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[27 Feb 2008|01:55am]
Soooooooo....I'm alive! But just barely, for now. I've been sick. Perhaps I'll update more later? As in, before work tomorrow? Wait, as in before I go to the tattoo shop, which will be before work tomorrow?

Fuck it, I'll update a bit now.

I don't remember last time I actually updated...hmm. So everyone knows about Adrian, right? If not, either you'll figure it out, or you can ask, cos I'm pretty sure I've written about him before.

We're still together, in fact I went and picked him up from Olympia last night, he stayed at my house, he'll be here on Thursday after work too! That makes me happy.

Um...hmm...I've been sick, with the flu for the past like, 3 or 4 days. I didn't think I was getting really sick at first, I was at the shop watching piercings, and I noticed I was getting a headache, and it only got worse and worse as the day/night went on. The next day I was dead. I had to call into work and not go in 2 days in a row, but they called me in today, and I'm not completely over being sick, but my fever is FINALLY gone as of last night, so thats good.

Hmm. Did I mention previously that my goal for the future is to now be a piercer? Tommy is sortof apprenticing me right now, but since he's still learning himself (he was an apprentice to Markus before, but he's "professional" now, but there are some piercings he's never done) he's not completely comfortable in fully apprenticing me until probably next year. But he's letting me watch all his piercings that he does, and when he tells them I'm going to be watching, he introduces me as his apprentice, so I feel all fancy. :D I get to watch, and help him out with things sometimes, so thats awesome. And I really am learning a lot. I'm so excited. Usually when people come in to get pierced, we only get like, lip piercings, nostril piercings, and random ear piercings, so those are cool to watch and stuff, but they get kinda monotonous, cos I've seen them so much. BUT! The other day I got to watch Tommy pierce a girl's nipples, and this guy came in to get a frenum piercing (which is on the penis), and I got to watch both! Those were awesome and different! And today I got to watch a septum piercing. So pretty much if you were to talk to me on the phone, most of what I talk about is piercing stuff.

I got new piercings recently. I got double eyebrow piercings on the right side. I'll take pictures as soon as I don't look like shit anymore.

Thats really all I know to say right now. Oh, I've started video blogging on youtube, you can find me, and SUBSCRIBE to me here:

Also, I'm part of a video project on youtube, where there are 5 of us, and every day of the week each of us posts a video. We're on week 2 now, and it could get fun and exciting soon, so please go subscribe!

The place where we got the idea for the project is from these guys, which you should also go love, cos they're awesome, and love Harry Potter, and a few of them are wizard rockers!

It might also be worthwhile to check out

And, because I'm totally in love with John and Hank Green, and I think everyone else should be too, and you should all watch Brotherhood 2.0 religiously from the VERY BEGINNING, go here:

Trust me, you'll love John and Hank. They're awesome.
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10 [13 Feb 2008|01:53am]
Book List 2008

1. Looking for Alaska by John Green
Started: Febrary 2, 2008
Finished: February 9, 2008
Pages: 221
Opinion: I LOVED this book! I cried like a baby, and I'd highly recommend it to EVERYONE!

2. "Hello," I Lied by M.E. Kerr
Started: February 9, 2008
Finished: February 12, 2008
Pages: 171
Opinion: I actually really hated this book. It was horribly written. It made me understand how I SHOULDN'T write things. Its choppy, and corny, and very cliche. Don't read it. Just run away and read Looking for Alaska instead. :)

Total Pages Read: 392
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9 [13 Feb 2008|01:46am]
9I got a new tattoo today! I love it! Markus did it. I asked him for a pin-up girl, with a gun, and he drew this up, in an hour. He's still got to add the colour, and a background, which we haven't decided on yet, but still, here's the general idea of it!

What do you think?
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8 [10 Feb 2008|06:56pm]
I just wanted to tell everyone that I redownloaded AIM a second ago, my new screen name is:


Add me!

Also, I think its swell that Cassie is one of the top 5 scribbld users!
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7 [09 Feb 2008|12:30pm]
I just finished reading the book <i>Looking for Alaska</i> by John Green, and I think it is my second favourite book (my first being <i>Perks of Being a Wallflower</i> by Stephen Chbosky). I cried like a baby, at work none the less, and fell in love with it, and it makes me feel good. I highly reccommend it to anyone wanting to read something good.

I've decided to keep track of ALL the books I read this year, and how many pages I read as well. I tend to read books multiple times, so if you see something twice on my list as it grows, its all good.

<center><b>Book List 2008</b>

1. <i>Looking for Alaska</i> by John Green
Started: Febrary 2, 2008
Finished: February 8, 2008
Pages: 221

Total Pages Read: 221
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6 [23 Jan 2008|04:13pm]
First off, I want to say that I'm very, completely, totally devastated that Heath Ledger is dead. I found out yesterday by Adrian. I was in the other room, and he was on the computer, and I walked in the room and he told me. I thought it was a mistake, like he meant that Brad Renfro died, cos he did a few days ago, and I was sad about that too, but not nearly as much. But then he opened the msnbc page about it, and it was true. I cried yesterday about it. I'm such a baby, but he was a great actor.

I've been in Olympia since Sunday, woot! I'm going home in a few hours, my mom is coming to get me. I see myself watching The L Word when I get home. And drowning myself on the internet. There was something else I was going to do when I get home, but I can't remember at all what it is. Hmm. Upload pictures, play Guitar Hero, talk my sister into bringing Guitar Hero 3 to my house, lucky bastard.

Adrian will be down this weekend, mostly to hang with his friends, but on Saturday he's getting his nose pierced, thats exciting! I want mine done again, but I know it never works for me. Meh.

This entry is really pointless now that I think about it. It feels like I have so much to say, but really I don't.

I bought Boondock Saints yesterday. :D That movie makes me so happy.

I really have nothing else to say at the moment. Well, I probably do, I just can't think of it.

The last thing I'll say is that I hope everything works out for Sam and Eddie, cos it makes me sad that they're fighting and seperated now.
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5 [17 Jan 2008|02:05am]
Have you ever had those days where you just really want to write something, really really bad (or if you don't write, then the equivalent to that, whatever it is you do...) but when you get a little tiny spark of something in your brain, when you sit down to fully form it, it just doesn't work out? Thats how I've been since yesterday. I REALLY want to write something, anything, and its just not happening. I know you aren't supposed to force these things, but its been ages since I've written, and its starting to drive me insane. It makes me feel useless, because I know I'm good at writing, and its not happening. Another problem with my writing is that I wish I were more versatile. I wish I could write something that everyone enjoyed, not just certain groups of people. I've got close close friends who will never read some of the things I have written, or will write, because it just doesn't suit them, or they'd find it inappropriate. I could never let my own mother read half of the stuff I write. I write graphic, raunchy sex scenes, and I've heard I write them well.

I also wish I could take constructive critism better. I hate when I post one of my stories somewhere, and somebody gives it to me. When I read what they have to say, to me, its actually just ripping apart my story and forcing me to take away all the stuff that I personally like about it. Sometimes I can't even let my best friends read my things for fear of them ripping them apart. Well, thats not true, I just feel like that sometimes, I always let them read things, as long as they're willing. Usually what they have to say does end up helping me, but at first I just feel that everything I've written is shit.

I can't write "normal" things, whatever that is. And when I try to, it either turns out to be some really horrible teen story/novel, or something that is mimicking a different author, and everyone who reads it knows it. Like my novel that I wrote in 2006, I love it, completely, but when you read it, it just oozes Perks of Being A Wallflower. I don't know how to get away from that. It makes me feel like maybe I should never read another book/story ever, so I'm not tainted, but then I'd become all unintelligent and thats not cool. Its frustrating, totally.

I dunno...somebody inspire me. I thought that Ingrid Michaelson was inspiring me, but in the end I just sat here, staring at the blank page.
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4 [15 Jan 2008|02:11pm]
[ mood | hungry ]
[ music | Rock This Town - Stray Cats ]

Okay wow, a *real* update for you! Hooray! I really haven't been doing much. Lets see, I never talk to Victoria anymore, cos she's a drunk loser who has no clue about anything, ever. But the good thing is that back 2 weeks ago, around New Years, lots of stuff happened. Here's a mini update about it:

Friday, December 28 -

Me and my friend Shad went to Seattle, and we went clubbing. We went to this gay club called Neighbors. He danced the night away with this guy named Kasey, who ended up kissing me. Gross. And I danced with this guy named Ryan, who was sweet and all, but way too old for me. Me and Shad got suuuuuper drunk, and it was fun.

Saturday, December 29 -

My mom and Carolyn took me to a gay bar, haha. They got me totally shit faced, and I was hitting on this girl working at the bar. They made fun of me for it. The whole night I was texting my friend Adrian, who lives down the street from the bar, he was partying with his friend and invited me over, but instead I said I'd come up the next day and we'd party.

Sunday, December 30 (New Year's Eve) -

I went to Adrian's house early, we hung out, then got drunk on disgusting watermelon vodka, never again. But it was fun. We started talking, and I admitted I'd liked him for a long time, and he was always my favourite person. I told him I thought he was sexy. He told me he liked me too, and we started kissing. Then it was almost midnight, so we were laying on the couch, and he was like, "I'm supposed to kiss you at midnight", and he did.

So since then, me and Adrian have been together. He's wonderful. He's not like anyone I've ever been with. He's sweet, and a little shy, and adorable, and I just love to look him in the eyes, and when he looks back I get all excited and butterflies are in my stomach and stuff. Hehe.

On a different note, the other day my friend Ryan texted me asking me if I was interested in playing in a band with him, my friend Josh, and this kid that was in band with us, Ben. I said yes, but I didn't know what he wanted me to play. It turns out he wants me to play bass, and maybe sing occasionally. Now let me start off by saying that I SUCK at the bass, and yeah, I'm lame. But today he came over and taught me the two songs they've written, and I totally rocked them, and it was marvelous. So it looks like I'm in! Whoooo! Mission: accomplished.

So now I just gotta wait and see when practice is, he said it'll most likely either be later today, or Thursday.

Thats all I've got for right now.

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3 [15 Jan 2008|02:05am]
o1. Harry/Draco - Winners Never Cheat (Unless They're Slytherin) by dysonrules @ LJ -
o2. Marauders & Sirius/Remus - Shoebox Project by dorkorific and ladyjaida @ LJ -
o3. Harry/Draco - Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone by Azhure and Wintermoon @ -
o4. Harry/Draco - Time Out of Place by Cosmic @ Schnoogle -
o5. Harry/Draco - Beneath You by Cinnamon @ Schnoogle -
o6. Draco/Ron - Unbecoming by Cinnamon @ Schnoogle -
o7. Harry/Draco - Beautiful World by Cinnamon @ Schnoogle -
o8. Remus/Snape/Hermione - Care of Magical Creatures by ArsenicJade -
o9. Snape/Hermione - Anticipation by Bubl @ IJ -
1o. Harry/Draco - A Fine, Fine Line by Tyrror @ IJ -
11. Harry/Draco - The Art and Practice of Absolute Pitch by Gold-Snitcher @ -
12. Harry/Draco - A Thousand Beautiful Things by Duinn Fionn @ -

More to come!
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2 [15 Jan 2008|01:52am]
This is a list of ALL the fics I've ever written. I'm posting this mostly for my benefit, but it would be great if you wanted to go read them, and comment them, and love me and stuff. :D

Megyn's Fics


It's Not Over (Rated: G) -
Halloween Love (Rated PG) -
Pink Doesn't Belong in October (Rated G) -

Various Pairings
These are ones that are too complicated to just put in one category.

What He Can't Have (Rated G) -
You Are The One (Rated G) -
Proof (Rated R) -
Live Up (Rated PG13) -


I've Got To Get Out Of Here (Rated G) -">I've Got To Get Out Of Here
We'll Jump! (Rated G) -
The Fall of Bellatrix (Rated PG) -
Through the Fiery Blaze (Rated G) -


20 Random Facts About Aragog (Rated G) -


After the Storm (Rated G) -
The Unexpected Occurence (Rated NC17) -


Draco's Headache (Rated NC17) -


The Hunted (Rated PG) -


Deepest Desire (Not Complete)(Rated NC17)


An Eye Opening Experience (Rated PG for now) -
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1 [15 Jan 2008|01:39am]
Hello there Scribbld! This is all new  to me. I've heard this place is like GJ, and I LOVED GJ, so I hope everything works out here. Thanks to Bekkah I have an account, and I just realised that I probably spelt her name wrong, but I hope she still loves me. Anyway, if you came to my journal because I knew you at GJ, please add me! Just make sure I know who you are!

If you just stumbled upon my journal, here are some things you might like to know about me:

My name is Megyn. I'm 21 years old. I'm addicted to the internet. I don't ALWAYS post entries regularly, but I'll really try, I'm always checking my friends page and stuff. I just go out of town for days on end occasionally, and I find it rude to just glue myself to the computer at somebody else's house. I have crazy huge mood swings, like one day I can be in a GREAT mood, and hours later I'm sad, and then something random will happen and I'm happy again. I love everyone pretty much. Feel free to add me, I will most likely add you back. <3

Here's other places I'm at/have been at:

GJ- __libertine__
IJ- __libertine__
LJ- xhollowxliesx
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