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information, icons, friends, credit there's something that i cant quite explain... i'm so in love with you. you'll never take that away. and if i said a hundred times before, expect a thousand more. you'll never take that away.
public R/C 1 16, 2008

public 21... /C 9 8, 2006
I am official 21 and one day old. The end.

public (270) 590-8482 /C 7 3, 2006
Will Suck Cock for Beer. Call Me(270) 590-8482. I may sound a little hoarse from screaming when Rina ravaged my anal cavity last night.

public Airheadedness R/C 9 24, 2005
Airheads make me happy. No, not the movie or myself... the edible candy. yay.


public Locked..Friends Only. /C 8 10, 2005