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The end of an era [14 Mar 2008|08:10pm]
Okay, maybe a tad dramatic but still. I've never been in a game as long as VP before. I will miss it like mad! So many memories and almost of the them good! I have my regrets, mostly related to participation. I feel like I'll never get to play some of these characters again, due to the uniqueness of VP and that's probably what I'll miss most. Another huge thing is the camaraderie. I have no games right now, and although I don't have much time to chat and/or RP during the week, it was always nice to know I could drop in chat whenever I needed some social interaction.

I was considering taking a break from RP but if anyone has any suggestions for a game you think I'd like, please do tell!

Okay, I am going to go cry for a bit now.
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[08 Feb 2008|11:02pm]
[ music | Vampire Weekend - M79 ]

I am... )

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[22 Jan 2008|02:29pm]
Damn. Brad Renfro and now Heath Ledger. What in the holy hell is happening here?!
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