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Dorrek VIII ([info]notallhunkydory) wrote,
@ 2011-01-07 15:48:00

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App for Exiles

Player (nickname, handle)/ LJ: Kaylin/clayin
Email: chirospasm22 (at) gmail (dot) com
AIM: chirospasm22

Character Name: Dorrek VIII
Aliases: K’rys, Dorian “Dory” Valentine
Character LJ: notallhunkydory
Physical description: Dorrek will primarily use his natural shape, which is roughly analogous to that of a handsome male Caucasian human in his early twenties. He has pinkish skin, blond hair, blue eyes, and an athletic build. He is six-feet, one-inch tall; and about two-hundred ten pounds, though he doesn’t look it due to denser-than-human muscle tissue. However, his appearance is infinitely variable due to his shape-shifting abilities.
Age: 22
PB: Leif Stacey

--Shape-shifting: Being half-Skrull, Dorrek is capable of remarkable feats of shape-shifting. He can use this to freely alter his appearance in a protoplasmic manner and impersonate other beings. This ability is also used unconsciously to adapt to a given situation, such as moving vital organs to protect them or providing immunity to pheromone mind-control powers.
--Mimicry: Skrulls are excellent mimics. Dorrek can mimic voice and body-language after very little exposure to a subject.
--Superhuman durability: Due to his shape-shifting abilities, Dorrek can create plates of thick, dense skin to protect him from injury.
--Healing factor: Also due to his shape-shifting, Dorrek can regenerate injured tissue at an extraordinary rate.
--Superhuman strength: In fact, it is even super-Kree strength, due to his mixed heritage. While he’s not up to the level of “trading punches with the Thing”, he can be counted on the lower end of that weight class.
--Some combat training: Dorrek has trained with both the Super-Skrull and the Avengers.
--Excellent stealth agent: See shape-shifting and mimicry.
--Multi-lingual: Speaks fluent Skrullos and English, and passable Kree.

Weaknesses and flaws:
--Tends to rely on his super-strength and durability to win fights rather than his training, trusting that his healing factor and unconscious shifting can take care of whatever damage he does take.
--Is very protective of his personal information and prone to using an assumed identity when he meets people. This, understandably, has a tendency to piss off his allies when they find out that he’s been lying to them.
--Dorrek has two major berserk buttons: his mother and harm coming to Billy Maximoff. And you won’t like him when he’s angry.
--Holds grudges like whoa.

Character location/Home: Avengers’ Mansion, Earth-432
Alignment: Hero

Relatives: Dorrek VII (grandfather, deceased), R’Klll (grandmother, deceased), Anelle (mother, deceased), Mar-Vell (father, deceased), Dezan (great-uncle, unknown), Genis-Vell (half-brother, living), Phyla-Vell (half-sister, living), Sera’l (caretaker, living)

When the Skrull princess Anelle hatched the half-Skrull half-Kree son of Captain Mar-Vell, she named him after her father in the hope that it would keep the child safe. However, Dorrek VII was horrified that his daughter had fallen in love with one of the Skrull’s greatest enemies and attempted to destroy the evidence himself. Protecting her son, Anelle struck her father and, by horrible accident, killed him on the spot. The Empress R’Klll wasn’t about to allow her traumatized daughter to go on trial, so she hushed up the real circumstances and smuggled Anelle and infant Dorrek off the Throneworld in the care of a trusted nurse. While Anelle recuperated, R’Klll took control of the Skrull Empire for herself, an unprecedented move for a female.

Dorrek was four by the time his mother’s mental state and his grandmother’s control of the Empire were both stable enough for the princess and her son to return to the Throneworld. R’Klll assigned the nurse, Sera’l, to accompany Anelle and pretend to be Dorrek’s mother, while requiring Dorrek to use another name and alter his appearance so that he looked like a full-blooded Skrull. “K’rys” was also discouraged from interacting with other children. He learned quickly to stay out of his grandmother’s way, and spent most of his time people-watching quietly from various corners. Only within Anelle and Sera’l’s shared quarters was he permitted to wear his own face and behave like an ordinary child; both women doted on him and he was fiercely devoted to them. When he was nine, a servant discovered an apparent Kree child running around in the princess’ quarters and, when it was clear she wouldn’t be silenced any other way, was executed. Dorrek was horrified and began using his K’rys identity exclusively.

At age thirteen, Dorrek began developing super-strength. As a cover-up, Empress R’Klll pretended to enroll him in a Super-Skrull training course. He was not actually given the treatments; his strength allowed him to fake the Thing’s powers and his increased density provided him with the mass to fake Mr. Fantastic’s abilities. Unable to produce flames or forcefields, “K’rys” flunked out of the program. Explanation for any “accidents” in place, his grandmother, mother, and nurse relaxed.

Unfortunately, the masquerade finally did come undone when Dorrek was seventeen. Dorrek never even learned how or what happened; Sera’l woke him from a sound sleep and hustled him on board a small ship, barely pausing long enough for Anelle to say good-bye. The princess had chosen to remain behind to help her mother attempt to restore order, but she instructed her son and his caretaker to go to Earth and beg asylum from the Avengers in his father’s name. Dorrek didn’t want to leave his mother behind, but she brooked no argument and promised to contact them when it was safe to return.

Dorrek and Sera’l made it safely to Earth and successfully obtained the Avengers’ protection, though Dorrek told them that they only required it for a short period. It was at this time that he met William and Thomas Maximoff, the sons of the Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

While Dorrek and Tommy could get along with each other reasonably well, Dorrek felt an instant (and reciprocated) connection with Billy. The two of them spent most of their free time together, Billy enthusiastically teaching Dorrek about life on Earth and Dorrek eagerly absorbing everything that Billy felt the whim to throw his way. Dorrek even joined the jokingly named “Young Avengers” team of Avengers’ children, and adopted the human identity of Dorian Valentine so that he could attend school, though he reminded the Avengers that he would eventually return to his home. Interestingly, he never said this where Billy could hear him.

On the twins’ eighteenth birthday, Billy kissed Dorrek. Things proceeded happily from there for the next month and a half, until Dorrek finally received word from the Throneworld: Princess Anelle’s severed head in a box. Dorrek promptly had a psychological meltdown and leveled a portion of the Avengers’ Mansion before Billy and Sera’l were able to calm him down. Between the psychological damage and the physical damage from picking a fight with one of the few buildings that could actually fight back, Dorrek was out of commission for a month. He refused to see anyone but Sera’l for several weeks until Billy teleported himself into Dorrek’s room and the two had a great big screaming fight that resolved in both of them clinging to the other and sobbing.

Eventually, Dorrek appeared to recover, and began teaching himself about the Kree from information not provided by the Skrull government. He also began making attempts to contact his half-siblings, although he had an ulterior motive: the destruction of the Skrull Empire. It seemed only just after what they had done to his mother. This particular motive eventually came to light, resulting in another big screaming fight between Dorrek and Billy which ended in the two of them breaking up and Dorrek packing some things and leaving Avengers’ Mansion. He called irregularly to assure Sera’l that he was all right, but it proved to be remarkably difficult to track down someone who could look like anyone when his ex-boyfriend is still too angry to cast a tracking spell.

Dorrek traveled around the country, performing some street-level heroics and eventually reached Los Angeles. By some twist of fate, he ran into a lesser Skrull prince by the name of Xavin who he’d met in Super-Skrull Training. Intending to pick a fight, Dorrek instead learned that, since his last call to New York, the Throneworld had been eaten by Galactus and that the Empire had fallen into disarray. He promptly called the Avengers for pick-up, ignoring Xavin’s entreaties that he return to reunite the Empire.

A few months after the twins’ nineteenth birthday, Billy and Dorrek began dating again; to the relief of everyone who spent more than ten minutes in a room with them. The Skrulls made contact many more times over the ensuing two years, but Dorrek firmly refused each time. After the third attempted kidnapping attempt, Dorrek consulted with Sera’l and learned of the existence of his great-uncle Dezan. He contacted the Skrulls, named his great-uncle his heir, named the disgraced Super-Skrull Kl’rt reagent until his great-uncle could be found, and officially abdicated.

One of the reasons Dorrek had finally called off the game was that his relationship with Billy had been becoming more and more serious, and he wanted to take it to the next level. After doing some research, sneakily obtaining Billy’s ring size, and asking the Scarlet Witch and the Vision for their permission, Dorrek went out and bought a ring to propose.

How do you plan to introduce the character to the game?: Dorrek had just returned to the Avengers’ Mansion with a ring and was searching for Billy so that he could propose when he was tapped to join the Exiles.

What are you planning to do with this character?: Take over some of the Team Tank duties from Sarah and assist in information gathering and subterfuge.

What do you want to see happen with this character?: Having to deal with alternate versions of Billy and with versions of the Skrulls.

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