business. But with a city as big as the French capital and with endless streams of tourists, how can one navigate the convoluted world of the apartment rentals in Paris? Is there a place where one can access centralized information as far as these apartment rental Paris are concerned?

Before panic spreads in the air, the good news is that there is a complete, constantly-revised and properly-managed directory of the apartment rental Paris. As stated in the sections above, getting one of these important directories is not really much of a big deal. All a guest, tourist or vacationer needs to do is to get in touch with the relevant agencies and outfits like Paris Address where all the needed information will be provided with other details.

With this directory, the itinerary of every single visit or vacation can then be said to be complete. In the directories, details are provided on all the rentals in the city, where they are located (this includes the contact addresses), the number of rooms they have, the period of availability, the facilities on ground, the kind of services that are being provided and of course, the corresponding charges. The detailed nature of the directories make the navigation through the legendary city of Paris not just very easy, but also full of life, fun and pleasure. Not making use of the directories is only calling for chaos and disorder, especially for those who are not too familiar with Paris and its quarters.

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Memorable Vacations in Paris [22 Nov 2012|10:35am]

Thinking of a vacation in a historic city in Europe? Worry no more as the very best choice is Paris. For those who are still skeptical and doubtful, Paris still remains the most visited city on the planet. Every single year, over 40 million tourists, visitors, guests, vacationers, and fun seekers head for France and enjoy the cool atmosphere of the legendary city. To cope with the incredibly massive influx of people, there are countless apartment rentals to cater for the visitors. In the area of Paris apartment rentals, there are tried and tested hands and a very good example is Paris Address which gives out useful tips and suggestions to all guests at

To be factual, a very good vacation does not come cheap but at the same time, one does not have to rob a bank before having an experience of a lifetime. Paris can be a very expensive city to live in but that is not the case with the Paris apartment rentals.With these Paris apartments, there is no need to book for rooms at expensive hotels and inns all over the city. In other words, these Paris apartments short term rentals offer much more affordable and cost-effective accommodation options for the teeming guests.

However, trimming accommodation costs is not the only benefit that comes with the Paris apartments short term rentals. There is also no need to give outrageous tips to any hotel staff. Guests also have the luxury of selecting rentals that are very close to all the primary spots of attraction in the city of Paris. The French capital is known for having some of the most breath-taking tourist attractions. Some of these include the famed Tour d'Eiffel (also called the Tower of Gustave Eiffel), La Defense, Place de La Bastille, Champs-Elysees, Sorbonne (University of Paris), Notre Dame de La Paris, Tuileries Gardens, Opera Garnier, Place de l'Etoile, and so many others that cannot be listed out here.

Since living in the city or staying in the hotels can be very exorbitant or expensive for many, it makes a lot of economic sense to make use of the rentals. The respective amenities and provisions are also available at these rentals: power supply, water supply, clean bedding sheets, cooking devices such as kettles and toasters, air conditioning units, telecommunication gadgets, entertainment (like satellite television) and even Internet services are available.

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Adventure Time in Paris [10 Oct 2012|01:57pm]

Call a random group of thirty people out there and ask them for their vacation spot of choice and where they would really love to visit if they had the opportunity. It should not come as any surprise if a vast majority of the people questioned, choose Paris as their dream destinations. Well, for obvious reasons, millions of people troop into the French capital on an annual basis to enjoy all the experiences of a place where many have described as the most beautiful and romantic city on earth. What of the accommodation of the hordes of guests and visitors? There is actually no problem with that as there is an array of apartments that are in place for visitors to make use of.

These Paris apartments are some of the most luxurious ones that one can find anywhere in Europe. And in the real sense of it, securing an accommodation at any of the Paris apartments is quite easy and straightforward. This is particularly true for those who make use of agencies such as Paris Address. Very useful information on Paris Address and other similar Paris rental agencies in France can be found at complete with all the vacationer needs.

An adventure to this majestic capital cannot be said to be complete without making use of the Paris apartment rentals.With these Paris apartment rentals, one will not have to worry about where to stay during the entire period of vacation in the French capital.

It must also be stated that many prefer these rentals because of the many advantages that they derive from being clients. One is the freedom to select a site that is close to all the major attractions and principal landmarks. This will surely help minimize transportation and touring costs. Also, visitors will be able to have that unique ability to take a look across the window and see the amazing sights of Paris. These include the serene Seine River, the grandiose Tower of Eiffel, La Defense, Palais d'Elysees, La Louvre, and so many others that are just too numerous to be mentioned.

Also, these rentals come at affordable prices despite the fact that the quality is in no way diminished or reduced. There are showers, very comfortable beddings, gas supply, electricity, communication gadgets, iron boards, toasters, cookers, and all other devices that will make a guest feel truly at home.

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Making the Best of a Paris Family Vacation [10 Oct 2012|01:51pm]

This is the 21st century and with the advances in science and technology, traveling from one point to the other is now easier than ever. Vacations are some of the most popular pastimes and they are even much more spectacular when they are family-oriented. And for many obvious reasons, the French capital city of Paris is one of the most attractive spots on earth and the delight of family vacationers. For those who desire that perfect family getaway, a vacation rental in Paris is the most ideal. There are countless reasons, or better still, benefits and advantages that come with Paris rentals for a family vacation.

One thing with organizing and coordinating a vacation for the whole family is that in most cases, it does not come cheap. However, there are steps that can be taken to cut the costs and keep it as low as possible when vacationing overseas with the family. Very useful steps and procedures are provided by outfits such as Paris Address ( and a number of other sites.

To save well and make use of cost-effective strategies as a family vacationer, the following are some of the steps that can be taken for Paris rentals. The first way to avoid increased debt is to book early. By booking early, a family is not only able to get the very best deals, the booking is also made at a time when the demand is not too high and prices are low which makes the offer more pocket-friendly. Something parallel to this that can be done is to get useful information early on short term rentals about all the deals, offers and even more importantly, the discounts and price rebates that they have.

But cutting the cost is not the only advantage that comes with Paris apartment rentals short term. You can be making fantastic dinners even when away from home due to their convenient amenities or you can choose to go out because of their superb location with regards to local hot spots. And for those who are really economic with funds, there is no need to give away those constant tips. In short, going for a family rental vacation in Paris does not mean one has to empty the account or go bankrupt as there are various cost-effective options that anyone can always consider. As mentioned earlier, getting in touch with high-quality agents and rental outfits like Paris Address is one of the most effective steps to take when one is considering getting the maximum value for the money spent on Paris apartment rentals short term.

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Paris and Rentals [10 Oct 2012|01:51pm]

Talking of cities with radiance and majesty, the French capital is right there at the very top. One of the most romantic cities on earth, Paris is one amazingly enchanting city. Actually, it is the most visited city on the planet, with tens of millions of tourists trooping in on an annual basis. That brings about the whole concept of apartments and rentals. There are various apartment rentals in the city and all are rented at various prices. In this regard, visitors to the Ile St Louis quarters of the city can always make their bookings and have a nice stay while there.

There are various organizations in the city offering amazing accommodations to visitors and guests. One of these is Paris Address which is known for top-grade and high-quality rentals. Further details on Paris apartment rentals short term can be sourced here:

At any of these apartment rentals, a visitor is sure of getting the most impressive basic amenities and provisions. These include constant electricity, a reliable water supply, and gas supply, which allows guests to cook or warm rooms. Refrigerators are also provided and these come in very handy during summer when cold drinks are not just ideal, they are also refreshing. No extra charge is to be paid on the fridges and other similar devices provided in the room.

Gleaming bed linens and sparkling clean towels are also provided at all times. The laundry sections of these Paris rentals ensure that no visitor meets a dirty bedspread or crumpled pillow cases. For the fashion-conscious visitors and guests, there are hair dryers in the rooms and in addition to all these; there are other provisions for preparing foods or snacks. Thus, kettles, coffeemakers and bread toasters are in place for whoever is in need. All these are provided at no additional cost and the apartments themselves are set in very tranquil environments. All you have to do is book on time and get in touch with the most relevant agents like those of Paris Address.

And for clients who wish for the most convenient transactions, credit cards are accepted at these rentals and there is absolutely no need to carry cash around. These rental apartments are not just limited to Ile St Louis quarters but are also available in other parts of the city, such as Louvre, Marais, Quartier Latin and the legendary Tour Eiffel. A Paris short term apartment rental trial will convince even the most skeptical of guests because the services are of the very best quality.

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Paris and Its Wonders [10 Oct 2012|01:50pm]

There is a saying that goes like this, “See Paris and die!” That saying came about and it lives on till today. Without any doubt, Paris is a city in its own class. Its opulence is unmatched while its brilliance cannot be compared with any other city on the planet. It will be nice to point out some of the most fascinating sites in this ageless French capital. These include the legendary Seine River, La Louvre, La Defense, Palais d'Elysees, Hotel de Ville, Tuileries Garden, Place de la Concorde, Place de l'Etoile, Tour d'Eiffel, Place de la Bastille, Quartier Latin, Arc de Triomphe (the Arch of Triumph), and so many others. There are numerous visitors that go sightseeing and for them, accommodation is a major issue. That brings into the picture the ubiquitous Paris apartment.

Paris rentals are not a new phenomenon in the landscape of the city and the truth be told, they serve a very useful purpose. Being one of the most densely cities on earth, there is also the need for proper infrastructure to be in place to take very good care of those trooping into the city on a daily basis. So obviously, there is the need for hotels, inns, guesthouses, and the apartments which are rented out.

Talking of Paris apartments, Paris Address is one of the most experienced and trusted hands in the industry. All the needed information is available on the Internet and can be sourced here ( and a number of other sources. These Paris rental apartments serve as cheaper alternatives to the very exotic hotels that charge just too much for many of the tourists. And one thing with these Paris rental apartments is that many of them are located within the proximity of some of the most important landmarks of Paris. In this way, one can stay in a rented apartment that overlooks the beautiful River Seine that flows through the city.

These Paris apartments also offer the clients what they are actually offered at the hotels. There are sparkling clean beds, soft pillows, clean and potable water support, electricity and prompt laundry services are also available. There is also provision for proper communications with the outside world, and that explains the presence of telecommunication gadgets, the Internet connection and the satellite television. With all these in place, a visitor feels at home -even when he or she is far away from home.

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Finding a Pocket-Friendly Appartement a Louer Paris [10 Oct 2012|01:40pm]

As statistics suggests, the footfall of tourists in Paris has earned it a place in the top 5 most visited cities in the world. Paris with its rich culture and heritage along with its tag of being a city of romance has attracted people from all over the world. The presence of Eiffel Tower in the city adds the icing to the cake. On the contrary, Paris is one of the costliest cities in the world as a result of which accommodation prices play a major role in a visit. Hotel rents in Paris are quite on the higher side making apartments or rented apartments a better choice.

Paris is a city with its own vibe, with a personable environment and ambience. Staying at an appartement a louer Paris one can experience the life of Paris and can intimate themselves with various aspects of the city. Living in an apartment is quite unlike living in a hotel, where the days are methodical with particular times to wake up and go on scheduled trips.

At a rented apartment one can decide one’s own itinerary and form a perfect balance between sight-seeing and time for relaxation. Very often people visiting Paris make shorter trips to reduce their costs and in the end have a tight packed schedule of visiting many a monument in a short period of time. On the other hand, apartments can be availed for a week or even for a month at budget-friendly prices.

One may wonder that hotels have their own websites and offer online booking but whether it is the same for rented apartments. Paris Address, an organization dealing in appartement a louer Paris has brought all kinds of rented apartments with various amenities are under one website to help tourists find the right one for themselves. One can choose an apartment based on the number of guests, bedrooms, and the number of sleeping beds available along with other features like Wi Fi, internet, cable TV etc. One can find an appartement a louer Paris in all parts of the city based on the location they prefer for staying.

Visit to check out the various accommodations in Paris. Booking an apartment is easy with payment of 30% of the total cost with either wired transfer or by credit card. The remaining amount is to be paid within one month before arrival date.

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Enjoy a Luxurious Stay with Paris Address [22 Sep 2012|11:42am]

There are few people in the world who would give up an opportunity of visiting Paris if they have one in a lifetime. Paris, home to the charming Eiffel Tower, is one of the most visited destinations all over the globe. Other than the Eiffel Tower, Paris also houses the world famous Notre Dame Cathedral and Arc De Triomphe along with Louvre Museum and Place De La Concorde. Paris is also known to be one of the costliest cities of the world and hence a trip to Paris should be well planned and cost effective. Being an extravagant city, staying at a hotel in Paris doesn’t come cheap. Visiting with friends and family a Paris apartment is the way to go with an affordable, yet comfortable space to live in.

Now the question that rises is how to find a rental house before preparing for a visit to the city. Paris Address is an organization which deals in finding well located and luxuriously furnished Paris rental apartments for a trip with different rents suiting various budgets. One can search for Paris apartments ranging over all districts ranging from Auteuil-Passy to Marais at the comfort of their home. Searching for an apartment is fairly customized with parameters like number of guests, bedrooms, and sleeping beds. One can consider these Paris rental apartments as their home base to rejuvenate themselves after a tiring and adventurous day sightseeing in the city.

These Paris apartments are also suitable for people visiting for official purposes as the apartments are also available on monthly rents other than the standard weekly format. One can also choose their apartment based on the parameters that they need during their stay, e.g. air conditions, bathtubs, terrace, internet, Wi-Fi etc.

Paris Address is based in Paris and is responsible for direct maintenance of the apartments. Once one books an apartment with them they prepare a welcome ceremony as well as an adieu ceremony for the visitors. They also offer 24x7 services for and difficulties or issues the visitors may be facing. To book a hotel one can visit and choose an apartment based on their suitable parameters. Once zeroed in on an apartment, one needs to pay about 30% of the rental as an advance by multiple methods including credit card and wire transfer. The remaining part of payment is to be disbursed within 1 month before the arrival date. Visit their webpage to check out the apartments available with all enlisted details.

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Do You Need An Apartment in Paris? [22 Sep 2012|11:41am]

Staying in Paris even for just for a single night is the dream of many. But the truth is told, even in this great European capital, there are apartments and there are apartments that truly stand apart. If one does not get the right information and act on such, getting the ideal apartment rental may not be easy or straightforward. In order to forestall such, there is the need to get across to tested and trusted names in the hospitality industry. One example that readily comes to mind here is Paris Address, which provides impressive information for those in need at, just as there are other places where similar details can be sourced as far as Paris apartments rentals are concerned.

There are so many advantages that come with staying one of the many Paris apartment rentals. If you have always had it in mind to enjoy your free time and have that adventure of a lifetime, Paris is actually one of the very best places to head to. From the legendary Eiffel Tower to the serene Seine River, one can soak in the beauty and charm of the French nation in the timeless city of Paris. Staying in an apartment rental is one way of ensuring that you get the best while there.

For those who are familiar with the whole idea and concept of Paris apartment rentals, the core objective is to provide adequate and comfortable accommodation for all, and at prices that are very affordable too. A typical Paris apartment is said to have certain features that will make sure that you feel very much at home, even when you are away from home. Provisions made available to the guests include air conditioning units, dishwashers, soft upholstery, free Wi-Fi internet access and even facilities for users who are either disabled or have reduced mobility due to one reason or the other.

From all that has been said, it is quite easy and stress-free for anyone interested in getting an apartment in Paris to actually secure a very nice one. The secret to doing that and having a lasting memory of the glittering city is to press the right buttons. This is very important especially when one views it from the angle that a perfect vacation or getaway is not possible with the ideal accommodation or shelter. Thus, staying in Paris can be said to be one thing, while staying in the most comfortable and luxurious of places is a different ball game entirely.

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Tips on Saving While on Vacation [22 Sep 2012|11:41am]

For almost every family, a year cannot be said to end in a very spectacular way if there is no annual vacation. In a world brimming with premium tourist hotspots, luxurious destinations and those tempting white-sand beaches of the Caribbean, a vacation is understandably ideal for a family. Paris, the beautiful capital city of France is one of the most visited vacation spots on the planet. Therefore, the issue of apartment rentals is one that is always occupying the top of the list, talking of a short term apartment rental. But one thing that cannot be denied with vacations is that as lovely as they are, a vacation can burn a really deep hole in your pocket.

Well, as far Paris apartment rentals are concerned, there are numerous ways by which you can cut cost and even save money. One of such tips is to incorporate the idea of Paris short term apartment rental in your itinerary. Taking steps to go for affordable and pocket-friendly measures is a nice idea, in addition to the fact that it also comes with its own perks. Paris Address is one organization that is very good at making such arrangements for families who want to have the vacations of their lives without having to declare bankruptcy at the end of the day. offers very insightful details on these tempting offers and packages.

By going for the right package among the array of Paris apartment rentals, you are at liberty to enjoy a number of conveniences. The ability to cook dinners (at affordable rates, of course) even while you are far away from home and not having to give any tip to the hotel or inn staff definitely puts you in an advantageous position. One other thing that you will be able to enjoy is the proximity to the major landmarks and spots of attractions, and in a city as majestic as Paris, that is a really beneficial reason to be taken into consideration while planning your vacation.

Paris short term apartment rental has to be put into the picture especially if one is a frequent traveler, tourist or even one in search of a decent place to stay for a while in Paris. Again, because of the abundance of the choices open to an individual, it is always good to look out for the amenities provided in each of the apartments. These include comfortable beddings, bathrooms with shower, bars, dishwashers, ovens, and walk-in-shower or lift.

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Getting Nice Apartments in Paris [22 Sep 2012|11:40am]

Without the smallest hint of a doubt, the French capital is surely one of the most enchanting and romantic cities on earth. The allure of Paris is one that millions of tourists across the globe find almost impossible to resist, leading to a very impressive influx of visitors, guests and tourists from all parts of the globe. That brings the topic of accommodation to the fore. Proper shelter is one of the most crucial components of a perfect vacation or honeymoon. Thus, it is a little surprise that Paris apartments are hugely popular in the glittering city. Understandably, the business of apartment rentals is one of the most productive.

However, like every other visitor or tourist who wants to have a truly memorable experience, one has to be choosy when it comes to making a selection of Paris apartments. In this regard, there are various places where individuals or groups can get highly-relevant and useful information on apartment rentals and without mincing words, Paris Address is one of such places. Vital information and details on accommodation in the city can be scooped up from and a host of other similar websites.

For those who are quite familiar with the concept of Paris apartment rentals, there are certain things that one must look out for when it comes to eventually settling for a particular building. These features are directly linked to the comfort of the guests, and these include all gadgets of information and telecommunication such as cable television, telephones and the Internet. Air conditioning units are regarded more or less as 'rights' while the microwave oven is not even negotiable in many Paris apartment rentals. In addition to these, the beddings must be sparkling clean, the water has to be running constantly and in many cases, an access or pathway must be provided for disabled or handicapped users. These are just a few of some of the factors that are usually put into consideration when going for an apartment in Paris.

Also, because Paris is such a majestic beauty, apartments that offer better and more scenic views of the city and its legendary Seine River tend to gain more attention and are rushed or preferred by many. At the end, it is seen that the most important factors that one must have in mind when settling for these apartments are those related to cost, comfort, luxury, presence of the basic amenities, the location or even the architecture.

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Rent an Apartment: Enjoy Best of Paris [22 Sep 2012|11:39am]

Known to the world for its famous Eiffel tower, Paris, the capital city of France finds itself as one of the most visited cities all over the world. Paris is an epitome of culture and heritage with its history as a major city dating back to the 12th century. Paris is also famed for its art and culture, hence attracting people globally. Paris is quite costly compared to other cities worldwide and hence accommodation is costly as well. Choosing a Paris short term apartment rental over hotels often saves costs and makes the experience more personal and enjoyable. With Paris apartments for rent one can freely decide their itinerary for the day and tour around the various attractions throughout the city on their very own.

Paris is also well known for many other locations in the city. Notre Dame Cathedral, established in 1163 entices tourists from all over the world for its design, sculpture, and statuettes. Louvre Museum, once used as a palace, is famous all over the world for its archaic collections. Arc De Triomphe also finds its place in the covetous list of monuments being contracted to pay tribute to Napoleon Bonaparte, the fearless French Leader. Champs-Elysées, a street connecting Concorde to the Arc is famous for being extravagant bordered by shops, theatres, and multiplexes. One can visit the Sacre Cour built in 1914 in the Roman Byzantine style.

Paris Address, an organization, which deals in finding the right Paris short term apartment rental for visiting tourists, has a list of apartments all around Paris. One can be eclectic about their choice by choosing an apartment near the attraction, which entices those most or in a central location from where the monuments are better accessible. Unlike hotel rooms where the tourist is charged by the day, making it a costly venture, Paris apartments for rent offers a cheaper solution with weekly or monthly payments making it both convenient and budget friendly.

For sports lovers, Paris also hosts the Roland Garros in June-July every year. It distends over two weeks with the best tennis players arriving for the tournament. Paris apartments for rent are the way to go for this two week fiesta to roam around the city independently and catch up with the matches as well.

Visit for a quote on the prices and the locations of Paris short term apartment rental. It is convenient to choose an apartment based on the required amenities and services and booking a suitable place with a 30% advance payment.

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