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[Jun. 4th, 2009|12:55 am]

i've done x, shrooms, acid, weed, alcohol, some pills, over the counter drugs. i tried it. it wasn't amazing. it didn't turn out to be some amazing thing. it didn't open my eyes or show me new sides of myself. it made me care about different things, mostly about puking. i had to focus on what was happening right then, that's all. & that of course was puking my guts out.

yeah, i had some decent times on drugs but i could have more fun drunk. & without puking. would i do them again? nah. acid i would never ever ever ever do again because it wasn't even ME. & yeah i'm in a good mood most of the time but i'm such a worry wart that i can't do acid. acid is not for people who worry because then you become a person who cries during the come down off of it, which lasts hours. & the come down is why people keep using more drugs. because they pop a new one to avoid the come down. because it's terrible. it's the worst thing you can ever experience.
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